Ok so I am not doing as well right now as I thought

I would be. I only have a couple of months left with Kelly home! She graduates on Saturday…ok I’m okay with that, the part I am really struggling with is that she will be leaving.for.good.in.AUGUST!!! She is going to be gone from us never to be back in my home in the same role as she has had since she was born! And what is more is that the Lord is sending her out to a dangerous world to do a dangerous job! Navy Special Opps, of course she has to pass a very strenuous physical test to get into the rescue swimmer program…but she has already mastered 3 of the 5 things she has to do in the time she has to do them! I know that this is God’s will and plan for her life, I know that she is in His capable care, but my momma’s heart is having a hard time with what she is walking in to and what she is walking out of…my home, where she is safe and protected. Every little thing seems to bring tears to my eyes and I feel like I have to be strong and not show how hard this is on me. Even though I know she is doing the Will of God in her life, I am going to miss her, I am going to miss having her in our everyday life, I am going to miss everything she brings to the family! God will be my strength throughout this whole thing, right now I am just having a hard time.

Things are going well and moving at lightening speed!

Kelly is graduating next weekend from High School! How did that happen? How did she grow up so quickly and where was I while it was happening? She has been the light of my world and now she is going to be gone! I am soooo proud of the young lady she has become. I know that God has amazing plans for her life.

Tonight I am going to see my husband and daughter in a play at the Coleman Theatre in Miami OK. They are in “Little Shop of Horrors” stupidist play written possibly, but they have had fun with it. I am taking my future daughter-in-law, April, with me. My son, Kevin, is on tour with Heartsong so he won’t be with us…gives me time to build my own relationship with her!
It will be fun to spend some time with her!

I will try to get on here more faithfully, see ya all later!