First week of work and other ramblings…

Well I have now worked for one week. I have more training to go through still. I am really enjoying the work and getting to know new people. I don’t know exactly what God has planned for me here but I do know that He does have a plan. The work is not hard just detailed. There has been little to no down time, which is good I like to stay busy it makes the time go by faster. Learning what tubes go to what part of the LAB, was the first thing I learned. They all have a different place that they have to be taken to for different kinds of tests…duh, as well as getting them in the computer and recieved so the tests can be run. They really frown on it if a test is taken back to them without having been received first, go ahead ask me how I know :\they have been very gracious to me when I have messed up! That is a good thing!! I have a really nice lady training me. I don’t think she was very excited about the job but she does seem to be pleased with my progress and has definately warmed up to the task. I still have much to learn…and remember but it will get easier. as for the home front this cartoon seems to sum it up fairly well! I just haven’t kept up with the housework like I should or the laundry! But I do try to keep everyone in socks and underwear what more could they want? I will get better as I get a groove going, right now I am in the process of getting the kinks out! so going to school, working, keeping up with my family and church…well I would say that right now my life is pretty full! I will try to stay on top of my blogging better, but I am not promising anything!


3 thoughts on “First week of work and other ramblings…

  1. Things are not looking to good for the other “new” girl at work. She is not getting it and she is defensive about it. Wow! I would be doing everything in my power to get it right, not telling the techs they must be doing something wrong! I don’t know if she is going to last another week.

    Things for me are still going well. I really enjoy the people and the job. God is good.

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