so you want to move back home….

but you don’t want to go to church, you want to be allowed to continue your lifestyle as it is and you want us to pay for your windshield to be replaced for you? You want us to make all the changes? Wait a minute that sounds oddly like last time when you came home from TC. You were great for awhile but then you began to change, to run with a group of kids that don’t share our values, you treated us disrespectfully, were hateful, stole from us. You were incredibly hurtful to your dad on Fathers Day and left our home that week and said terrible things about us on facebook and to anyone who would listen in an effort to destroy our reputation in a community we have lived in for 20 years.  I do hope you understand when we require a signed contract from you that you will obey our rules, treat us with respect, and attend church with us as a family every week. You will not be allowed to have girls in your room. You will not be allowed to use the foul language that you let fly so freely now, in our home. We will not be replacing your windshield.

So after all that I do have to say that I have very mixed feelings about him coming back home. Am I ready for this drama again? I am glad that he will be back home and that he will be eating good food, sleeping in a clean bed, wearing clean clothes again. That I will know he is safe. I just don’t know how things are going to play out. The stress level in our home goes up a 1000 times when he is added to the equation. With God we will make it and with His wisdom we will survive.

David is doing much better today. He had a seizure last night that lasted for 7 min. his neourologist is upping his meds. I really don’t know how that is going to affect him, we will see. Thanks to all of you who were praying for him. This was the first one in 10 months. He had 3 last year.

Charlie and Kelly went to a concert in Tulsa tonight. Hillsong is there, I think they are going to have a great time.

Much is going on

We were in Revival last week from Wed to Sun morning. The Lord is good and He spoke into Kevins life concerning school and financing. We have been amazed at how $2000 came in this last week in scholorships we know that the rest of the money is going to come in as well. College is so stinking expensive, but God is our source and He is all about providing for His children.

We took Sunday night off and went to the Aquatic Center in Pittsburg for the afternoon and evening. We played hard and laughed a lot! There were 16 of us all together! We headed to Freddys afterward to get something to eat. Michael had just bought himself a new stereo system for his car and he got pulled over for his stereo being to LOUD! Right in front of all of us, very funny! He didn’t get a ticket, just embarrassed. We had a really good time with everyone. It had been a long time since we had Michael with us for anything, it was good to have him part of the fun. He is still living somewhere else but God is working and we are trying to stay out of His way.

School is starting up soon, I got the paperwork for enrollment today in the mail. How can time be going this fast? Work is busy and stressfull at times but going well. Charlie is only a couple of classes away from getting his license from the Assemblies to preach. David is enjoying CLASS LTD and absolutely loves spending time with Robbie in the morning and Jim in the afternoon. He has it pretty good!

What is it that people want?

My son is leaving for CO in a couple of months, moving in with his “girlfriend” and her ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend, what is it that I am expecting from him? Shouldn’t this be just fine with me? I mean what kind of narrow minded mother am I? What am I thinking for wanting his life to be healthy, with as few regrets as possible? For him to have favor with God and man, for him to walk in the knowledge of God, who loves him and gave himself for him, so that he could have an overcoming, blessed life. But no he chooses to follow after everything that will destroy his life! I don’t know what my problem is with all this, oh yea, wait, it is called LOVE! I love him and hate to watch the progression, but he has to make his own choices and his own mistakes. I just pray that they don’t kill him, or worse maim him for life.

Life at work is, well just work. I don’t look forward to going to work it is just a place that I go to make money to help with the bills. I have very little about this job now that makes me feel fulfilled. I don’t like who I am working with, not because they are not nice, but because they are not trustworthy. (this is the front staff I am talking about with the exception of our OC) I don’t even know when the ax is going to fall with them. They are so nice to my face, but behind my back is another story. Now if I were hateful and lazy this would be understandable, but I am hardworking, don’t have to be watched to make sure I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, yet I still feel like I am being watched and judged for I don’t know what! Makes for a very tiresome work enviroment. I am here for a reason and I will be here for as long as the Lord chooses. He is my defense and has been from the very beginning of the drama.

Things at church are going well right now. We are going to be in Revival this next week. Don Couch is our speaker, I didn’t get to be at revival when he was here last year. I am looking forward to hearing him this year. He is prophetic and had some really good things to say when he was here before. If you are in the area you should come join us. The services are Wed. thru Sun. 7-21-2010 – 7-27-2010. service times are 7:00pm nightly Sunday @ 10:45am and 6:00pm. Hope to see you there!

Sick kids

I was called home from work yesterday, David was throwing up in the bus and they needed me to come and get him. Yuk! I headed for Columbus and picked him up. He slept all the way home, walked in the house and fell asleep sitting on the couch. I went in to get him his pillow and discovered that he had thrown up the night before and it was all over his pillows, sheets and blanket! Oh joy! I am such a good mom, I mean I noticed it eventually right? How I missed it when I got him up for CLASS is beyond me, I mean barf stinks, you would think I would have smelled it right? I didn’t. I spent most of the morning cleaning up the mess, washing everything including the pillows! David slept all day long and was in  bed by 8:00 that night! Poor baby, he didn’t wake up until morning. He seems to be fine now. Kelly on the other hand woke up with a sore throat, fever and a bad headache! What the heck? She is doing better tonight but still not feeling up to par!

Work has been ok I guess. I am still having a hard time with the issues that came up a couple of weeks ago. False accusations being made with no reason other than just meanness. I know I have to forgive, and I have, but trust is a whole other issue and I don’t trust anyone right now. Well that isn’t exactly true there are a couple of people that I trust, but even then I am leary of trusting to much. It is frustrating to me, I feel like I have to be on constant guard and am not able to truly enjoy those I work with. Maybe that will come back…this remains to be seen.

We are going to clear out Michaels room and make it into a guest bedroom. I really hate it that he has made the choices that he has but he has and there isn’t anything that his dad or I can do about it. We may as well make the best of the situation and use the space for something other than a constant reminder of what we have lost. He actually said to us the other night that we have done nothing to help him, other than his dad helping him get a job this summer. That is all we have ever done for him! He really believes this. Wow, we have sacrificed so much for him and he thinks that we have done nothing. And now that we are truly doing nothing to help him he is mad at us. We have to block out his hurtful words and disconnect or the wounds that his actions and words bring would be unbearable for either of us to take. There is a grace and peace that surrounds us right now. We know that letting go and letting God do the work is what we are supposed to do. Right now Michael has walked away from everything that he has been taught. Only God can bring him back and only God knows when he will be ready and what it will take to get him to the point of being ready. We pray for him everyday, several times a day or more, but the rest is in God’s hands, the only safe place for it to be.

Holly, my sweet, vibrant, happy Holly is finally moving out of the ghetto! I am so thankful, I was getting concerned that she might take the law into her own hands with the thieves in her neighborhood! She is a pretty good shot with a shot gun! But Praise God she is getting into a much safer neighborhood and has some really sweet roommates! I miss her, she is a ray of sunshine in my life!

Stephanie is moving this fall also, but she isn’t in an unsafe neighborhood, she just needs a place that allows pets so she can keep her cat with her. Right now her cat is living with her boyfriend at his appartment. I got to see her when we went to Jacobs wedding. We had dinner with Corbin and Stephanie and spent the night with Stephanie in her appartment. It was fun getting to spend some time with them.

Kevin is working hard to get some more scholorships to cover the cost of school this fall. Private school is very expensive, especially when you are out of state! He is amazing me with his maturity and growth this last year, I think I may actually like him now! Just kidding, I am so proud of who he is and his love and committment to the Lord is wonderful to see as he seeks the Lord and responds to the callling on his life.

Charlie and I have chosen to focus on the amazing things that are happening in our lives and with our children and on the things to come for them as they grow closer to the Lord. For those of our children that have chosen to walk in the world and not with the Lord we pray for them and trust God to bring them back to a place of right relationship with Him. They are all in His hands and what Capable hands they are!

Things can change so fast

We have had so many changes in the last few weeks. Jacob and Jill got married! Jacob is my nephew.

 Our neice Josey is getting married at the end of July. 

My son Michael has moved out the house and is making plans to move to CO in the fall…yes I know he is only 17 and still has a year of high school left, that dosn’t seem to matter to him as he is going to enroll in CO. He dosn’t have a place to live, but that is totally beside the point. I am cool with his choice, not happy mind you, but cool.

 We are working the fireworks tent again this year only this year it is tents as in plural!

Our childrens Pastor’s son was diagnosed with leukemia this last weekend. You can follow how he is doing by going to the following website and creating a sign in/password. You can leave him messages and follow his treatment. Right now he is doing fairly well and they are hoping that he will be able to eat something today. He hasn’t eaten anything since Sunday!

We met with a lawyer today about a settlement for Charlies mom’s accident a year and half ago. We didn’t even know until a couple of months ago that there would be a settlement. The lawyer was kinda rude and hateful with us because we haven’t sought out information on what we should do as far as suing the insurance company for more than they are offering. My husband being the level headed man that he is, looked at him and said, ” the insurance is not my source and I work for a living, it didn’t even occur to us to sue my mother for anything, or the insurance company. We are not that kind of people, nor do we want to be”  the lawyer backed down, but he definately left a bad taste in my mouth. He was appointed to represent Kelly in this “friendly” suit, as Charlie is the representative for his mom, and has another lawyer for that. What a mess our society is now.  Oh well life will go on and we are not going to allow lawyers to change who and what we are.

Well that is my life in a nut shell for the last couple of weeks, oh wait I forgot, things at work got bad again for about 2 days, they are fine now. I didn’t let any grass grow under my feet before I let someone know what was happening and it was taken care of very quickly. Soooo hopefully all is well for now. I will try to do better about blogging!