Should I be worried?

my girls and dying their hair…what is the draw? And would you look at what happened to my dear sweet Stephanie? She fell in the the tub while laughing, it is the hair dye I tell ya, it has done things, bad things to them! I have told them and told them that all that hair dye will penetrate and cause problems, like balance for instance…These two definately know how to have a good time! Even as small children they laughed about everything, Stepanie and Holly But. I have so many wonderful memories of these two laughing and giggling over little things, big things, and everything in between!

hair cuts, Easter Program, work, movies

these are a few of the things our day has consisted of! Charlie has been working on the Easter Program all day long. There is a lot of work to putting this together. It is going to be fun. We have the narration for 3 of the 8 characters we are going to hear from in this production. We should have the rest of the narrations done by tomorrow and then everyone can start memorizing their parts.

Kevin and Michael got haircuts this morning and they are both looking good! Katie did a great job, as usual, on their cuts. Michael has a court date this next week so we wanted him to have a fresh cut. Kevin was looking pretty rough, but he looks clean cut again now! He is going back to school tomorrow. I have really enjoyed having him home this week. 

Michael and Kelly are both working today and have been busy working all week long. Kelly had a pretty rough time when found out this week she wasn’t going to be able to keep her horses in the pasture that is close to our home. The land owners decided they didn’t want the liability of having her horses on their land. I don’t know if there is significant liability there but that is their decision. So she is once again trying to find a place close to home for her horses. It would be ideal if we had land ourselves but at this time we don’t.

Things at work are going ok for now. Don’t know what next week holds but next week will have enough grace to get through it. God is always faithful. There are things going on there that I don’t want anything to do with. Our office has a terrible reputation for being a problem office. We were finally at a place where things were going great and then BOOM, someone gets their shorts in a wad and everything blows up! I am tired of drama and ready to leave this behind me.  

So tonight I plan to watch a movie and we are going to have grilled steaks, potatoes and salad tonight for dinner, after that we are having cake and ice cream to celebrate Kevin’s birthday. He will be 20 on Tuesday! No longer a teenager. I  now only have two teenagers, all the rest of them are adults now. And they survived to tell about it! As did their dad and me!

Status at work

Well this week has been an upsetting week for me. I don’t really know what to make of things. I am being told on one hand that one of our Dr’s thinks I am not giving him enough new patients and that I am favoring our other Dr with all the new patients. So I am to start being more fair with the distribution of new patients. Ok well this is the deal, we put the new patients with the dr that the patients request. If they don’t have a preference they are put with the Dr that thinks we are putting all the new pts with the other Dr! Well then I find out that the Dr is being told that we are hosing him and that the front staff is deliberately trying to keep the new patients from him. WOW. I don’t work that way. I try to be fair to the Dr’s and the patients to the best of my ability. I have assured the wounded Dr that I would not take advantage of him or try to cause him harm in his practice. I have been a faithful worker for him and will continue to do right by him and the others in the practice. I hate to have drama and politics in the workplace but it seems that no matter what you do there isn’t anyway to avoid it. I am going to continue to do what is right by all concerned and I am not going to allow the petty things to get me down. I have worked hard for this health system and I will do so for the duration of my time with them, which is going to be shorter than originally thought. I don’t know for sure what exactly is the motive behind the effort to cause the division in our office, but I have my ideas. I think that this health system is going to be hurt by the loss of my Dr. That the loss of his patient base is going to cause financial difficulties and it is important for the majority of new patients to go to the Dr that is not leaving. It is also important to the system that as many of the current  pateints be retained with the Dr that is staying. It is all about the bottom line. It is always about the bottom line. For me it is about the people, not the system. I want the patients to be treated right and have the option to stay or go, it is their choice which Dr they see. Some of them will stay most of them will go with the Dr they are seeing now.  However they decide, it is Their decision, not the decision of a system with the bottom line at the heart of their choices.

Holly’s car is done! We don’t owe the IRS, We do owe KS!

who know’s how much we are going to owe in the other 2 states we are going to have to file with…but the greatest news is that Holly’s car is FINISHED! 

  The new front end was red and Holly just wasn’t willing to have a muti-colored car, I really don’t know what her deal is, what is wrong with having a car that is two different colors? I mean red and blue go together just fine. But she wasn’t interested in making a fashion statement, to each their own. Charlie and his boss painted the front end last weekend and Holly got her car back this weekend. It took longer than we wanted to get it done, but it is DONE!

Worked on our taxes today, they are very taxing!!  But the good news is that we don’t owe federal. I really thought we were going to get kicked in the teeth this year from federal. We did last year! KS always gets us. I really hate it that we have to pay so much to this State! I don’t know yet how much we will have to pay to the other two states. We will see. I was tired of doing taxes so I have put it aside for the time being.

Had lunch with a great friend yesterday, we laughed till our sides hurt at the most heart wrenching things in our lives! It felt good to cut loose and just laugh at everything the enemy has thrown our way in the last few years. We both take great comfort in knowing that we are not alone in this battle for our childrens souls, and the knowledge that stupid choices are not unique to just one of our families!

busy but productive day

Charlie got Holly’s car parts painted today and now it is drying, hopefully he will have it put back together this week early on. Kelly found a place to keep her horses and has a couple of horses to train this summer as well! She is pretty excited about that. We went to Hobby Lobby and got her frame ordered for her pencil drawing for fine arts. It is going to look really nice, and the price is as expected…expensive! But hey it will be worth it. Hopefully things will go better for her this year. Last year she recieved a superior with invitation to Nationals and then had it pulled from her because there was information missing on the information sheet. Very disappointing, she could have won Nationals had she been able to take it. This year we are going to make sure that all the t’s are crossed and the i’s dotted!

Michael is doing fairly good right now, he is slacking off on school work again so we are lighting a fire under him, he is taking that pretty good and is buckling down and getting the work done. He isn’t the easiest to motivate when it comes to school work!

Stephanie is graduating this year too! With a masters in Architecture! So very proud of her! She is freaking out some with the economy the way it is. But I know that God is going to provide for her needs. I pray that she will turn to Him for direction and get her life back on track spiritually. Pray for her when you think of her. She is doing great in every area but her walk with the Almigty God and His precious Son, who gave His life so that she can have life and that more abundantly! I know the word that was sowed in her life and heart will sprout and grow again. I would prefer sooner rather than later.

Working on Easter, the ideas for the characters are different and fun! I am looking forward to seeing this unfold! I do love the non traditional things! I think this is going to be as much fun as the Christmas one we did a few years ago, our creative juices are flowing!

Now onto the next thing I want to talk about, auto insurance. You know we pay every year to have insurance to protect us if we are in an accident. But what I have found is that we are terribly under insured! Holly had a minor fender bender and they are telling us that the cost of the medical care for the driver, who by the way was fine at the scene, may run more than the $50,000 worth of coverage that we have! What if this had been a serious accident with real injuries? I’m not worried about this anymore, I was a few weeks ago, but there is peace and a knowledge that no matter what the enemy throws at us we will walk through it with God by our side. He is our provider and keeper, and He takes care of His kids. (not always in the way we want though) But I do have to question insurance coverage and if we have enough and if we can even afford to get enough. What is your coverage? Is it better than ours? We are covered by Progressive. It will be interesting to see how they “take care of us” like they say they will.  I just wonder is all. We think because we have insurance that we are covered but the truth is that we are only partially covered. We are still vulnerable, and we are still liable. Kinda scary considering how many accidents there are out there and how many of them are serious. Just something to think about.

Her Mom Trashed Her on Facebook!

It has been a very long week. I am glad that it is over. My coworker had surgery last Friday and she has been feeling pretty rough all week long, but today she was feeling better! I am so glad for her.

Now I want to vent about facebook again! My coworker has been drug through the mud on facebook all week long. She and her husband got married about 4 months ago and didn’t tell her family. This was her first marriage and she wanted to have a full wedding, but they didn’t want to wait until May to get married. Soooo they went to the justice of the peace and tied the knot, and made plans to have a marriage ceremony in May. Her family found out and they were very hurt and angry that she did not tell them this. That all said, here is my beef…her mother has been trash talking her on facebook!  HUHHHHH?   Her.mother.has.been.trash.talking.her.on.facebook! WOW!!! Not only her mother, but other family members have chimed in as well, and if anyone defends my coworker, her mother gets mad at them and tells them that

this is all between her daughter, her daughters husband and her and that they all need to stay out of it, now correct me if I’m wrong, but if you are going to post on a public forum about something dosn’t it then become public for anyone who has access to comment on the situation if they want to?

 I am more and more convinced that facebook is very good at displaying for all what kind of character you have. I must tell you that I have been quite disappointed in what I have discovered about some “friends” and the quality of their character.  Don’t be trash talking your kids on a public forum, or your friends, or your husband….it bothers me beyond words the lack of integrity that people have when it comes to these sites.  But you already know that don’t you?

Soooo tired already this week and we are only to Tuesday night!

Yesterday I worked the front office by myself, it kicked my but! I worked just shy of 10 hrs yesterday and I still haven’t quite recovered. Today was Tuesday and Tuesdays are always very busy and long, so now I am exhausted already. At least I didn’t have to work the front office alone today. My coworker had a procedure done on Friday and wasn’t up to coming back to work yet on Monday and really probably should have stayed home today to. She was moving pretty slow by noon today. She is a hard worker so when I told her to sit down and take it easy she did for about 5 min and then she was back up and going again!

Charlie is working hard on Holly’s car. He got the paint today and he is getting everything prepped to be painted and put back together. He is pretty pumped about the front end fitting her car! It looks like we are going to be able to fix her car for less than $500! Woot Woot! That is a relief!

Kelly is preparing for Prom, we ordered her dress the other night, that was painful! The cost of a dress, that is only going to be worn once, is rediculous! This will be her only prom though so I guess I can’t complain to much! the dress is gorgeous and she will be breathtaking in it. Chase, her date, will be awestruck by her! More than usual that is! lol.

Kevin is doing well, the kids went to see him this weekend and had a great time in the recording studio. Michael and Kelly have both written songs for Fine Arts this year. They are going to have Kevin record the songs for the competition. Kids nowadays have so much at their disposal!

We have started the Easter program, I think it is going to be really good. I love working on original projects. It is going to be a lot of work for all of us but I think we have the talent and drive it will take to make it happen. Using all non traditional music with narration to tell the story of the last week of Jesus life before his ressurection! different characters telling their perspective of the events that changed our lives forever. Very.Excited.About.This.Project!!!