The Marines

The Marines recruiter is here talking to my son about enlisting in the Marines. This is something that I have known was coming, as Kevin has stated many times his intentions of joining the armed forces. But actually having a recruiter sitting at my kitchen table talking with him is rather disconcerting. His father and I both have a peace about this choice of his, which really makes no sense at all when we are in war time. But I know that God directs the steps of the righteous and we have a peace that can only come from God at a time like this. I don’t know if he is going to join the Marines, the Army or the Navy but whatever direction God chooses I know that He will be the one who makes the best choice for my son.


3 thoughts on “The Marines

  1. You’re a better mama than I am. I always intercept those recruiter phone calls and tell them not to call my house again or show up on my doorstep, or I will go $*&%(@# on their @&(*$^(#$, and then I’ll )$(%*_#@$(#! and after that I’ll get mad. They get my point.

  2. I am not a better mama than you! I just have peace about what the Lord is doing with Kevin. Now if I didn’t have peace about this you better believe that my reaction would be very similar to the one above! 😮

  3. Money for college, free training, if you score high enough you can almost pick what field, discipline, organization. Plus God watching over him. He could do worse. There is a constant need for drug dealers for some reason they don’t last long. 🙂

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