the music man, work, fine arts,

Well it has been very busy this last few weeks. We tried out for the Music Man at the MLT and so now we are very busy with play practices. We were in such a rut and well now we are not in a rut! We are having a lot of fun with the songs and dances! And yes it is rather amusing as well since I do not have my daughters ability to be graceful in the dance! No my rendition of the dance is not what you would call, um well lets just say that this is a comedy! Good thing!!!

Charlies brother and fiance Kellie were here to visit last weekend, we had a blast! We went to the Pittsburg Aquatic park for the afternoon on Saturday. Stephanie came home too and spent several days with us, I have missed her so much and it was great, wonderful, awesome to have her home! God is working in her life, keep praying for her she is in need of that, but I was encouraged to see a light in her eyes, a longing for things she had left behind…God is working and I am continuing to lift her up in prayer everyday!

Michael and Kelly went to Nationals in Phoenix AZ for Fine Arts. They did well with their song writing entries. They both recieved an Excellent rating. We were hoping for Superiors but Excellent is still a great rating, especially at the National level. So proud of them for making it to that level! They got to visit the Grand Canyon while they were there, Katie sent me some pictures of them that made her heart stop as they were way to close to the edge!
I did get my hair cut this weekend, really like this new cut, Meekin my hair dresser) does a great job. I was going to get it cut short but decided to give it another shot long with my bangs cut shorter so they will stay out of my eyes.

Work is going great! I love working with the people, and I am getting to do new things, there seems to always be something to laugh about or at as the case may be!

David is doing very well with Michelle in the afternoons. He has brought a little bit of color to their lives, so sorry about the education your children and poor dog have had since he has been there Chelle! But that is for a whole other post, lets just say David dosn’t have inhibitions…at all!