One Month in

David 4and I am having a harder time of it now then I did at the beginning of David moving out and into the Group Home. I know he is doing well, he seems to be happy when I pick him up, there is peace in his eyes, but there are things that I don’t like. The last two Saturdays when I have picked him up he has not been clean, he has been smelly and in need of his teeth brushed, hair washed, and last week he needed deodorant in a bad way! The girls they have there on the weekend are just college age girls with no real clue. I think they care about the clients, I just don’t think they understand the need for them to be kept clean. The house smells like a nursing home…I hate that smell. I don’t know why the house smells this way, it didn’t smell this way when we moved him in…anyway, he is doing fabulously in Pittsburg and my concerns are small ones that I really shouldn’t be letting bother me. When I get him home I get him cleaned up and he is healthy and happy. During the week he has a regular shower every night before bed and I took him an electric razor to shave with last weekend. I just have to trust God with the rest and know that he is taking care of.

Well enough of my complaining…Things are really going good around here and I am so very grateful for the Lord and His hand of protection on my family and friends! He has been so very faithful to us and will continue to be faithful, even when we are not.