Lots of things going on right now…

Let’s start with Michael! He made it to level 1 at BrushCreek and earned a pass to come home for the day! We picked0d63be80d0dd him up this morning and will have him all day! We are just hanging out and enjoying having him in the house. It is so nice to hear his voice mixing with the voices of the family, laughing and carrying on! Something that we can take for granted so easily until that voice is not there for awhile. We are at a 11 months now of Michael being at TC, and one month for him at BrushCreek.  For those of you whom I have not been able to give an update to here it is.  He is doing very well here! He loves being on the Ranch, the outdoors, the fresh air and the lifestyle that comes with being in the country! He is blossoming where he is and making huge leaps in every area. His grades in school have gone from C’s to A’s, his handwriting is not only better but MUCH better! He is taking responsibility for his mistakes and humbly asking forgiveness when he blows it! We know he has a ways to go but the progress that he has made in this month has been a big encouragement to us!  Keep lifing him up in prayer when the Lord brings him or us to your mind!

On to other things…I start my new job on Monday! My last day at the LAB was a bitter/sweet day. I really loved that job and the people that I worked with and leaving was truly a hard decision to make. I know that it was the right choice though. I am looking forward to my new job with a Dr that I have heard only WONDERFUL things about! This man is known all over and I never heard one negative thing about him. I wonder if he knows how well thought of he is in the community?  He is a christian and he definately changes the atsmosphere where he is! God is so good to allow me to work in such an environment giving me the desires of my heart to the last detail.


 Kelly is doing well also, she is getting a reputation for her ability to train horses and has had several people interested in her training their horses for them. I am watching God take the natural interest and talent and turn it into a way that she can make some income! Cool!

David is getting over being sick and he DOES NOT LIKE TO BE SICK! Neither do I for that matter! Holly is still dating a sweet young man from Ozark Christian College, Kevin is getting ready to graduate and is looking pretty seriously into joining the Marines…I am choosing to leave this in God’s hands and not freak out! Stephanie is still in College and working very hard! She has chosen an extremely difficult major, but anyone who knows her isn’t suprised by that!

So there you have an update on my precious children that God has blessed me with!

~victory in 2009

Change the atmosphere where you are…?

atmosphereWhat kind of atmosphere do you work in, go to school in, live in?  Is it possible to change that atmosphere?  I had my review at work and one of the things that my boss said in the comments was that I had changed the atmosphere of the LAB. Wow, I had no idea!  What is it that you do to change the atmosphere? I really don’t know what the atmosphere was like before I came so it is hard to know just how it was changed…but I do know that the presence of Jesus in my life is the source of the change, not me.  He is my life, my peace, my heart and desire. So just having his living, breathing, loving presence in my life effects those who are around me, no matter if they know Jesus or just know “of” Him. Anywhere Jesus is there will be a change in the atmosphere.


heavenMy challenge to you is this…if there isn’t a change in the atmosphere when you are in the room and you are a professing christian, perhaps you should re-evaluate your relationship with Jesus. Do you Know Him or just know about Him? He is wanting to know you in a close and personal way that will change not only the atmosphere around you but the destiny of where you spend eternity! 


Charlie has his interview for his credentials to preach!

We are heading out to Wichita for this interview! Charlie has worked hard at completeing the necessary schooling to get this done. He will have his license when he is done with his classes. I don’t know if he is going to go any further than that or not. His passion is Worship, and he dosn’t really see the need to be ordained for that. We had a N.O.W. (Night Of Worship) last night. It was really cool to see the people enter in and worship. God is doing awsome things and we are just thrilled to get to be a part of it!


I got the call this afternoon from Freeman HR offering me the job at an OB Drs office. I have said from the beginning that I wanted to work in an OB office and that is the very place that God opened up for me! (dancing a little jig, doing a little bit of Tae Bo kicking, oh ouh uhgg, I think I just did some damage, way to old for this kind of behavior!!!) I am excited can you tell?


update on michael

I recieved a letter from Michael today.  He sounds like he is doing very well! He is taking a leadership role at Brush Creek is how it sounds to me. One of his gripes is that the boys there are soooo immature! One of the things he brought up is that the boys have been calling him “new kid” all the time.  The director got really tired of this and made a rule that whenever someone calls Michael “new kid” they would have to sleep in the “new kid” bunk and Michael gets to sleep in their bed! Bravo Sean! Michael has slept in several different beds now!

Michaels letter expressed his concern for his friend Camry, who had a surgical procedure last week. He stated that he had been praying for her and needed to know that she was okay. There was an urgency in his letter that showed how much he cares for this young lady.  It is good to know that he is not focused only on Michael but is concerned for others that are at home.

Charlie and the kids got to talk to Michael last night. I was already asleep by the time they were able to get through to the bunkhouse. Hopefully I will get to talk to him on Thursday. What we are hearing from his counselor and from Michael himself, I beleive that he is going to succeed. I am still covering him in prayer daily…duh! But I am encouraged greatly. This was the right choice and the time spent fasting and praying was and is worth every moment!


Had lunch with my daughter today…

I have to say that I really enjoy getting to spend time with Holly. She has grown by leaps and bounds in the last year. We had some pretty rough waters there for awhile, but things have really evened out. She even wrote me a note the other day telling me how much she loved me and how glad she was that her dad and I took the stand with her that we did. Parenting has been the absolute hardest job I have or will ever have! There are so many variables and so many ways to really screw up your kids! But as I read Holly’s note on facebook and then Kellys reply and note of her own, I am in awe of what God can do inspite of all my mistakes!

Tried to call Michael today…couldn’t talk to him yet! I was so disappointed. He has two more days to go before he can get phone calls. Rats!!! I will call him Monday evening. I am missing him something awful right now. But just knowing he is so close and that we are going to get to see him on a regular basis makes a huge difference for me and for him. Keep praying for him. He is doing really well right now. We want to see that continue.

A big thank you to those of you who are helping us financially. We have sent out letters and are continuing to send them out as we can get the postage! So some of you have already recieved a letter while others of you will get one later on. God is going to provide for EVERY NEED. We can rest assured in that.



Well I didn’t get the job…Camry had surgery…Kelly’s horse died

What a disappointment. I guess that we sometimes thinK that we know better than God what is best for us. But in truth He is the one who knows the course He has set forth for us to take. I have always wanted to work in an OB/GYN office. A position was posted for an OB office a couple of days ago. I have applied there, but as of yet I have not heard anything about a possible interview. I really need a full time job right now. As you know if you read previous posts! Gods timing is not ours that is for sure. Anyway…that is what is going on with me right now. Only 6 more weeks of school and then I am done done done!!! Yippeee! So onward with the job search!

For those of you who were praying for my Pastors daughter Camry,. She is home and doing well. The surgery was a success!

Kelly Ann’s horse died last week, that was a stressful event for all of us. She was very attached to Buddy. We don’t know what caused it but he was old and he had a very good life with Kelly.  Kelly has lost much this last year.  And in the days to come she is going to have good and bad days. When you think of her please pray for this little girl who has had way to much hardship.

There is so much that the enemy is pulling with the family’s that belong to God! Our children are being attacked on levels that we didn’t even think possible! As Christians and as parents we have warfare to wage on behalf of our family and those that we love and their families. Lets not lose sight of the great battle going on around us as we attend to the mundane things of life. Keep the eyes and ears of your heart alert at all times, we must be ready to fight at the slightest whisper of the Holy Spirit to do so.