Holly is coming home for the weekend, preparing for play next weekend,

so much to do and so little time to get it all done! I don’t have time to be on here right now but I am…just chilling for a minute. My car stalled on a main street in town, hate that! Really chaps my cheeks especially when it shouldn’t be giving me any kind of trouble…it is a Honda!

Anyway on to better things, Holly is having a birthday this weekend! And she is going to come home and spend it with us, I really miss this girl. Not that I saw her that often when she lived here but at least I got to see her.Holly she is still looking for a job in KC and hasn’t had much success yet. I am praying for her to get a job soon! I don’t think I can fund her there for long. Keep her in your prayers when you think of her.


Kelly had her Fall concert last night. She is growing up so quickly!  They did a really good job. The choir all dressed the same and they looked so sharp. They usually have the honor choir all dressed alike as well, but for some reason the girls all dressed in black but not matching…not as nice,  in fact somewhat tacky after seeing the choir. But that is just  my own opinion.

We have to get the set for the play we are doing for halloween night done. It is called “The Room” and it is about a young man who finds himself dead and at his judgment, just him and God. It is rather intense and definately makes you think about your choices in this life. It will be really good if my main character learns his lines! He promised me that he would have them memorized by Monday night.   So anyway the set is going up Saturday morning and we will do any finishing up on it Sunday. We have to record some things as well. So much to do and so little time to get it done in.

Michael is doing well for those of you that havent seen him around. He is really trying hard to do what is right and make better choices.

Well I really do need to get off of here. My parents are also coming on Sat. my dad is preaching at our church on Sunday, so I have to get things done around here, as I will be gone tomorrow working on a set!

Pastor Appreciation is

tomorrow at our church. We are planning to honor our pastors in the morning.

We have an awsome group of pastors at our church! Just take a look at this groupStaff pics Jan 2009 001!

God has truly blessed Gateway with a great team of men and women. We have our Senior Pastors, Pat and Trudy. Our Associate Pastor, John and his wife Christina. Our Childrens Pastor is Lynda and her husband Darrell, our Worship Pastor is my husband Charlie and last but not least our Youth Pastors Michael and Katie! What a team! Thank you Lord for putting us together to serve you and those in our community.

Kevin fell asleep at the wheel

on the way home tonight! He flew off the highway jumped an embankment, took out a stop sign and did a number on his front

kelly's crosscountry 2009 027

end suspension, all this and he walked away with only a bruised elbow! His angels did a fantastic job of keeping him alive tonight. He was only a short distance from hitting a pole head on at 65 mph!

kelly's crosscountry 2009 017

In other exciting news, Kelly ran in her cross country race today. She placed 16th, but she beat her time today. She has never been able to break 19 min and she made it in 18 min 50 sec today! Great Job Kelly!!!

kelly's crosscountry 2009 002She did all this with severe shin splints! She has been in physical therapy all week trying to get her legs ready to run in this race! I would say that the therapy worked! She won’t begin to really heal until she stops running, but this girl really loves to run!




David had his EEG today. He did well for the test, but he didn’t go to sleep. He is begging me to put him to bed now though and it is only 7:30pm! Now we wait for the results and his appointment with the Neurologist.

Love languages

Found out tonight that my love languages are # 1 acts of service and #2 words of affirmation. This really sheds some light onlove languages how I respond to the things that happen at work, home and at church!

I also now know that Michaels (my son) love language is physical touch. Oh to be able to roll the clock back and do things differently with him! This particular love language reacts to being spanked in a totally different way than the other ones! This one sees it as being abused and unloved. That is why spanking never worked with Michael! You know I would have really benefited from this much sooner, and it was available I just didn’t take the time to investigate it. I would like to challenge parents out there though, find out your childrens love languages and fill their “love tank” daily! Now that I know Michaels, I make sure that I touch him everyday. squeeze his arm, rub his shoulders, ruffle his hair, hug him…he responds to this quickly and he just melts. Kelly’s is words of affrimation, she needs to hear from us that she is doing well, that what she does matters. I always thought of her as an over achiever, but she is only trying to be affirmed, wow! Not sure about Kevin yet :\ David is definately touch! He wants to hold your hand or be near enough that he is touching you in some way all the time! Holly is quality time and gifts I think and I have no idea for Stephanie, maybe words of affirmation with her as well.

things have calmed down at work considerably, I am actually enjoying my job again! God is faithful and He is my defence. I do not trust my manager, but I am doing fine with her at this time. Thanks for all the prayers that you my faithful 3 readers have sent up for me, they were needed and wanted and heard!