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And in the middle of that there is church! I am so ready to be done with the school part of this life I lead! I have 7 weeks left, thats all and then I am done. Just 7 weeks!  soapbox

Speaking of school, have you ever had a teacher not like you? My daughter has one of those. No matter what she does this teacher will find something that is not just right. Now if this teacher were this way with all of her students maybe it wouldn’t matter to me as much…but when the reason your child is not treated better is because her parents are not “important” enough, well that just chaps my cheeks!  I have confronangry-teacherted this teacher and all it did was make things harder for my daughter. Of course my daughter is quite capable of putting up with people like this. She has an uncanny ability to put up with peoples meanness. A much better ability than I do! I have chosen to leave her in this class because I truly feel that the life lessons she is learning in how to deal with an unreasonable and hateful person will, in the end, be a benefit to her.  If she can only make it through the rest of this semester! I have let her know that if this teacher gets out of hand she is to go to the principle at the time it happens and she is to call me and I will be at the school to confront the situation with her. Hopefully this teacher will be able to control herself and that won’t happen…but you never know. I know some of you reading this probably know who I am talking about as you have children who have been in her class and they also were mistreated as well. What does it take to get a tenured teacher tarred and feathered, beheaded, lamblasted, removed I wonder?  I do wonder how many parents have actually lodged a complaint about this teacher? If only one or two of us make it known that the way she handles her class, treats our children, is not acceptable it won’t have much impact, but if they were to hear from most or all of the parents who are frustrated with her, maybe, just maybe something would be done. I have takeauthorityn the steps to let my feelings be known to the appropriate authorities. And I will continue to be in the middle of this situation, because this is a battle that I should have fought the last 8 years and didn’t. I regret not gettng involved much sooner, but hindsight is always better than foresight! I am also trying to do this without disgracing the Name of the Lord. We can take a stand and it not hurt His name, how many times did Jesus confront things that were wrong and stir up the people, and the religious hypocrits!  But I wonder how strong one voice is? It is hard to know where to start and where to stop in cases like this. You know that if a person takes their frustration out on their students that person probably has a sorry little life and is to be pitied more than anything…but even so the most pathetic among us must also be held accountable for their actions when they effect others in their path. Just because you are having a hard time does not give you rights to be unkind, unfair, and unreasonable.  As much as many of us, myself included, would like to think it does! As teachers we should be setting an example of what it is to be fair, kind.

So that is how I feel about that situation and now that I have it off my chest I do feel somewhat better…somewhat.

Remember…..VICTORY IN 2009

WEllllll we are going to try this again…

We took Michael yesterday to BrushCreek. He was pretty reluctant to go until we were actually there. As we visited with the directors he began to relax and feel that there was hope that he could do this. When he found out that he would have passes to see his family and that he would get his phone calls no matter what, he just changed right before our eyes. The fact that his family is close enough to come see him is going to make a huge difference for him. Not to mention that he is on a ranch and there are horses, cattle, dogs and probably cats, however I did not see any cats while we were there! The directors gave him specific instructions as to what he could say and what he couldn’t and how to avoid saying to much. Michael really appreciated the time taken to prepare him.  It is up to Michael as to how well he does here. But we actually witnessed him “check back in” mentally. That was cool! 

The not so cool part is the cost of this! billWe are going to have a big large huge monthly bill to have him here, more than my house payment and utilities! I am trying to get a full time job to pay the tuition but at this time I don’t have that. They are willing to work with us but there is a limit to how much they can work with us as they are a small operation and need the tuition to keep the ranch open. So we are trusting God to provide. I beleive that He wants to use His people to help us out and if you are feeling that you would like to be a part of this it wouldbe a blessing beyond words to us. If you are interested in sponsoring Michael for the next 9 months or so, for whatever amount the Lord lays on your heart, you can contact Brushcreek at :

For those of you who are not able to help financially we still need the prayer coverage and would appreciate you lifting Michael up as often as the Lord brings him to your mind. If you are thinking about him chances are he is needing prayer. This program is not a walk in the park, it is difficult and challenging. We have seen much progress made in the last 10 months and we know that God is going to complete what He has started!

V I C T O R Y   I N  2 0 0 9

Job interviews…yuk!

I went on a job interview today. Don’t know if this is a job that I want, but don’t know if it is a job that I would turn down. The hours are great, the days are great, I don’t know about the pay, but chances are very good that it is better than what I am making right now!  I have another interview on Tuesday. I will hopefully get an offer of a job from one or both of these and then can make a decision.  As I have been praying about this the Lord reminded me that He is the one who directs my steps. He is the one who will give me the job that will be best for me and for my family. He is aware of the needs, financially and in every other way. sooooo as I have said before we move forward




Michael, Michael, Michaemooningl! 

Well for those of you who don’t know yet, Michael has been kicked out of MNTC!  No, I don’t want to give you details, are you nuts?  But I will tell you that I am feeling very much like we are constantly walking up hill…sorry to those of you who are behind us! :-0

We will be placing him at another TC this next week that is closer to home.  Will this work? Who knows????  Only God can make the changes in Michael that need to be made. Man or manmade programs are not going to be able to do the work that must be done in his heart…only God can change you from the inside out! He has made a great deal of progress, but it seems that all that progress was lost in a short period of time! Thank you for praying with us for Michael. We are still fasting on Mondays if you are interested in joining us. We all still need a lot of prayer coverage. We pick Michael up at the bus station early in the morning, joy, yes I am having some real issues with this!  I truly am frustrated with this entire situation. As I said before, Only God can do the work!  So word to the wise, I wouldn’t walk behind me, but beside me because, well the view for those behind is not pretty!!!  🙂





Reporting in on Michaels progress…

teen-challenge-pics-001For those of you who are wondering what is going on with Michael.

Michael is having a very hard time with being so far away from family, and all those he loves. There is only so much that we can take when we are feeling isolated and alone.

Michael has agreed to stay and “check back in” mentally there at TC.

We have agreed to try to get him into a program that is closer to home so he can see us more often. We also have promised to make regular trips up there to see him more often.

We know that God is in control and that He is directing our steps. The drive home this weekend was a very quiet and difficult ride. We made the decision we beleived was what God would have us do, it was a heart wrenching and difficult choice. In the midst of all the pain, fear and uncertainty, there remains this peace that passes all understanding.

Clearly 2009 is not going to be an easy year, if the beginning is any indication, but it is going to be a year of GREAT VICTORY!

~Peace in the midst of the Storm~

It is the most amazing thing, God’s peace. It sweeps in and carries you through the hardest of times. When everything looks to be falling apart, the peace of God is there for the believer. If Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior there is this unfathamable peace in the middle of crisis!

Michael is in crisis, and as such, that puts us in crisis with him. Today has been hard as I am not the one who is in on the phone calls; so I have to wait and wait for a phone call from Charlie to tell me what is happening and what we are going to be doing.

The Lord asked me last night at the prayer meeting, Elaine who are you depending on to help Michael? Are you looking to TC to do this or are you looking to Me to do this? Who is the one that gives the Victory?

The only one Victory comes from is the Lord!

What are we going to do? We are going to follow after the peace of God. I don’t know what that is going to be yet, but I do know that I can trust God completely with Michael and I can trust Him completely with this crisis!

A song has been rolling through my heart and mind today…

Peace, Peace, wonderful peace

 Coming down from the Father above

Sweep over my spirit, forever I pray,

 with fathomless billows of Love

at least I think those are the words, they are the ones that have been rolling through my heart today, anyway.

Jeremiah 31:16-17 (NLT)

But Now this is what the Lord says: “Do not weep any longer, for I will reward you.” Says the Lord “Your children will come back to you from the distant land of the enemy. There is hope for your future,” says the Lord. “Your children will come again to their own land”




Feeling a little yukky!

Is there a feeling that is any worse than feeling like you are going to hurl?  YES! How about your head feeling like thisheadache picture shows? That is what my head felt like yesterday! I was in class and I swear someone had to have had the thermostat set at 150 degrees!  I made it for one hour before I had to go home. I didn’t think I was going to make it home…I truly hate it when my head hurts like it did yesterday. I am better today, but it wasn’t until later in the morning before I truly felt decent! Getting up for work and going in to work, very early in the morning, was not an easy task considering that my head still hurt and I felt like I was going to hurl out of one end or another or perhaps both! I know far more information than you wanted. I will try to refrain from being to graphic. (just be grateful I am not putting in pictures here!)

On to more interestspelling-testing things than my headaches and other ills…Medical Transcription is almost over for me! I have one more day of class, I will take a spelling test and then I should be done. I have turned in all my work that is due. Great feeling, even when I missed most of class yesterday! My next class is Office Management! Now were talking, I love to tell people what to do!!! LOL, really I am looking forward totime-flys this class, because it is right up my ally, at least I think it is. It will be interesting to find out when I get into it further. This is my last term and then I am done! Wow, this 14 months is flying by very quickly.

Remember my friends, no matter what things look like, we have…



Fasting once a week

Charlie and I have decided that the day we will be fasting for Michael will be Mondays. For those of you who would like to join us we are praying that he well submit himself to the Lord wholly and completely, allowing Him to accomplish the work in Michael that is so needed. And that he will submit himself to the leadership at MNTC. Following the rules rather he understands or agrees with them or not. We are also praying for the team of men working with Michael, that they will have a better understanding of what he needs in the way of ministry, not just putting a “one size fits all” spin on the ministry. We firmly believe that the Lord is going to accomplish/finish what he has begun in Michael and that the end result is going to be powerful, and a huge threat to the enemy’s camp! Thanks to all of you who are touching heaven on behalf of Michael, we appreciate it so much.  Blessings



Getting organized in 2009

Well if you are like me there just seems to be WAY to much paper around! Charlie came across a check list that we thought was a great idea! So I am going to share it with you!

Keep only the most recent…

  • paycheck stub
  • utility bill
  • mortgage receipt
  • investment prospectuses and monthly reports
  • Insurance policy
  • monthy/quarterly investment statements

as you file the latest, shred the previous one. There is no need to accumulate the monthly records of these.

Keep for 7 years….

  • Bank statements
  • canceled checks
  • credit card statements
  • tax returns

Tax returns are subject to audit for up to three years after filing, however; the limit is up to six years if income has been underreported by more than 25%. (don’t cheat on your taxes!)

Keep in a safe permanent storage…

  • mortgages and deeds
  • home improvement records
  • diplomas, certificates and school transcripts
  • annual investment statements [stocks, bonds, mutual funds, individual retirement account, 401 (k)s …]
  • legal paper (leases, trust papers, birth certificates, pass ports…)

I have already started getting this done! I have a lot of paperwork that I didn’t need to have! My shredder is getting a much needed break while I post this! I already have two 13 gallon trash bags full!!!  I am not even close to being done!

Be blessed my friends and family! Remember…



Calling all parents! Are you tired of your children making choices that go directly against everything that you have taught and trained them from birth? its_not_safe11Are you tired of them making you feel “guilty” because you care about them and see the road they are taking will lead to immense heartache later in life for them? Maybe I am the only one who is dealing with this. I know several of you have really great kids that are doing everything like they are supposed to…heck I do to! It is only a couple of mine that are struggling, but what gets me is that they think they have it altogether and that I am the one who is losing it! The deception of the enemy is sooooo strong. How do you get to that point? How can you know the love of God, have felt and lived in His presence in your life and walk away to serve the world? How can you know God’s peace and then live without it? I don’t understand, but apparently that makes me some kind of archaic backwords something or other! What would our children do if we decided that they were right. That it would be better to live like the world. What if we were to start drinking, smoking (yuk), partying, being unfaithful to our spouse. Isn’t that the same as sleeping with someone that you are not married to even if you are not married? Yes, I believe that falls into the same catergory! So what if we did all those things? I think that if our children lost the stable home that they know they can come back to at anytime it would rock their world, in fact I am pretty sure they would think we had completely lost our senses. Do you suppose they would “understand” what we were thinking? NO, they wouldn’t, but the amazing thing is that WE are supposed to understand why they are doing those things mentioned above, hopefully not all of them and I really don’t want to know which ones they are involved in! I am not willing to sacrifice my relationship with the Lord to do the above mentioned scenario by the way! So what to do? Well the only thing I know to do. PRAY! I have been and will continue to pray for my children, and now that will include fasting one day a week, as mentioned in a previous post. However I think that it is more than that. I am going to speak the word of truth into their lives, all of them, not just the couple that are having so much trouble.  I have others that are  serving God, they are making wise choices, and they are not going to be left out of the blessing of having  The Word of God spoken into their lives daily. 

I have found that it is easy to become so completely focused on the heartache that you lose sight of the wonderful things all around us! So I am going to continue to war for my children, and rejoice and praise God for the victory that is ours NOW and to COME!!


For every child of God defeats this evil

world by trusting Christ to give the victory.warfare

Jesus is the only one who can do the work,

and He has given us the weapons

and the Holy Spirit

 so we can come alongside  Him

 and fight…

on our faces before God!