Getting a physical

When did the doctors become so young? Or is that I am getting old? the doctor was kind, did his best to make me feel comfortable, but he was so young that I was thinking maybe he was skipping school! And all those questions about everything! I don’t want to go into all that as it is none of your business! I passed, I was cleared to work with no restrictions! however, I don’t think I did so well on the depth perception part of the eye exam! I could not see the things they said I should be able to see…I knew my depth perception wasn’t the greatest but actually taking a test an realizing that I could only see 3 of the 9 bubbles that were supposed to be 3D is discourging. I guess that means that they won’t be using me for 3D stuff!!! So now I go to orientation on Mon and Tues then I start work. Exciting stuff for a stay-at-home-mom!