Our Pastors were ordained tonight at OK district council! We are so proud of them this is a great accomplishment! Bitter sweet for us, I know God has plans for them beyond their wildest imaginations! It will be fun to watch what God does in their lives and ministry! Congratulations Pastor Pat & Pastor Trudy!!!!

Love covers a multitude of sins

How many people have perfect parents? I don’t know of any personally. My parents were not perfect, although they were close! ūüôā I have found myself reflecting on my youth, thinking about what I said about my parents to my friends. I cannot recall a time that I was disrespectful to them to others. I am sure there were times but I still do not recall a time when I spoke ill of them to my friends or anyone for that matter. I still to this day am very respectful of my parents. I do not make fun of how they disciplined me, how they treated me as a child (not that I was ever mistreated, I wasn’t). I didn’t always agree with how they handled things but that dosn’t matter. They are my parents. Somehow I didn’t pass this on to my own children. Well, let me rephrase that, to some of my children. I find the cruelty to be harsh and uncalled for. I know this is a season that will pass, but the scars from this season will take much longer to heal. The trust lost in this season will be a very difficult thing for my son¬†to regain. I trusted after the last time to soon and to easily. Things are on lock down again, must keep all money out of the house, never leave a billfold or purse unaccompanied. this is very frustrating. We grew accustomed to being able to trust that everyone in the house was trustworthy and honest. That has come to a screaching halt. Charlie and I have changed so much through this whole episode called our life. We changed how we deal with conflict with our children, how we respond to just about everything, and yet we seem to be the only ones who have changed. We were so hopeful, we really wanted to believe that our son had changed as well. We are told by some that he has changed, but the life we live with him tells a much different story. I know that God is still working and that the story is not finished yet, but the part of the story we are living right now is very discouraging, the Word tells us that when you have done all to stand, to Stand firm then! We are standing firm, even with the waves crashing in around us and the tide coming in quickly while our feet are stuck in this quick sand called reality, God is bigger than reality, God is able to do anything, even this, to save my son from himself and the lies he has believed. The pull of the world is very strong, the pull of God is stronger! I know he will come around and the regret he will have will be enormous, it would be for me anyway. But even that God can heal! My optimism and belief that God is in control is in constant conflict with what I see and hear, it is an act of Faith to continue to believe that what I see is not what is real only what appears to be real. Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.

 Yea that about covers it.

Close calls

Kevin is working in construction, and it is not a safe job to work in. He is, at this time, cleaning out silt from pipe that runs 1000 ft or more with man holes every 300 ft or so. These pipes fill with water quickly if the pumps are not working right and they are also susceptable to dangerous levels of gas, so they have to have a monitor on them at all times. Today the 30 inch pipe they were cleaning started filling with water because the pump quit working. Kevin was trying to get out but the water was just under his chin and he was having a hard time keeping himself calm, they had a ways to go before they would get to a man hole! Very scary stuff, especially for a 19 yr old kid! He did fine, one of the other guys talked him through getting out of the pipe and helped to keep him calm, thank God he stopped and helped. Once again our Angels were doing their job and doing it well! We truly do not realize just how many times in the day we are protected or our loved ones are protected from dangers that are set out there to destroy. I am so very thankful that we serve a God who cares about every part of our lives.

Speaking God,¬†I had an interesting converstation with one of Kelly’s friends on facebook. Apparently I irritated her though because I talk like I know the truth and am not willing to consider that maybe I am wrong about God and His word. Maybe He isnt real or maybe He is not Good. How can you consider that you may be wrong when you are in relationship with the God of the universe and know that He is real, faithful, and loves you unconditionally? Something else I find interesting is that we as christians are considered “judgemental” if we voice opinions, or beliefs that are not in line with those who do not know God, yet they can bash what we believe, think and can say anything they want and it is just fine, not judgemental but free thinking. I am tired of the double standard that people who do not know God have for those of us who Do know God. I have found myself not speaking out in the past few years, mellowing with time. Perhaps I have mellowed to much, it is time to speak out louder and more often again!

Something else that happened this week, our previous, now fired, OC had apparently made one of the drug companies our health system bought supplies from so angry they refused to do business with the entire system, hospital, dr offices THE WHOLE SYSTEM! not just our one little office! WOW!!! Our new OC was able to get us back in good graces with them, as soon as they knew the other oc was no longer employed with our health system they were willing to do business with us again and to give us the best price on the supplies we needed. Our new OC is a christian by the way, blessing and favor do follow God’s people where ever we are!

Interesting week to be sure!

Prom 2010

Kevin is taking Sierra to her senior prom this year, Camry is also going it is her Junior Prom! They look amazing! Here are some pics…

For those of you who don’t know these beautiful young ladies they are our Pastors daughters. They clean up pretty nice Huh?!!!! I am sure they are all going to have a very good time tonight!

Mock Accident at the school

You know we just don’t understand how the brain¬† works! Kelly was in a serious accident a year ago in October. An accident that took the life of her grandmother. She dosn’t remember most of what happened at the time…until now. They had a mock accident at the school yesterday. I was called ahead of time and given the option to keep Kelly home. She didn’t think it would be a big deal and wanted to be there for it so I said “okay”, the¬†“accident” was staged in the same area as¬†the accident Kelly was in, ¬†Well she called soon after it was done and needed to be picked up. She had flashbacks of the accident and remembered things she had never remembered before. The color of the vest/coats the EMT’s were wearing, the sounds of them getting her out of the car, the sight of the ceiling as she was being wheeled into the ER. All things that hit her hard and fast. She is doing fine now, she handled things in typical Kelly fashion! Charlie was there for the “accident” as well and he also had flashbacks to that time, the sounds the slow motion terror that comes over you when you realized that someone you love dearly is no longer with you. Not to mention that he was just in a bad accident not long ago and only by the grace of God wasn’t killed himself! But walked away with only bumps and bruises! David without even that much! I don’t know if it was a good idea for Kelly to go through that or not, they didn’t allow her to take¬†part in the simulations¬†of an accident, they didn’t let her use the “drunk¬†goggles” to¬†try to drive the golf cart around cones, she wasn’t in any shape to handle it and I¬†took her home. Michael did get to do all those things and I honestly don’t know if it made any kind of impact on him. Time will tell….

Parenting is the hardest job there is…

You do all you know to do and still it seems at times that it is just not enough or good enough, letting our kids make mistakes even when we know they are avoidable and we could stop them from having to pay a high price for their choices is hard! We want to step in and “do it” for them! Keep them from having to walk the road that we have already been down, because we refused to listen to the counsil of our own parents…isn’t it interesting how the past repeats itself? I know we tease and tell our kids that they will have kids who act just like them when they grow up, but the fact of the matter is that I truly pray that my grandchildren do not act or treat their parents, my children, the way my children treat me sometimes. Now please understand that not all my children fall into this catergory all the time, oh no they take turns! And since I have six darlings I seem to be in this position an awful lot of the time! But I do have one who seems to be there most of the time! We try to teach integrity, the importance of good character, being who they are called to be, men and women of God. Being a man and woman of their word even when keeping their word means that they don’t get to do what they want to do at a later time. All things that most of my children have grasped and are doing well at for the most part. But it baffles me how they could all be raised in the same home with the same parents, and discipline and turn out so different! How is that you have some with the Godly character that was instilled in them as children shines through and is evident in their life by choices and conduct, while another in the same family makes every wrong choice possible and blames everyone else for the consequences of that choice? I am really having a hard time wrapping my brain around it! These choices hurt not only our family, but also our friends, church family, everyone that we hold dear. At this point all we can do is pray and everything we can do is pray! We have done all we know to do and now we are leaving the rest in God’s hands! Quite capable hands to be sure. But for people who like to be in control it is not a fun place to be. I guess we are all learning hard lessons right now.

Getting the AXE!!!!

Yes it has finally happened! Practice Management FIRED her!!! They called her in on Wed. morning and Wed afternoon they came into the office and cleared her desk and office of her things and brought in a new OC for the time being! She didn’t waste anytime getting things lined out, I really like her and she isn’t threatened by me what a nice change. I have been doing a happy dance for several days now!!!¬† God is good and I am so thankful that He cares about us and listens when we are being mistreated. The atmosphere has completely changed in our office, even the Dr was smiling yesterday morning!

In view of all this is I will say that as awful as she was to work for I do feel for her as she is now unemployed. I do hope that she is able to find a job that will fit her personality better (that would not be anything that involves management!) But no one should have to be without a job in this economy or any economy for that matter, so now that we have her out of our office pray for her that she will find a job soon.

the witches are on their brooms again…

I really have to say that the drama at work gets old, you would think that adults would be able to work together to accomplish what needs to be done without feeling threatened and always looking for ways to cause others they work with to get in trouble! The accusations flying now are serious and they are fabricated. What in the world is it going to take to remove those who are always keeping things stirred up? It frustrates me. I am praying for the truth to be revealed and the lies exposed. I am asking God for a miracle in our office before the whole thing explodes and we have people who are doing their jobs getting fired because of the lies of those who are not happy unless they are stirring up trouble. Meetings are going to be happening tomorrow, I am believing that things are going to happen tomorrow, big things.