blood shot eyes, exhausted body…

I am going to school 4 hours a day 4 days a week and working 5 hours a day 5 days a week. This works out well for me so far…until today. I worked a 12 hour shift today and the Lab was SLAMMED!
I was soooo glad to leave work today. It was the friday before a holiday, every Dr in town wanted to get their labs in before NOON I think! I am home now for the weekend. I work labor day, the second shift. However, I did ask my boss if I could take off Tuesday because if I didn’t I would be up for 24 hours before I would be able to go to bed. I really don’t think I am ready for that kind of madness… She very kindly said that I could have Tuesday off. School is going well but it is going to be more of challenge this term than last term. My grade in Advanced Computers was a 99%!! That made me happy!Life is busy, but this is just a season, things will change once again. I am enjoying being out among people who do not know Jesus and getting to speak life into their lives as I introduce them to Him. There are more Christians out there than we sometimes realize. I have run into several so far. Real ones, not just the go to church on Sunday and live like the devil the rest of the week kind. We are being watched by so many, lets make sure that they are seeing Jesus in us in all we do. Being two faced, wearing a mask and trying to pretend to be something we are not does far more damage than we may realize. It is time for us to be who God has called us to be. If you are a Christian it is time to be one EVERYDAY, not just Sunday! Well there you go I went and got on my soapbox again!

From “The brat Factor” to good not to share~

This is to good not to share with you all. It really spoke to me and I think it will hit home with most of us!

To really listen to another human being and yourself,
not just in words, proclaims a relationship that
demands being in the moment, fully focused on what
you are hearing. People yearn to be listened to.
Ilan Rubenfeld

In a study to test the listening skills of adults,
the results indicated that the test subjects heard
25 to 50 percent of what was said, and regarded
listening as a passive activity. Hearing is a
physiological response, listening is an emotional
and intellectual one; an act of caring and
consideration. “We can only hear through the love
that listens,” wrote Paul Tillich.

One of my eight-year-old granddaughters (I have two
that age) and I were talking and I remarked that her
Mom was extra busy because of the move the family
was making. My granddaughter replied, “Yeah I know
she doesn’t have time to listen to me.” I asked,
“How do you know she isn’t listening?” She replied,
“Well I told her all about a project I have and she
just said, ‘hmmm.'”

I remember well (and with regret) my “hmmm” days and
I can’t take them back. Oh what I missed because I
was too busy with other things to hear through the
love I had for my children.

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I think I will just take a break for awhile….

What if taking a break means that your choices will do damage to the spiritual well being of your children? What if you are feeling like you need to take some time away from church for whatever reasons and those who are watching you right now decide that “if you can do it so can they”. I know we all go through tough times and we all have feelings of quiting from time to time. But the mature among us know that we have to keep doing what is right even when we don’t want to anymore. The enemy of our souls wants nothing more than to take us to Hell with him. If he can get us to become offended and walk away he wins! There is a very good reason why we are told to forgive those who hurt us Not so they can get away with it but so that we are not dragged into the pit with them! So that we let go of their throat and then God can step in and deal with them. I am frustrated with the number of Christians who are being lured away by the enemy with this “I have been offended and so I am going to just walk away” crap. I can be a christian and not be around christians nonsense is far more damaging to our children than we believe. They are watching us and they are taking their cues from us. What are we teaching them? What are demonstrating for them. They don’t hear what we say they “hear” what we do. Not only our children are watching us though, those we work with, our neighbors, the chidren who play with our children, our childrens teachers…we have a vast amount of influence and the enemy knows that he can take out a large group if he can get just one christian family to “take a break”. Are you being deceived by the enemy? Personal inventory of our motives and what we are believing is healthy. I encourage you to take stock of what you have been listening to and who you have been listening to. There are things we can take a break from but our spiritual walk with the Lord is not one of them. Our time in the house of God is not one of them, our teaching and training of our children is not one of them. Yes I do have a burr under my saddle right now, and no I won’t give you details. Just wanted to get this off my chest and the burr out from under my seat!

Update On Michael

Things are going very well right now. There have been a few issues but nothing that is out of control by any stretch of the imagination. Michael has now been off of all meds for a month and a half! The Dean tells us that his personality has blossomed over this time, yes he has gotten into some trouble but it has been minor, sleeping in, getting mad at the boys from time to time, even sassing a teacher at one point. He got hours for all those things and has worked them all off. The really cool thing is that in the midst of all the “issues” Michael was off of his meds and he still took responsibility for his actions and didn’t blame others for his own poor choices. ie: sleeping in, fighting in the bathroom, sassing the teacher, all these things were his fault and his choice not the other dudes! Even though others did have a responsibility in what happened, Michael was willing to step up and accept his part. That is Waaayyyyy cool! The work God is doing in this young man is truly miraculous.

Christians behaving poorly chaps my cheeks!

What is it about walking into a restaurant and being waited on that makes people think it is okay to be rude? Why do people think that it is okay to complain about every little thing about their food, sending their waiter or waitress running to do this and that and then because their food isn’t “just right” (the waitress is not the chef!) they don’t leave a tip or they leave a piddly tip? All this really bugs me, but what really chaps my cheeks, fellow christians, is when we as christians are guilty of this more than those who do not know our Savior! Do you know that the waiters and waitresses HATE to see the christians coming? And yes they know it is us because we come in our Sunday best after church and then treat our waiter/waitress like they are subhuman, and then leave little or nothing in the way of a tip or get this, leave them a tract telling them Jesus loves them! After they have been treated like dirt under our feet! You know they are so excited to come to know our Savior, his followers are such gentle and loving people! (insert eye roll here) This must bring such sorrow to our Lord, I know that it brings sorrow, frustration, and yes anger towards my fellow “christians” and I am using that term loosely. I am not so sure that you can act that way and really know Jesus. The word tells us that we are to become Like Him and I don’t think he would act this way in a restaurant or anywhere else for that matter. It is time to become Like Him and less like the world. It is such a sad thing when people who do not know Jesus treat others better than we do! Lets stop acting like babies and become who and what we are supposed to be. We should be the most courteous and best tippers in the restaurant. I know that I try to be courteous and I leave a healthy tip, 15% being the least amount I leave! Most of the time it is 20%. Let’s leave a good taste in the mouth of those who serve us, let’s let them see Jesus in us.

The Marines

The Marines recruiter is here talking to my son about enlisting in the Marines. This is something that I have known was coming, as Kevin has stated many times his intentions of joining the armed forces. But actually having a recruiter sitting at my kitchen table talking with him is rather disconcerting. His father and I both have a peace about this choice of his, which really makes no sense at all when we are in war time. But I know that God directs the steps of the righteous and we have a peace that can only come from God at a time like this. I don’t know if he is going to join the Marines, the Army or the Navy but whatever direction God chooses I know that He will be the one who makes the best choice for my son.

First week of work and other ramblings…

Well I have now worked for one week. I have more training to go through still. I am really enjoying the work and getting to know new people. I don’t know exactly what God has planned for me here but I do know that He does have a plan. The work is not hard just detailed. There has been little to no down time, which is good I like to stay busy it makes the time go by faster. Learning what tubes go to what part of the LAB, was the first thing I learned. They all have a different place that they have to be taken to for different kinds of tests…duh, as well as getting them in the computer and recieved so the tests can be run. They really frown on it if a test is taken back to them without having been received first, go ahead ask me how I know :\they have been very gracious to me when I have messed up! That is a good thing!! I have a really nice lady training me. I don’t think she was very excited about the job but she does seem to be pleased with my progress and has definately warmed up to the task. I still have much to learn…and remember but it will get easier. as for the home front this cartoon seems to sum it up fairly well! I just haven’t kept up with the housework like I should or the laundry! But I do try to keep everyone in socks and underwear what more could they want? I will get better as I get a groove going, right now I am in the process of getting the kinks out! so going to school, working, keeping up with my family and church…well I would say that right now my life is pretty full! I will try to stay on top of my blogging better, but I am not promising anything!

Visiting Grandma

My Grandma is an amazing woman! I went to visit her today in the nursing home. She dosn’t live in the same world we do, she has Alzheimers. Today seemed to be a good day for her. She talked of her deceased husband as though he was still living, she told us stories of things people had said to her at church that morning (they were funny stories!) but she hadn’t been to church that morning. We laughed at her stories and didn’t say anything about Floyd no longer living. This disease is such a horrible thief, stealing memories of those you know and love so that you don’t remember who they are or that they have been to visit. Causing you to live in the past not able to come to grips with the present, but like I said today was a good day, she was in a good mood and seemed to be content, this is not always the case. Our time with Grandma is so short, I am glad that I took the time to go see her…she didn’t know or remember me, but I know and remember her!

Getting a physical

When did the doctors become so young? Or is that I am getting old? the doctor was kind, did his best to make me feel comfortable, but he was so young that I was thinking maybe he was skipping school! And all those questions about everything! I don’t want to go into all that as it is none of your business! I passed, I was cleared to work with no restrictions! however, I don’t think I did so well on the depth perception part of the eye exam! I could not see the things they said I should be able to see…I knew my depth perception wasn’t the greatest but actually taking a test an realizing that I could only see 3 of the 9 bubbles that were supposed to be 3D is discourging. I guess that means that they won’t be using me for 3D stuff!!! So now I go to orientation on Mon and Tues then I start work. Exciting stuff for a stay-at-home-mom!