when our children make bad choices

what do we do? When those choices could land them in jail it is very scary. My son has made some VERY bad choices and he is on a road that he isn’t going to be able to talk his way out of this time. But when they make bad choices and they are going to pay consequences that they didn’t count on do you kick them when they are down? NO! That is what our school system tried to do to my son. Didn’t go over real well with my husband and I. We, well no this was actually Charlie this time that made a scene about what they were trying to do. They wanted to expell him for 10 days for having a pocket knife on him with a blade that was less than the 2 1/2 inches that they “allow” as not being a weapon. They were trying to say that he had a weapon on school property. The suspension has been reduced to 3 days now, we are still not happy with it. We don’t think they have grounds according to the school policy and the state statutes. This has nothing to do with his bad choices those are still pending and we don’t know the outcome of that yet, I am not going to talk about the details I am honoring my son’s privacy in this matter. I can tell you that we need God’s favor and His protection. There are those who say they are friends but will send you to the wolves when things get hard. There is truth that needs to be told and acted on. There is much that is coming down the pike for our family that we didn’t ask for or want but now we have to deal with it. The emotional toll this is taking is big and the toll on our finances looks like it may be pretty big as well. But the cool thing is that we have seen God provide for every need we have and He is going to be faithful to us again. He has lifted us up through His people, His Spirit and His presence throughout this whole ordeal, He won’t leave us to walk this road alone and we know that no matter what happens we can trust Him to complete the work He has started in our son. Michael did tell us last night that he has rededicated his life to Jesus. He said that he had spent the entire night that he was at Juvenile detention reading his bible that was on the table by his bed, that he had asked the Lord to come back into his life and forgive him of his sin. We were very happy to hear this and understandably we are also going to wait and see the fruit of such a decision. But this we do know our son is back to the Michael we had a year ago and we are very happy to have him back.