events of the last week…

Well lets see, Brandie from work took another position in another office. She is working with Stacey, our previous wonderful OC which I miss so much! I am missing them both. There are so many changes going on at the work front! We are moving in a couple of months to Galena and there is sooooo much work to be done! We are going to be going all electronic, that will be really nice, I.hate.chart.hunting! I do not know how so many charts get lost, we are constantly looking for a chart it seems! We always find them, it is just frustrating when you have to look all through the office.

Other things happening…well the most traumatic thing this week was Holly’s accident on Tuesday night. We were at the game to see Kelly perform in the Winter Guard, Charlie got a call from Holly telling him she had been in an accident. She was very upset and crying. He told her we were on our way and we left the school, headed home to get Davids meds and headed for KC. Ihad called my cousin Tanya to let her know Holly had been in an accident and she went to the hospital to be with Holly till we could get there We got there around 11pm, she had already been released from the hospital and we met her up at her house. We decided to bring her home and keep her here for a couple of days. Charlie and Holly went to KC the next day to get her car out of the wrecker yard, you know they charge out the wazoooo to keep your car in a place like that. They charged us for 3 days! The car was there from Tuesday night to Thursday morning! They were there to pick it up before the place opened and yet they were still charged rental for a 3rd day, very frustrating. Anyway all that is just stuff and money…the good thing is God’s protection on my daughter! She walked away with minimal injury. She is sore from the impact but otherwise she is fine. She turned left at an intersection and hit an oncoming car. She thought she had a green arrow, but apparently it was only a green light. Charlie has found a front end for her car and is going to replace it for her. It is red and her car is blue! She is not real happy about that. We are going to check into what it would cost to have it painted. The timing for this is not good, but when is it ever good? I am taking her back to KC Saturday. She is ready to get back to her friends, work, church and life! She is missing several dance classes, but she wouldn’t have been able to go to class, she was much to sore and much to groggy from the pain meds! She hasn’t taken any pain meds today and she is doing good. So back to reality for her tomorrow! I am so thankful that God protected her!

Now we are watching “A Walk In the Clouds” with a roaring fire in the fireplace, and promise of a new day tomorrow full of Gods blessings and favor!

facebook, twitter and other social networks

I think they are great, but I do have my issues with what people use them for! I have found that there are posts that I just skip over because they are so negative about everything and everyone. They will post every little annoyance that they have throughout the day as though we really want to know all their thoughts about the people they work with, live with, etc… never taking responsibilty for their own part in the situation, always blaming the other person for everything that goes wrong.  I know this is my own pet peeve and perhaps there are those of you who really like to read those posts. I.Do.Not! I have been the subject of these posts before and what I have found is that the comments to the negative post are made without knowing all the facts behind what actually happened, the comments are made as though this person is telling them the whole story and is in no way responsible for whatever may have happened to “tick them off”. Don’t get me wrong here, there are times when you get frustrated and I have even posted that I am frustrated with a situation, what I am talking about are those who post 30 to 50% of the time with there hardships and the way they are so mistreated, abused or mad. They seem to have a permanent chip on their shoulder. It certainly isn’t limited to one person, this seems to be an epidemic of unhappy, mistreated people that feel the need to let everyone on their friend list know just how bad they have it! We all have our problems folks. Some have worse problems than others to be sure, but we all have problems and we all have a choice in how we are going to respond to them. If you are a christian, what kind of taste are you leaving for those who do not know Jesus? Do they see that your relationship with Him is strong and brings you through every situation? Or do they see that you are full of bitterness and your relationship with Jesus appears to be  nothing more than something you “do” not a “way of life” for you? I know I can be harsh sometimes and right now is one of them. I am exhausted with the mamby pamby christianity that I see and read everyday on these social networks. My question for you is this, if you are a christian are you making a difference? Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you even in what you post on facebook, twitter, or anyother network you may use? When peopel encounter you at work, home and on the web do they encounter Jesus as well, or do you leave a bitter taste in their mouth?  If you know me then you know that I don’t “always” leave a sweet taste in the mouth of those who meet me, but I am working on that. I am truly seeking to be more like Jesus and to be a light to show the way to Him with everyone I meet, whether that is at work, church, home or on the web. Do we think about how many people are reading what we post and how they are perceiving us and our claim to being a follower of Jesus?  Examining our motives is not fun, but if we will do it then perhaps we can become effective for the Kingdom of God rather than a stumbing block for those who are not there yet. Just some thoughts that I wanted to get off my chest.

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time for phase 3 of Hcg…

I really have a hard time with this phase. I have to keep my weight within 2 lbs up or down of my last weight when I completed phase 2. I am up 1.4 today, I am .6 away from the 2 lb mark yikes! You would think that after being on the 500 calorie diet for 3 weeks it would be easy to keep the calories down! Not so much, but I am trying and determined to make this happen. To much work to give up now! This is the phase where the metabolism resets, very important that I not screw this up!

My mom’s birthday is tomorrow she is amazing! I wish I could be with her on her birthday, but my daughter Holly will get to have lunch with her and dad tomorrow so that will have to do! Just a shout out to my wonderful mom…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MOST WONDERFUL MOM IN THE WORLD! I love you mom, you are the greatest!

crazy patient!

You know I talked yesterday about the pt that I was “firm” with about who she was going to see. Well today was her appt. and she is CRAZY! I am serious, I have kidded about crazy pts before but this time I am not kidding! She made her appt. as though she was referred by another dr to our office, then we find out when we request records from that dr that they had not referred her, but Fired her as a pt because she was such a disruption to their office! So today she was a disruption to our office and the other office as well! Our drs decided that they were not going to see her today and would not see her in the future and she was told that she would need to find a different dr. She walked through the door and went back to the lab telling me that she was going to be seen! She was headed back to the pt rooms, I stepped in front of her and told her to sit down( this was in my” mom of 6 kids and I’ve had enough” voice) and I would be back in a min. I went back to the dr to let him know what was happening. He told me to call security to have her removed from the office. Susan wanted to come up front to help me out, but Dr said “No, I don’t want punches thrown!” I went to the phone and had Stephanie call for security and told the pt that she was not going to be seen today. She continued to argue with me and I just left her sitting in the lab. When security came they told her she had to leave and she told them no. So, they gave her the option of leaving with them or with the police. She opted to leave with security. She waited down stairs for her husband who along with a friend threatened the security officer, and the husband came upstairs to “talk” with the dr in private. I told him no the dr was in clinic and unavailable. He argued with me slightly and then after seeing security come through the door again chose to leave. the security officer told us that they had to call the police because of the threat to security. So not only do we have crazy poeple demanding to see our dr but now they are threatening our security guards! The police came and they asked me if we wanted to file a complaint against the pt. I told them no we just want her to go away. If she shows up in the the building again we are to call the police and she will be arrested for trespassing. Now I have left out quite a bit of details, you got the cliff notes, but I must say that this was an interesting day! A good week to be pms-ing, I’d say it worked to my advantage!

went back to work, the road out front was plowed

I could not believe it! There was a car out front yesterday that got stuck and had to be pulled out with a tow rope. The next thing I know there is a snow plow clearing our road! Now understand that the bottom of my car was still scaping bottom after the blizzard last week. Now the road is cleared and my car passes over the snow without scraping bottom! Who was that who got stuck? Apparently it was someone who has clout around here because they certainly don’t come out and plow our road for regular people like us! I have mixed feelings about this, you know why does it take someone “important” to get stuck in order to get our road cleared? But then maybe it was all just a coincidence and they were planning to come out and plow our road all along. Maybe so the trash truck could get down our road…no wait the road would be cleared already from melting all weekend, no thats not it. I really don’t have anything but conjecture and a bad attitude right now. I am pms-ing I think! Not a good thing for one of our patients today when I was making reminder calls! She tried to tell me who she was going to see and I proceeded to tell her that the office policy was that she would see our PA first and then if necessary she would see the Dr.  My coworker Stephanie got quite a kick out of my conversation with her. I don’t get really pointed with our patients very often, but today I did. I am a lttle off my game this week. I don’t like to be harsh with our patients. I prefer to be cordial and kind even while I am enforcing the guidelines my dr’s have put in place.

I talked with my husband at lunch today they were in Colby KS, well on their way to Denver.  I specifically asked him not to use our debit card. I got home and decided to balance the check book. Opened our account online and what do I find? He spent almost $50 bucks on our debit card after I specifically asked him not to use it. Now I get to, once again, juggle the bills to make sure we don’t get an overdraft! That didn’t help my pms-y mood let me tell ya! I just really wish he would listen to me when I tell him things are tight and honor the request not to use the debit card. He has cash, that is part of the reason I don’t have enough to pay the bills coming up this next week.  grumble grumble, gripe gripe, better go to bed tonight! Surely I will feel better in the morning!

another snow day? aarrrggghhh

I really can not afford to be off again! But be that as it may, I am unable to get out of my neighborhood safely in my teeny tiny little honda civic! It was still dragging the ground before it snowed again! I just watched some neighbors pull a car up the road with a tow rope, after he got stuck in the road. The snow is not as deep this time thank goodness. I guess I will take the oportunity to get all the laundry done and the house cleaned up again. There are books to read as well! I am reading a new book now, you can read about it on my bookclub page. I am getting these books from Bethany House, I love it that I am being introduced to authors that I have not read in the past.

I found out yesterday that the Dr I work for finally turned in his notice to Freeman and we are going independant April 30th. Kinda nervous, I don’t like new things that I am unfamiliar with. We will be using Electronic Medical Records and everything will be different. At the same time I am excited for the adventure ahead.

David is doing great with his caregiver now. He seems to be very content and happy. He is staying at the same place in the morning and afternoon. Thank you Robbie for helping us out and being such a blessing to David and us!

Charlie and Michael are going skiing this weekend. They leave Thursday and will be back on Sunday. They are going to be staying with Charlie’s brother Roger. I think this will be a great time for them both. Crossland Heavy is taking their superintendants on this trip and they will have fun. I am praying there won’t be any accidents, they are not always smart about their choices on the slopes!

Kelly is in the music room practicing for the music competition, she has a very pretty voice, I do enjoy listening to her sing. Her talents just keep coming to the surface, God has a lot of material to work with when it comes to this girl!

That little check in ones spirit…

you know the one that we prefer to ignore because we don’t want to deal with the reason for that check? I have had a check in my spirit for weeks now and I have not wanted to follow it, look into it. I would much rather stick my head in the sand and pretend that everything is fine. I hate looking into things. I rarely find what I want to find and most often I find exactly what I have a check about!

I hate being lied to, I hate trusting and finding out that trust was not respected. I am rather angry right now, I will have to forgive and deal with this. I need direction from the Lord.

Anxiety, what a pain it is…

Does anyone else have to deal with anxiety? It sneaks up on you and before you know it you are worrying about things that are not happening, but could happen, concerned about how you are going to pay bills, taxes, and a list of other things! I hate this feeling. I have to fight it off on a regular basis. The only way that I can is when I think about what God’s word says. He has promised to take care of us in every area. We have nothing to fear, we have every reason to trust Him completely. As I look back on our life I see the hand of God in everything, He provided for us in ways that we still don’t understand, he took care of our children when they were in the grip of the enemy and brought one of them back and the other will come back as well. He has been our rock and hiding place in every situation we have faced. So I wonder why do I still have to fight off this anxiety? I choose on a daily basis to turn my fears and anxiety over to the Lord, and yes it is on a daily basis. And on a daily basis he calms my fears and relieves my anxiety, He is such a faithful God to His people.

2011 blizzard

my car is covered and the snow is a foot deep in the driveway. Not going anywhere for awhile! This is the biggest snow since 1912 for our area. We have had big snow storms that were close to this in 2000 and 2002 I think they said. The frigid temps are the concern now.

So what to do with all this time at home…hmmmm, I really should clean this house, finish the laundry, but what I want to do is some scrapbooking! Haven’t had  the time for so long that I don’t know if I can even remember how to use some of my tools! So what I will do is clean up a little bit start another load of laundry and jump into some scrapping! Yea that is my plan for today. What are your plans?