Waiting is hard to do!

I am still in limbo about the new position. It has been a week and a half and still nothing…my superviser went on a cruise and was gone last week and this week it seems that feet are being drug!!! I have come to the place that I am okay with however it comes out, if I get the position that is great if I don’t that is fine with me as well. I just want to get this decided so I can move on. Know what I mean?

On another note, my dear friend, Chelle, is in the Marshal Islands picking up her precious adopted baby boy! I am sooo excited to be able to see and hold this long awaited Blessing!!! Welcome, Sam we are thrilled to have you!!!! Love you Chelle, can’t wait to see you when you get back!!!

wow my days just seem to fly by!

Let me catch all two or three of you that follow this up on what is going on in my life!  We had a great time with Michael this weekend. We had a mandatory parents conference this last weekend at TC. It was good and informative, you know bringing a kid home that has caused untold grief in your home and life can be rather scary, even when you know that they have changed! So when the time comes to bring Michael home for good we have some tools and guidance for those times that get rocky! Michael was supposed to be home with us until Sunday afternoon, but due to his poor choices on Thursday night, he only got to come home for Friday night and Saturday. We were glad that he got to come home at all! There are very good things happening in him and we are watching a transformation that has been very encouraging. It does seem that we take two steps forward and one step back though!

My job is going very well for me. I have been at the drs office for about two months now. Now you who know me know that I have wanted to be an office manager from pretty much the beginning of my schooling! I just think God has such a sense of humor!!!  My office manager quit approx. two weeks ago. My dr’s have both asked me to apply for the position. I have and now I will wait and see what happens. Walking in the favor of God can be dizzying at times! Why is it that we pray for God’s favor and then act so surprised when He gives it to us? Well, anyway I am excited about what is happening and I am also scared, not bad scared, just not knowing what all is going to change…you know what I mean? And if for some reason they decide that it is not the right time I will be content to stay put and learn as I go. I have no doubt that I will be an office manager soon, if not now, later for sure!

what is the right choice?

Hmmmm?  Michael has made it to level 2! We are so proud of him! But he still wants us to bring him home early…of course he handles it much better now when we tell him we want him to finish what he has started!  It is so hard to have him away from us and we want to have him home, but we also don’t want to get in the way of what God is doing in his life! If we were to bring him home to soon would we end up dealing with the same issues that sent him in this direction? I don’t think we would, he has grown by leaps and bounds in the last year, but I do think that God has some more in store for him at Brushcreek! Please lift him up when you think of him. 


My son won first place in OK for guitar solo

kevinWe are soooo proud of him! He worked very hard to learn this song and he did an amazing job! He had no idea that he had won!  What a surprise for him when they announced that he was the winner of the merit award…now we go to nationals in Florida come August, I truly believe he has the potential to take nationals as well! We will see what happens on this front!  He would have loved it if they would have had a comedy option at Fine Arts this year! I don’t know that I could have taken that though, as I seem to be his favorite subject!!