Mixed emotions

We have had a very rough weekend. My Mother-in-law, daughter and her friend Lorri were in a terrible car wreck on Friday afternoon. We lost my Mother-in-law in this wreck, my daughter spent the weekend in the hospital because of a concusion, and her friend Lorri was treated and released Friday from the Emergency room. Kelly is home now; however her aches and pains have aches and pains! Our family is trying to get a grip on the fact that Grandma is gone. One minute she is at the house getting some money to go out with the Widows, and the next thing we know… she is gone. We are so thankful that Kelly and Lorri were spared for when you see the following pictures you will understand that we could have easliy lost them all, but Kelly is a walking miracle that she survived this wreck with nothing more than a concussion and some pretty major bruising, and Lorri walked away with scrapes and bruises only! God is Good all the time and we know that so well. We lay Grandma to rest on Thursday. She was ready to go, she was very happy here, and content with her family being close by and her church family being wonderful to her. Bethel Church treated her like gold and she loved them, always telling us just how much she loved these people. Thank you to all of you for all that you did for her, for treating her like you did and making her last days happy ones. As you can see from these pictures this was a horrific accident and a miracle that we only had one fatality. It is truly God who decides when it is time for us to go and when it isn’t. Grandma is in a better place and it was not Kelly and Lorri’s time yet. Thank you to all of you who are covering us in prayer, we have a rough week ahead of us, but we can feel your prayer coverage and we are walking in peace.

Take the Obama Test!

You see, the media often makes or breaks a candidate by providing favorable or unfavorable coverage. In the end, the loser is you, the voter.

It is imperative you check out the Barack Obama Test and see for yourself where he stands on the issues most important to America . . . and to you! So before you vote for any candidate, take this test!

I am not trying to tell you who to vote for I am only asking that you inform yourself on what the issues are and where the candidates stand. The media is not reporting they are campaigning for Obama! They are not a reliable source of information. The facts are out there you only have to look. Please take the Barack Obama Test it is very informational.

1 month to election day!

The direction of our country is in the hands of those who vote! Please educate yourself, find out what the candidates really stand for, not just what the media is telling you. In case some of you didn’t know this the media is biased to the liberal view and therefore does not report the facts but their opinions. This is documented and only takes a little bit of investigating to uncover this truth. We must make wise choices folks. If Obama gets in we are in a world of trouble, life as we know it will stop and we will find ourselves in a socialists state within a very short period of time. The stakes are VERY high! Check out the issues! And by the way Obama couldn’t have voted against the war. He was sworn into office January 4, 2005, the Iraq war started in March 2003! This is just an example of how easy it is to find the lies and inconsitencies of this mans statements!

Messages for Michael

Michael is getting to check out his dad’s and my blogs from MNTC! I don’t know how often he gets to do this but I am setting this up so that you can send him words of encouragement. I will be monitoring these and any that are inappropriate will be deleted. I don’t want him to lose this privaledge due to someone trying to be funny in a way that is inappropriate. I know that most of you will honor this…I also know there are those who will test me on this. If you do this you will be blocked from posting altogether.

Thanks to all of you who are praying for Michael, we appreciate and love you more than you know!