I have not posted for some time now…

So much has been happening and there just hasn’t been time to sit down and blog.
Stephanie graduated from K-State with masters in architecture, Michael graduated from High School and they graduated on the same day! That was an interesting feat to make it to both graduations, but we did it and are so proud of both of them! I would post pics but I don’t have them downloaded from the camera yet! My brother also graduated from college on the same day as my kids, we didn’t get to see that but I am proud of him too! It’s a big deal for such an old man to accomplish so much!!! Congrats to all three of you!

We have been consumed with the aftermath of the tornado that ripped through the heart of Joplin MO last Sunday, the devastation is beyond words and heartbreaking. Charlie has worked everyday since Sunday from sun-up to sun-down most days. There is so much to do and so many people displaced. There are the most amazing stories of Gods protection and stories of horror as well. Very difficult to wrap your head around the effects of destruction like this. There is a lot of work ahead of this community, they are a strong group and they are going to come through strong!

This weekend I have all my kids home but Stephanie, just working in Joplin and tonight relaxing and watching a movie.

We may have our miracle where michael is concerned. Keep praying we still have some big decisions to make. We know God will direct us and give us wisdom to do what is right for Michael.

Mothers Day Weekend

I have the greatest Mother in the world! she is always there for me and I am so greatful that I have her with me still. There are so many who no longer have their mother alive, my husband is in that grouping. What a loss it is to not have someone who loves you so much! Enjoy your mother while you still have her! I know that I do mine. I talk to her several times a week and take every opportunity to see her that I can. She is full of wisdom and love and always willing to give a listening ear to my ramblings! Thanks mom you are the GREATEST!!!! I love you!!!!

Kelly came home this week with a purple ribbon that stated BEST IN SHOW at the Art Fair! Sooooo I asked her what she got best in show on and it was the picture she had taken to Fine Arts in April. You know the one that she didn’t get to go to Nationals with? Yea, that one. Makes me wonder who they had judging the Art at Fine Arts this year. Did they even know what they were doing? Let me refresh your memory of what the picture looks like!

Yea this is what didn’t get to go to Nationals and on top of that they didn’t give her any direction or critique, just numbers with nothing to explain why they gave her the score they did. Really frustrated me. But, she did get recognized at the school art fair for her hard work and skill. This picture is a colored pencil rendering of the horses from Revelation.

I was going through some pics tonight of the kids years ago and came across some very funny stuff! They were so cute, and now they are teenagers and I have some great blackmail material!!

in this pic we have Michael, Camry and Logan is the one in the roller blades! So adorable!

Logan is just as cute as a teenager as a little boy! He always has the cutest dimples when he smiles! Love these kids!!! But they probably won’t love me when they find out I have posted these pics!!! LOL

Work is going good, learning the new software and getting charts downloaded. I am sure we are going to get the kinks worked out and this is going to be a very good move for us. Jeane, Tammy and I are a good team. I am back to looking forward to going to work again. That is a great feeling.

Well Happy Mothers Day to all your Great Moms out there and even to the not so great moms! God bless, see ya next post.