Things that have happened or are coming up

The next big event in our life will be Kevin’s wedding. We are really not very involved in the whole process, I have helped with some but for the most part I am just along for the ride. I am excited for Kevin and April, and I am also concerned, Kevin still does not have a job. He has been for 3 interviews at Evangel and still they do not have an answer for him. I don’t understand what the problem is, choose who you want and get on with the process. It isn’t right to keep these two young people waiting, especially when at least one of them is really needing this job! It just dosn’t make sense to me.
Things are changing at work. Tammy took another job and turned in her resignation last monday. I am going to miss her a lot! She is a good friend. I plan to keep in touch, but you know how that goes when you live a in different places and go to different churches…the position has been filled by another friend of mine, Pam, I think she will do well here. But it remains to be seen.
Got a lot done at the house today. Moved the office furniture into the office, and now I have more room in the living room. I want to put my scrapbooking stuff in here to but that will have to be another day.
Stephanie is staying in the area, she has a job working for the same company as her dad. It has been really nice to have her around.
Holly is in Houston at a Dance intensive for the week. She and a couple of her friends spent the night last night with us on their way to Houston. They have a really good week planned, I think they will have a good time and I know Holly can use the distraction right now.
Kelly and Michael spent this last week in KC, going to Worlds of Fun and all sorts of other things. They stayed with Charlie’s Aunt Helen and Uncle Eddie. The kids said they had a really good time. Michael is between jobs right now and is really hoping Crossland will call him with a job soon.
David is doing great, the excitement from the other day didn’t seem to phase him to much! He just keeps plugging along!
Well that’s it for now…ta ta

Exciting morning for David and I

I told David to go get in the car and I would be there in a minute. In the past this has been met with no drama or excitement. He goes and sits queitly and waits for me to get in the car and we go to Class/work. Well this morning it didn’t go quite as planned! I do not know what came over him to decide to release the emergency brake, but that is exactly what he did! I was on the front porch giving one of my poor thirsty plants a drink of water before I left for the day, I looked up and there goes my car down the driveway headed for the neighbors house across the street! I dropped everything, including my keys, and ran after the car. It came to a stop at the front steps of my neighbors house! I could hear David screaming all the way down the driveway, or was that me? I got to the car and it was locked! David is looking at me scared beyond words and I can’t get him to unlock the doors for me! He finally did and I get in the car to realize that my keys are on the front porch! I have to run back to the house, in my heals, to get the keys. I was so shaken up I couldn’t hardly press down on the clutch! How on earth my car missed the tree and the gas lamp that were right in line with where the car was headed I can only attribute to Angels watching over him! My poor car has a wounded rear bumper…again! I don’t know if we are going to file a claim or if we are just going to pay for it out of pocket…frustrating, scary….so thankful for God’s protection and that no one was hurt. My car can be fixed and that is only money.

Can the rules and guidelines

please stay the same for at least a week? Do things really have to change constantly? I feel like I am constantly having to change what I did yesterday, simply because things are not thought through and planned well in the first place. On any given day I can do the exact same thing and be praised for doing it and then do the same exact thing the next day and it is wrong…I am told one thing from one person and another from someone else. I just want to know who is boss and what the plan is, no more than that. I want to know that the plan is going forward and that it is going to be in effect for more than one day. I don’t want to put the work into something just to have it change entirely because things were not thought through and prepared for. There I have said what I needed to say. I really don’t like to gripe but I just really needed to get some of this off my chest. It is frustrating to me, very very frustrating.

whats new?

my house is being repainted by the husband of one of my besties! He is doing a great job. This is the color before:

and here is the color after:

thanks Darrell for working hard to make my house look decent again. The neighbors are very glad that we have finally painted and our house dosn’t look quite so trashy! There is still a little bit to go before it is all done, but at least the front and sides look great! Even the back is looking nice, just needs the touch up work done, and the upper level still needs paint on the sides.

Kelly has gone and hurt her foot so she is having a hard time with her training plan. I am debating if I need to take her to the dr or just have her wear the boot she got last time she hurt her foot. I hate to pay for everything again if all they are going to do is put a boot on her….but then again what if it is more serious? She is walking on it, I work in an Orthopedic office with a ton of Dr’s maybe I will ask one of them what they think I should do. She can still swim, do her sit-ups and pull-ups….
Charlie has been with the new company now for a month and absolutely loves his job! He was working an ungodly amount of hours but that has slacked off to a better situation in the last week. They got the bid they were working on so now he can work at a more reasonable pace. Stephanie is also working for NEI, she is doing contract work for them, architecture stuff among them. She and Corbin have moved back here for the time being, I am very excited to have them so close. Stephanie will be working there till she can find a position with an Architecture firm. There was one in Springfield she interviewed for but still don’t have an answer on that. Kevin also had an interview this last week with Evangel College for a position in their Media department. He is also still waiting on an answer from them. Please be in prayer that he will get this or another job soon! He is getting married in just a couple of months and really needs to be able to provide for his family…

Fireworks Tent this year was down a little in sales but we still had a smashing good turn out! It is a lot of fun to work with those at the tent, hot but fun!

I am doing fine these days, trying to get used to Charlie’s new hours.

This week we get to spend some time with my sweet neice Emily, and we will also get to see Lindsay. Really looking forward to getting to know them a little better.

Well for now this is all I have to report…probably a lot I left out but that will have to wait for another post!