happenings of the week!

Kyndall Marie was born! Congratulations to Pastor John and Christina!

Isn’t she gorgeous! 7lbs 1oz, 20 in long! What a doll baby!

Work is going great! Love, Love, Love working in an enviroment that treats you with respect, letting me do my job and trusting me to do what is expected without being hounded all the time! Life is great there.

God is doing a great work in me. I have really struggled with some thing that I found out about just a week or so ago. People I loved and trusted that betrayed me in ways that I wasn’t prepared to believe they would. Being black balled is never any fun and when it happens with someone you trust it hurts all the more. God has done a work in my heart this week and I have been able to forgive and move on. There is such freedom in forgiveness! I have much I would like to say about this situation but I have told my husband that I will be good. Someday I will talk about it freely, but right now there are to many who can be hurt by my expounding on what I think about this form of  “punishment”….

I had lunch today with a friend that I am soooo glad to have reconnected with.

I plan to get things done around the house tomorrow and clean up paper piles that are everywhere! How do so many paper piles get started? I mean my gosh they are everywhere! I also want to get my scrapbooking stuff put in one place and out of sight. I don’t get to scrap book hardly ever so I need to find a place that I can get to easily but is out of sight to keep it all. That should be an interesting endeavor.