Things are pretty much the same…

makes you wonder how long does it take to get anything done? Does it have to take months? I don’t know the answers to my own questions, which makes sense right? I am the one asking them. Our OC is still employed and still trying her best to be nice, she isn’t going to last long with that though, it is very hard to maintain nice when you are mean on the inside! But for now things are going fine. I don’t talk much, just do my job and stay out of her way as much as possible.

I did get a phone call from my personal Dr this week. It seems my mamogram came back with 2 suspicious spots on my right breast. I was actually supposed to go in today for a diagnostic mamo, but I called and rescheduled for next wednesday. I’m not to worried about it. I have had cysts in the past and that is probably all this is. My cousin, Booth, prayed for me last night, the sweetest prayer asking Jesus to heal me. I have this peace that is all the way to my core.

What do people do who live life without our Lord and Savior? He is everything to me, my provider, defender, healer, friend, encourager, savior, protector, He is EVERYTHING! I love Him with all I have! No matter what the world, enemy, people, whoever throws my way I know that He is going to be there to deal with it for or with me, depending on how He chooses to let it happen, but no matter I know that He is there and always will be.

So whatever happens in this job situation or with my children, my health, marriage, church, family, whatever is coming down the pike there is no fear! What a wonderful blessing being a child of God almighty is!

Touch me not…

I will start with work, our OC was very very nice this week she couldn’t do enough to help. Weird huh? I found out today she is not allowed to write me up, correct me or tell me what to do. If she has a problem with me or one other girl at work she has to go through the doctors! Wow! God does take good care of me!

Holly is loving her job cleaning houses, and is moving in with a group a girls in a couple of weeks, she is very excited!
Kevin worked this week but is again laid off. Michael and Kelly are back in the swing of things at school, and Stephanie is working hard at college, David Is back in his routine and loving being back to normal. I am getting my hair cut and high lighted tomorrow! Yea!!!! Charlie is working hard to get jobs for his crews at work the competition is tough! God is blessing and we are doing great…

Hell week

I know you are following my progress at work so here goes…
One of our receptionists was gone all week caring for her father. I was by myself with the assistance of a a float for 3 of 5 days.
Perspectve: I was left to do all the work by myself while 2 others who could have helped me chose to stay in the office. My float for the first 2 days was wonderful the other float was sweet but mostly no help at all. My manager suddenly became sweet and helpful Wednesday at the end of the day then called in sick Thursday she did come to work on Friday. The doctor was in a meeting with practice management for a long time on Friday he assured me things were going to change. I really think she was trying to get me to quit this week, she has no idea just how strong willed I am…well probably is getting a clue now ( eye roll) this drama is really getting monotonous and tiresome. Just let me do my ever loving job and help me out when things get crazy, is this really asking to much?

Big news for today is that Charlie finally got his BIG Screen TV! This thing is ginormous!!! He worked hard for it and was able to pay cash so I guess I can’t complain! He is working today on getting everything set up for it. 

other news is that my faucet broke in the kitchen today! Aaaaggggg how am I supposed to get these dishes done? In the bathroom is where I will have to go to get the water to wash the dishes….Yipppeeee, I am so excited about this. I have taken DMG today for the first time since Christmas! I am handling things fairly well, haven’t lost it yet. My house is a total disaster, with no real end in site at this moment. I know what you are thinking Scott and Heidi, so my house is just a mess your house is truly a DISASTER! Helps to keep things in perspective. 

As for my week at work things haven’t changed much, next week I get the privilage of working with “her” up front all week long. Our other receptionist will be out of town taking her father to the cancer Dr in Nebraska. I am totally dreading being in close proximity to her for a full week. I am hoping that they will have a float for us so I won’t be by myself up there. I am also seriously considering looking into becoming a float myself until things are resovled where she is concerned. I don’t understand how she has gotten away with so much. She has broken so many policies and laws that I can’t even keep count, others who have done less have been fired, so why I ask is she still working here? I guess it all comes down to being able to prove it. Making it stick. HIPAA has been violated and yet she remains. Employees have been harrassed with intent to get them fired, simply because she dosn’t like them, and yet she remains. Requests from the Dr’s are ignored, and yet she remains… on and on it goes! The saga of my work life is getting repetitive and old!  I am looking forward to the day when I can put on here that she is GONE! Or that the doctor has gone into private practice and therefore I am gone! One thing is for sure, one of us needs to be gone and soon! Until that time, I think that I better keep plenty of DMG with me, and be sure and take it!

Sooooo What is the next step?

She came back to work today, yes I am talking about our OC. She came back to work and everything carried on busniness as usual…it is like nothing ever happened, well almost, she ignored me all day instead of making fun of me or calling me names. Rumor has it that she got written up and that is the end of it. What now? I don’t know. I hate to give up my job working with some great Doctors, yet the idea of working with this woman day in and day out is not acceptable. I know the Lord is my defense and I also know that He directs my steps. I guess I will wait on Him to give me clear direction and follow it when He does.

Kevin is having a rough week this week also. He was laid off from his job yesterday. I hate it that he is without work. He really needs some direction in his life. Pray for him when you think of him he is at a loss right now.

Michael is doing well, he did run his car into a ditch the other night though!  Snow and ice will do that! No one was hurt and the car wasn’t damaged either, so all was well. Kelly and her friend Shauna were kinda shook up by the whole thing though!

Holly is enjoying her new job in KC and doing great! I love to hear her laugh!

Stephanie’s heat went out in her apartment last night! It was in the single digits!!!  They fixed her heat this morning, but she had a cold night last night!

Kelly is still taking care of her horse and making straight A’s in school, that girl is amazing.

David is ready for things to get back to a routine. He needs, craves routine! With the Christmas break and all the snow and extreme cold he hasn’t had CLASS for any consistant amount of time and he hasn’t been with Robbie in the morning and Jim in the afternoon. He really misses that. Hopefully things will even out soon for him…and for us!

My brother’s house is in pretty bad shape after the fire, water pipes all frozen and will need to be replaced, as well as the water heater, toilets, all of it. Not to mention the roof looks like it is going to have to be replaced not just repaired. Pray for his family, they have a long way to go before they have thier home back.

Even in the face of great loss we see the hand of God. The loss of physical things is nothing compared to the loss of life! I am so thankful that my family was spared and kept safe. The plans of the enemy are mean and ferocious but God is the one who decides and keeps us! There isn’t any place that is safer than right smack dab in the middle of His care and will! He is our defense our source, our peace, our everything!

FMLA…who is familiar with this?

I don’t know how  many of my readers are familiar with this but it is Family Medical Leave Act and it is supposed to protect a person from losing their job for medical reasons.  It is a good thing, but don’t you know that con artists use everything to their advantage! Our OC (office coordinator) is rumored to have gotten wind that she was in trouble and low and behold she leaves work early one night and the next day she has FMLA papers and will not be able to come back to work because she is to sick to do so…she went from being just fine with no problems to being so sick she has to be gone from work for weeks at a time? WOW! Talk about conniving! She is getting paid on top of all this because she has PTO to use up! So she has 6 to 12 weeks off with no explanation to anyone. Our office is left without an OC and we cannot do anything to replace her during this time! How crazy is this? Beware who you hire, and always check them out!

It is snowing and beautiful outside!

I love the snow as long as I am inside! It is beautiful outside and the fire is crackling in the fireplace. I have a wonderful book and a warm blanket, praises to our Lord Jesus playing in the background…what a wonderful life! I look back on everything that I have lived through and I see the hand of God guiding, protecting, caring, disciplining, and always loving me…hard times come and hard times go but He is always constant and true in our lives, even when we don’t see Him! I have seen some very hard things in my lifetime and witnessed great loss and great victory, there is more to come of both I have no doubt!  The one thing I know for certain is that God is going to always be there for me and my family, for all those who know Him as Lord, for His children. What defines His children? They are the ones who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, who have chosen to walk with God and not with the world. A child of God is only born of the Spirit of God not into a family of believers. You can have been raised believing in God and not know Him or His Son, Jesus. He sent Jesus to die on a cross to save you from your sin, all you have to do is accept this sacrifice as your own and repent of your sin. He is waiting  and ready to forgive and save you today. It really is as simple as that. Then you need to get plugged in with other true christians and begin to learn of Him and His ways. He will change you in the most amazing ways! Will it be easy? NO, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy! Christianity is not for the faint of heart! It takes strong faith and determination to withstand the world! Praise the Lord that He gives us the ability through His spirit to do all that is needed and required of us!  There isn’t anything like the life of an overcoming Christian that is plugged into the power source of the Holy Spirit! Boring it is not!