Merry Christmas to all!

I pray that you all are having a wonderful time with friends and family this blessed Christmas, we have all the kids home for Christmas just like we did for Thanksgiving. We were supposed to be in Indiana with my brothers family this year, but the finances just werent going to stretch far enough for us to do that, makes me sad. My parents are there with Scott and his family, and we did get to see them for a brief little bit at Thanksgiving.

My family has insisted on another big dinner for Christmas just exactly like what we had for thanksgiving…it was yummy, by far the best one I have ever made! Now I am feeling the pressure for reproducing it again! No problem I can do this and it will be easy, open up the boxes and cans and follow instructions! Charlie and several of the kids have headed out to get the Ginger bread house kits. I forgot to get them…this is a tradition that they do not want to break, it will be sad not having Scotts crew here and my mom and dad to join in the fun though!

We had the Christmas production of “The Gospel According to Scrooge” it was A LOT of fun for us and it went off very well. We joined in with Miami First Assembly this year so we could all be part of a big production.  Charlie played Marley, Michael played Fred, Kelly played Mary and I was a charwoman! There are quite a few fun stories to go along with this performance, but that will have to be a story for another time.

 We had our Christmas gift giving this morning late! Of course I started this post on Christmas Eve and this is now Christmas day! I have been writing as I find the time between taking care of dinner, dessert, and whatever else takes my attention with all these wonderful people  around my house!  As usual we drew names and it was a good time for all.  Christmas Story is always read before hand, usually by my dad, but this year it was Charlie as my folks were at my brothers in Indiana this year!

Kevin drew Charlie’s name and he gave him time in the recording studio for recording whatever he wants to do! We are thinking about recording Kelly’s songs that she has written. Charlie was very pleased with his gift! Kevin is quite good at mixing sound in the studio, this should be fun!

Charlie drew my name and he got me new dishes, very pretty dishes! They are square and very cool! He did good, the kids were worried that he would get me a griddle again and that would have only ended in tears…HIS!  No tears this year though.

David drew Stephanie’s name and he got her a gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret…she was very happy with her gift! Stephanie drew Holly’s name this year and

Holly got Seasons 4 thru 6 of House! She was ecstatic!!!

Holly drew Kelly’s name and got her a very nice coat and gloves, Kelly was pleased with her coat and gloves, she only has work coats and gloves! But now she has a nice coat as well! Kelly drew Michaels name, she got him a stocking full of candy and also an itunes gift card.

Michael drew David’s name this year, and if you know David you know that it dosn’t matter what you get him it will thrill him! He got a pair of sneakers, a belt and a coloring book and crayons…his favorite was the coloring book!

I drew Kevin’s name this year and was at a complete loss as to what to get him, then it came to me…he had wanted to take the shower head from Grandma’s house to take to school, we said no! I got him a nice shower head for school, and he was quite pleased once he figured out what it was!

We had a great time together today and the day has gone way to quickly! I am truly blessed to have this family, I am so happy and contented to be who and what I am. God has blessed us inspite of us. We don’t deserve what we have been given, but God has, in His mercy, given to us over and over again.