Easter Program, Charlie got his license and I started my new job

all in the last week! Lets start with Easter, we did an original program with narration and music, all live all memorized! This group of people did a great job, so very proud of them all.

Tuesday night Charlie and I went to Wichita to the Kansas District Council where he received his license to preach through the A/G. He got his certificate 2 years ago and in 2 more years he will be ordained…have no idea what God is going to do in our lives, but we are going to be ready for whatever it may be. Pastor Trudy, Pastor John, Howard and Wanda Dorsey all came to celebrate with us. My mom and dad were there as well.

Prom 2011

Michael and Kelly both went to Prom this year and they were looking quite good I must say! Michael took a young lady by the name of Mindy and Kelly went with our Youth pastors brother, Chase.

My dear friend came over and did Kelly’s hair and makeup for her, Chelle you are wonderful! She threatened my life if I put any pictures of her up here so I am going to honor her request.

So Very Proud of These Kids! They make me smile…often!

Pee or not to Pee

      I   have a job. 
       work, they pay me. 

        pay my taxes & the government 
       my taxes as it sees fit. 

        order to get that paycheck, in my case,
        required to pass a random urine test 
         which I have no problem). 
         I do have a problem with is the distribution
         taxes to people who don’t have to pass a urine
         heres the deal        Shouldn’t
        one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare
         I have to pass one to earn it for them?

        understand, I  have no problem with
         people get back on their feet.  
 do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping
 someone sitting 
        their butt – doing drugs while I work. 
         you imagine how much money each state 
         save if people had to pass a urine test

         get a public assistance check? 

      guess we could call  the  program
        OR YOU’RE OUT”!        
          has to change in this country – AND 
         Just a thought, but all politicians 
       have to pass a urine test too!

this was sent to me in an email and I liked it’s message so much I put it on my blog!

fine arts results are in

The worship band got an Excellent, Michael and Kelly’s solos each got Excellent, Michael and Kelly’s songwriting each got Superior with Invitation to Nationals, Cabrina’s poem got Superior with Invitation to Nationals as well as being in the top 4!!!  Brittney got an Excellent on her First person Essay. So incredibly proud of these kids and all their hard work!

Kelly also took This picture for the two dimensional art entry. She got an Excellent. She is pretty bummed we all thought she would go to nationals with this one. We will see what the critique sheets say tomorrow. She did get a superior with invitation last year and it was taken away from her for a technicality. She dotted all I’s and crossed all her t’s to make sure she covered all the bases and again she dosn’t get to take her art to Nationals. Very frustrating. These lessons are hard to understand, not sure what she is supposed to be learning, but this has been quite a blow to her.

I got up early this morning and went to OKC to pick up Kelly so she could sing her songs for a school competition this afternoon, she did a very good job at that competition as well, glad to be home and out of the car! I HATE driving in OKC. I Always get lost! Even when I know where I am going, have driven there before, it is guarateed that I will take a wrong exit and end up somewhere, like the Stockyards instead of the church where the competion is! Charlie called to check on me when I was leaving OKC and I had to get off the phone so I wouldn’t miss my exit…again! I drive in KC, Dallas, Tulsa and do not have these problems but OKC is just the worst for me!!! I guess that is all I have to say about that! I am going to get off of here for now, I may come back later to rant some more though :-/

talking down to people

is not the best way to accomplish what you want from those who are “under” you. If they are “under” you, which is really up for question here. I have had it with being talked to like I am an idiot, incompetant slacker. Ok so maybe I am exagerating things here, I am  pms’ing and I am also on hcg so I am technically” pregnant” (oh dear Lord in heaven)  as well so maybe I am taking things wrong. But wait, my co-worker Stephanie also took offense to what was said and done and she is not pms’ing or taking hcg! I was spoken to today by another co-worker (not sure what to call her, she is from the office next door, but now is going to be the OC for our office as well) as though I am a child who has been bad and dosn’t understand what needs to be done. It’s not so much what she said as how she said it. I am not easily offended, but there are tones that I take offense to pretty quickly. She used one of those tones! I did not say anything, I did not call and complain to anyone, I did not come unglued, much to the dismay of those waiting for me to! I don’t know if I am going to address the situation or not. I have less than 2 wks left here. But I don’t want to have to work for 2 wks being talked down to either. I don’t know yet what I am going to do. I guess I will wait and see how things go next week. If the OC decides that she is going to continue to talk to me with that “tone” then I may have to address it with her and possibly her superviser. I don’t like to do that but I will if it continues. Documenting things and keeping my eyes open. I feel like I am being spied on all the time. What do they think I am going to do? I have no reason to cause harm to this health system. Very frustrated right now and ready to get out of here.

officially turned in my notice yesterday

I now only have 3 wks left at the health system I currently work for. I am going to take a few days off before starting at the new office. Charlie is going to get his license to preach April 26th in Wichita, we have Easter to get ready for and there are a ton of details to be taken care of for that. I will be able to help with all that if I am not working. Soooo that is the plan. I have to get Stephanies graduation notices out and Michaels as well. He needs to get his senior pics done to, haven’t decided what we are going to do about those yet. Really should have had it taken care of by now, oh well.

As for work I am ready to get on with the move and all that. I think it is going to be a good thing for all of us.

I started the hcg again. This will be my fourth round. I have been able to keep off the weight I have lost. It is really nice to know that this time I will be able to maintain the weight loss. I am hoping to lose another 30#’s so I will have at least one more round after this one.

Well I really don’t have much to talk about today, but wanted to touch base with my blog readers. Thanks for reading and taking an interest in my life!