Dad is fine, all is well

My dad was released this last weekend. He dosn’t have any heart problems thank God! I was pretty worried about him. Turns out that it was some medication he was taking for pain in his knees. You think you can trust the drs but its not always the case. I am just thankful that it all turned out well and now we know he dosn’t have heart issues!

There is much going on in one of my childrens life but I have told her I won’t be discussing it till she is ready for it. Just suffice it to say that she can really use some prayer coverage and she is going to need it! God is working and directing her steps, but it is scary sometimes…maybe more so for me than her but still she needs coverage. (Kelly) Not that putting it on here means that very many would know as the 3 of you would keep quiet but still I will honor her wishes. I will post details when she is ready.

Kevin and April are planning their wedding and everything is in full swing! Hard to beleive I have a son getting married in just a few months! Very happy for them! I need to get address’ out to them…

Charlie is going skiing this week. I was supposed to go with him as far as Denver, I was going to stay with family, but it isn’t going to work out. So I will be staying home. It’s okay though, David isn’t feeling very good this week and he probably needs me to be home for him. Charlie will have fun rather I am there or not. I will miss getting to spend time with family, I was really looking forward to getting time with them. đŸ˜¦

Keeping the weight off with ease right now. pleased with that!

Dad is sick, Kevin broke his phone, Kelly missed

school for the music festival…that is what this week has been like. Dad was taken to the ER this morning with chest pain. They admitted him, not sure what is going on, nothing they have done helped the pain. Don’t know if it is his heart, or a pulled muscle, gall bladder, so until the heart specialist see’s him they are keeping him there. I pray that it isn’t anything serious. Something happening to my parents is not something I am ever ready for! Mom is feeling better but still battling that pulled muscle in her neck, they just can’s seem to catch a break this month.

Kevin sent me a message on facebook to let me know that he had broke his phone, that he would explain later…well he did. My darling, stressed son punched his phone in the early morning because it was making him mad in his already late start! Yes he PUNCHED his phone and we all know how much that helped his stress level (sigh) it didn’t help mine, but then I realized his lack of phone wasn’t my problem and that he made the mess and he gets to fix it.
Now Kelly missing the music competition…wow, I could have taken her to school but she was driving Michaels car and then going to take it to Welch so he would have it when he gets back from Arkansas. The car battery was dead when she got out there and she missed school. She didn’t call anyone until it was to late to make it there. Oh well things happen right? It really isn’t worth getting all worked up over!

When you think of my dad please pray for his quick healing, and wisdom for the dr’s. And a big thank you to all 3 of you who are faithful to check my blog! You Rock!!

Kevin was in Kansas City Sunday with Heartsong. We went to hear them. We were disappointed that they were not given the whole service and only got to do a couple of songs for the altar time…but we did get to see Kevin and hear/watch him play! They are really good and very annointed. The heart for God is evident in these kids eyes and music. It was interesting, you see the dude in the picture standing guard? They had these big dudes on both sides of the stage with those ear phone thingys in their ears and a couple of them were even wearing sunglasses! I’m not sure but that just seemed to be overkill. Is there really a need for that kind of security? course I don’t know what may have happened to make this neccessary. The police and Sheriff’s department were helping with the parking and keeping the traffic moving. Just weird, and very distracting to this small town girl.  It was interesting being in a large church, watching all the people dance and praise the Lord, but I must say that my little church is preferable to me.

 We also got to see Holly Dance yesterday afternoon. She is amazing as well. We are so proud of these kids of ours, God does so much in spite of us as parents! And I am so grateful that he does! Holly spent the week here, cleaning my house, she made all my bathrooms shine and my laundry room is organized and clean! Two of my closets, that I have ignored for years, are now organized and cleaned out! All my blankets, sheets, and towels are freshly washed and neatly put away. Just love it! Inspired me to clean the desk in my living room today and get rid of all the junk mail. Looks great too.


And also the wonderful event of today is my Mom’s birthday! She is the joy of my heart! I love her so much and am so grateful to have her in my life, I wish we were closer and could spend more time together. Happy Birthday Mom you are the greatest! I hope to be just like you when I grow up! Oh wait, I already am a lot like you!!! I love you!

Well I am better

It seemed like I was going to be sick forever, listen to me cry baby over being down for a few days! I have friends who are sick most of the time and they don’t complain as much as me over 3 days! It is good to be back on my feet again and able to get things done. Well I do use that term “get things done” rather loosely! My darling daughter Holly is coming to clean and organize her poor mothers house! It seems that I have let things go really badly now that I am working full time and am not home during the day. Tis true, I don’t care to clean, cook, do laundry, organize…etc when I get home from work, so I do as little of the above mentioned things as I can get away with. When the underware and jeans run out I do laundry, just to keep the natives happy! They do like to have clean clothes to wear. But my Holly is the queen of organizing and cleaning! Oh how I miss having her around! She would get on a cleaning kick and I would come home to everything clean and put away! That does not happen now that she is no longer living here đŸ˜¦ But, it will happen this week and I am oh so excited to have her here!

My mom has been quite sick for the last few weeks and I have been concerned, to say the least! She went to the ER last night because her pain was so high she could barely move. They thought she was having a heart attack, but turns out it is a pulled muscle in her neck. She is taking some pretty stout stuff though and when fully dosed is not in much pain at all! That and her diverticulitis that has flared up again has kept her feeling pretty low. Pray for her if you think of her, she can use the coverage!

We went to hear Kevin play with his worship team in Springfield last Saturday night, that was fun! They did a great job, so proud of who this young man is becoming. As he grows and matures I know God has great plans for his life. Sometimes as a parent we think we know what that plan should be, but most of the time we don’t have a clue! Enjoying Gods plan unfold in his life.

Well I have to balance my check book finish paying bills and whatever else it is I am supposed to be doing rather than blogging, so I will wish you all well and close this!

sick sick sick

that is what I have been for the last two days! dizzy, upset stomach, headache, just basically not feeling good. I have slept most of the last two days away. I am still not up to snuff, in fact I have been sitting up in a chair and am finding myself once again fighting this dizziness again. FRUSTRATING! But I do work for a Dr and that does come in handy. His nurse called me in some anti nausea meds tody. I am sure that by tomorrow this bug will be out of my system…at least I am truly hopeful! Uhggg I think I will go lay down again.