David is off the waiting list….

We got the call last week that there is an opening for David to go into Residential care. My first reaction was a deep sense of loss, I have had David david3as part of my everyday life for coming up on 28 years now. I feed him, bathe him, put him to bed at night, get him up in the morning, take him to his dr appointments, taken care of him when he is sick, ┬áhe goes everywhere with me, and now he will be gone. Yes, this is the natural thing to happen but as Charlie put it, all the other kids were able to take care of themselves when they left, David is like a 5 year old and we are turning him over to someone else to take care of him. I am torn and sad, excited and expectant of good things all wrapped up in the same emotional heart. I am praying that this transition goes smoothly for David and for us. The Kids are all on board and willing to help in anyway we need them to. I really appreciate their willingness and support. I knew this day would come, I have wanted this for David, I have prayed that he would be David 2able to be independent of Charlie and I. Yet now I have to walk it out and my concerns of him being cared for and loved like he needs have to be left in the hands of The Lord and I have to trust Him to take care of all the needs that David has. Trust that there will be someone there who will hold his hand and rub his back when he is getting upset or frustrated. Give him hugs often, because they are very important to him. That he will be treated with respect and not mistreated. So many thoughts and concerns for him to even put down here. We go this Thursday to tour the group home and Day Services that he will attend now. Anddavid Monday to go over all the details of the move, and the details of the requirements. We are moving in slow motion and at lightning speed all at the same time. My only peace in all this is my relationship with God and his comfort and peace that he is surrounding me in. That being said the sadness is so deep and the loss is profound…yes I know we are not losing him, he will be 45 min away…says the person who has not had him in their home and life for 28 years. Yes, we are losing him, we will still see him, we will still be his mom and dad, but things will never be the same again. There is a shift taking place and everything is changing.