Work, Theatre, Church, Wedding reception…

been very busy lately!
I am really enjoying my new job. I have been there for a month now and have been “promoted” to another position. I am now the unit clerk for the Nurses station. It is my job to make all the referral appts, set up the tests for the pts, and get the records into the charts when they come in. If they don’t come in a timely manner then I call to get them. I am really enjoying what I do.
And then there is the play. We are involved in “A Christmas Carol” this year. Charlie is playing Scrooge. A lot of memorizing for him this play! He is doing great. The play is the first weekend in Dec. come out and see it if you are close by!
Church has been going great, things are moving along and lives are being changed. I feel that God is wanting to do something spectacular in His church and I just hope that we are ready and don’t miss it!
Kelly and Tim have their wedding reception Dec 14th. Charlie and I have some fun things planned, we have had a good time putting this reception together! All in all things are going good right now.