This is not something that I like to do. I am a strong personality, I am opinionated, but I DO NOT LIKE TO CONFRONT. I would rather stick my head in the sand and just let things go than confront you on something. But what I have learned is that confrontation is vitaly important to making progress, bringing healing and making the work place or home productive. That said I still HATE CONFRONTATION! I had a situation come up at work this last week that required confrontation, things were said, feelings were hurt, I was ANGRY, she was ANGRY, Dr was caught inbetween. Not a a good scenario, not even close. Strong personalities colliding is definately colorful! I had to make a decision as to what I was going to do, I could, once again, just let it go or I could address the issues and start the process of fixing the problem. I chose to confront and fix. I was prepared to turn my resignation in today. I didn’t know how it was going to go. I had some bounderies that I needed to have set up and should have set up from the very beginning! But as I have already stated I am not very good at that. Today I set those bounderies, they are not much but baby steps are the order of the day today. I feel good about how things went, I feel like the door is open for communication. I did make it clear that I am aware we will butt heads again and probably often, but we need to do it in a fashion that will not bring harm to the practice or their marriage. I feel like I made progress today in stepping out and doing what I Hate to do and trusting God to put the words and attitude in me that would make it productive. So today things are better and we are going to move forward and succeed. And we will fight again, we will be VERY Angry again, and we will confront and deal with it when it happens. fall rise