Miracle in Welch!

Sunday started out as a normal Sunday, nothing out of the ordinary. We had church in the morning, lunch at Grandma Dorsey’s and then headed to the church for play practice. We were working on scene two for the play when David brought me my cell phone. I had 3 missed calls from Katie (our youth/associate pastor) I knew something was wrong for her to be calling during play practice. She told me that Lady Bug, Kelly’s horse had come back to the house without Kelly. I knew just as they did that something bad had happened. Katie and Cody were already in a vehichle looking for her. As were several other people. We all left practice and split up to find her. She has a favorite place that she goes to be alone with her horse. It is under an underpass by the railroad tracks. She was found lying on her back under the pass. She had fallen  off the retaining wall. This was about a 7 or 8 foot fall. She landed on her left side. She tried to get up but was unable to move. When we got there Charlie and several others helped to move her so her head was not below her body, careful not to move her neck. Then we waited for the ambulance to get there. It took them about 40 min, seemed like longer than that. They wanted to helicopter her out of there as she was rated a level 1 emergency. She was in danger of internal bleeding, possible broken ribs, and had diminshed breath sounds. She was having trouble with her vision, she could feel that her ribs were not in the right place. Once they got on the way to the hospital, by ambulance, (we wouldn’t let them call in a helicopter) they had to stop at Miami Baptist Regional, because her blood pressure dropped to 65/49 in the ambulance. This is when I believe the Lord healed her. When they got her into the ER her blood pressure stabalized, and she began to improve dramatically. They took 5 or 6 X-Rays of her neck, chest and pelvis. All came back normal with no breaks, fractures, or cracks! Now she could feel at the scene that her ribs were not in the right place and she couldn’t breathe well. At the hospital she was completely fine, with nothing more than bruises! At the scene she was a critical enough they wanted to helicopter her out, at the hospital she was able to stand and walk able to get into the truck and ride home sitting up within a couple of hours! God did an amazing work in her body and brought her through. She was supposed to take her Navy PST this morning, that didn’t happen, but the dr said she will be able to take it the next time it comes around in two weeks. She is getting through the day today with minimal pain meds.  We witnessed God take a potentially devastating accident and turn it into a simple matter of some bruises and bumps. I cannot begin to praise Him enough for His Mercy and  Grace to this young lady who has an amazing call on her life. The enemy has attempted to take her life over and over again and over and over again the Lord has said NO!  My Aunt Mary posted on my facebook such a powerful word for Kelly that I want to share with you all on here.

Times such as this, God’s Word becomes ‘Rhema’ (very personal, intimate and powerful) Jeremiah 29:11 tells us He has a plan for Kelly’s life (a good plan, not an evil one) with a future and a hope! As prayer bombarded Heaven ~~ Abba, Father spoke to the evil one ~~ “NO YOU DON’T, SHE IS MINE and I HAVE A PLAN”!!!

Kelly Ann, you and Holy Spirit will walk heart to heart, hand in hand on this journey (called life) fulfilling His precious, powerful plan!

Love and continued blessings sweet girl!