Marriage advice from an expert!

I read some great marriage advice this morning! I am encouraging all of you who are married, no matter for how long, to check out this advice and put it into practice in your life! Just click on “and sam makes seven” go to the post labeled How ’bout a little something to lighten the mood?”. Thanks Chelle you made my day lighter!!

what kind of eyes do I have?

according to the what kind of eyes do you have test I just took on facebook this is the kind of eyes I have:

I have Tarsier Eyes. Don’t know what a tarsier is? That’s OK, not many people do. I’m pretty rare, and pretty weird. But don’t take that the wrong way. I’m really weird in a good way, I mean, I’m practically disgustingly cute! ūüėÄ

Sunday Night

What a neat service! You know I have been in services where you don’t ever get to the preaching, but on Sunday nights we have preaching first and then Praise and Worship, well we never made it to the praise and worship! The Holy Spirit was moving and the people were in the alters seeking God for personal revival. God is doing a work in the people of Gateway getting us ready for whatever it is that He has planned to do with our church. We are not very big but the cool thing I observed last night is that almost everyone who was there really wanted to be there and really sought God for personal revival. As we continue to seek Him, walking in obedience to His word spending time with Him in prayer we are going to see some pretty incredible things! The word tells us that we will do even greater things than Jesus did! Are we going to become a book of Acts Church? Oh I pray we do! Something else I found is that it isn’t about the emotions, although we all like them, it is about walking with God and doing what He tells us to do. Hearing His voice in the chaos and obeying Him! Revival is very personal and it happens one by one! As we are revived (brought back to life) people around us are touched and are able to be brought to life or back to life whichever the case may be! Allow God to use you in anyway He wants to today, see what happens! Blessings!


We have much to do today! I want to get some flowers planted in my flower boxes and hanging baskets. We also have a yard that is in desperate need of being cleaned up. There is plenty to do that is for sure! We had our pastoral staff meeting here last night. What a great group of people we get to work with! Lots of food, laughter and plans made for ministry in the next few months.

What a great looking group wouldn’t you say? We have Katie and Michael also who are not in this pic. So we are going to have to update our pic. Be sure and check out the church website just

Prom 2008

Prom 2008I thought I would put a pic, (with this site I only have room for one pic! That is nuts!), up here of my daughter’s Prom! She is so beautiful on the inside and the out! I am so very proud of the young woman she has become. She stated to me that I don’t ever tell her how proud I am of her. What a shame on my part! She is a delight to me, and has brought such joy into my life, how could I neglect telling her how proud I am of her? So I am doing so on here so it is in writing and she can see it anytime she wants to. Holly I am so very proud of you and the person you have become! Of course I am going to tell her and did tell her at the time how wonderful I think she is, for those of you who are thinking that this is not enough. Bet you didn’t know I could hear you thinking as I am typing this out did ya?

Test Test Test

It seems all I have done all week is take tests!¬† Tests at school, Tests on how I am going to respond to a child that is being disrespectful, tests on how I am going to respond when someone has stated something about someone I love that is not true…and on and on it goes! We seem to always be getting tested.¬† It shows our character when we respond or react! I have been pleased with my test scores in class.¬† But I have not been very happy with my scores on the character front. I wonder¬†sometimes if I will ever learn and be able to do what is expected without blowing it! Am I always going to prefer ripping someones head off to doing it Gods way?¬† Well I must close for now, time to grade yet another test in class.

Day two of my new blog space!

Today I sit in class waiting to take a test. I don’t know when we are going to get to it though.¬† We are going to be setting up blog spaces for all of our pastoral staff in the next week or so and I will have links to all of them on here.¬† This is a whole new experience for all of us.¬† Getting out there and becoming computer savvy can be rather daunting! I am sure that we will all get the hang of it though. I will keep everyone who is reading this informed even if it turns out that I spend most of my time talking to myself!

My very own Blog!

Well this is an exciting adventure for me! I have a bookclub blog, that I have been writing on for a few months now but this one is for personal use!¬† Putting pictures up and talking about everyday things. Today was a regular day, school, school, school.¬† My older kids were home today because of a bomb threat at the high school! Wow what some kids won’t do to get out of going to school. I do hope they catch the punk who is responsible for this though!¬† And that his/her parents don’t lawyer up and decide that somehow the punks rights were stepped on because they were reprimanded for threatening my childrens and those of others lives with a bomb!¬† Yes , now you know stupid really irritates me!¬† Parents lets stop enabling our children to do what is clearly wrong and make them pay the consequences when they do!¬†