Welcome to my Weblog!

Hi my name is Elaine, and I wanted a place to connect with people outside of my little world. I am a christian, and I love the Lord. I have a wonderful husband and 6 incredible kids. I have been blessed in my life. That is not to say that I have not had hard times, because I have. Some very hard things have happened to my family, but God has been and continues to be faithful to us in everyway. I welcome your comments on my blog but I do ask that you keep it clean. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to my Weblog!

  1. Elaine, I am sorry you didn’t get my e-mail. You look so beautiful in this picture. I miss you so much. You made my day calling. Hope to hear from you soon face to face. Love, God Bless You, Carol

  2. Hi, Elaine. I just happened (?) to go your blog today after months of absence from visiting it. Your commitment about fasting really grabbed me. Aaron has been home for a couple of weeks and I have a sense of something I can’t even put my fingers on but it gives me a real uneasiness. So when you mentioned fasting and praying for your kids, I thought, “Wow! that’s it!” Now the real work begins…

  3. Mary, it is good to hear from you! Yes the enemy is working overtime to steal our children from the Kingdom of heaven and it is frightening to see them responding to his temptations even after all the teaching and training that we have done. But the battle is the Lords and our part is to fast and pray. I am glad that you are jumping in and fighting for your children as well. And yes now the real work begins!!!

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