Visiting Grandma

My Grandma is an amazing woman! I went to visit her today in the nursing home. She dosn’t live in the same world we do, she has Alzheimers. Today seemed to be a good day for her. She talked of her deceased husband as though he was still living, she told us stories of things people had said to her at church that morning (they were funny stories!) but she hadn’t been to church that morning. We laughed at her stories and didn’t say anything about Floyd no longer living. This disease is such a horrible thief, stealing memories of those you know and love so that you don’t remember who they are or that they have been to visit. Causing you to live in the past not able to come to grips with the present, but like I said today was a good day, she was in a good mood and seemed to be content, this is not always the case. Our time with Grandma is so short, I am glad that I took the time to go see her…she didn’t know or remember me, but I know and remember her!