Long time, no post!

I seem to be to busy to keep up with things!

Holly was home last weekend, got to spend a little bit of time with her, Charlie got to see Kevin the other night when he passed through Springfield. Michael and Kelly are working all.the.time! it seems like it is David, Charlie and I only now, most of the time. I did talk with Stephanie on the phone yesterday, she is rarely home now. I was looking at some old pictures and it made me miss the times when we were all home! There was a lot of laughter in those pictures, a lot of love.
On to the next subject…Our pastors resigned as head pastors this last weekend. Yea that was a tough pill to swallow, they are moving on with what God has for them to do, but we are a selfish people and we don’t like change, we don’t like it at all!
But change comes and we grow and we learn. They are such a great influence in all our lives, and they will continue to be one as the path God is taking them is not another pastorate, but rather another ministry that will allow them to remain a part of our lives.

Michaels saga is over now. He went to court and everything has been settled. He walks away with a misdemeanor rather than a felony. Praise God for His faithfulness. Michael could have faced hardship the rest of his life because of stupid choices, but God is merciful and moved on the court to be merciful as well. We will be pursuing the Army next, and he will be going yet another direction in this life, but we know that the hand of God is at work in his life and that we can trust God to bring him through!

David had another seizure this week. That was a scary time, he had it on the bus to CLASS. They called me while Michael and I were waiting to go before the judge for the plea bargain. We had to leave and go to the hospital. David was released about 2 hours later. Michaels lawyer took care of everything at the courthouse for us. Really hate that these seizures are coming so regular and are lasting long enough that an ambulance had to be called. His meds have been upped and we will go forward from here, just pray for him when you think of him.

Well I really don’t have much else to say right now so I am going to go watch a movie with my husband and son…as once again we are the only ones home!

Updates are in order…

What has been happening? Well, for starters David’s caregiver Robbie was in a bad car accident a couple of weeks ago or so. She is recovering in a local nursing home right now. She looked good, if bruised and all beat up! She has a broken heel and baby toe as well as a broken arm in two places. She is not going to be able to watch David anymore. He was getting to be to much for her anyway, but I hate it that it ended this way, it broke my heart to see her in so much pain. I know that God is watching out for her and will bring about her complete healing.

David is now staying with a dear friend, one I hope to still have after he shows his ummm more colorful self! He can be very difficult and that is what he tends to be with every caregiver he has had. Of course, I deal with it as best I can if I know he is misbehabiving, so Chelle, I do expect to hear from you when he is bad (not if but when!) He can be a real charmer as well and an absolute delight to have around. I am hoping that his being with Chelle, will be more like being with me and that he will adjust well. But just in case that is not the case I have sent a bottle of DMG to be used liberally!

We had a fireworks tent again this year for the church. It was hot hot hot outside! We did well this year, very happy with the sales. We have some amazing people at our church. They pitched in and helped so that there were breaks for the ones who were eating sleeping working fireworks the entire week! I loved spending time at the tent with them, they just made it a great time! I love you guys…a lot!

Kevin came home for a day, his truck started wasn’t working. Charlie and Kevin worked on the truck and got it going Monday afternoon. Charlie is such a good dad. He works hard and provides for his family without complaint. I know he must become frustrated from time to time, but that dosn’t stop him from being there for us and taking care of everything in his power to take care of. Do love this man, more and more every day!

Michael and Kelly are preparing for Nationals in Fine Arts. They will be leaving in a couple of weeks. They have been doing fund raisers and looking for sponsors. They are still in need of more, but God is doing great things in their lives as well.

Speaking of great things, Michael’s going to be able to move on with his life without having a felony on his record. The choices of the young are so stupid sometimes and the consequences can be long lasting, but God! God performed a miracle and he turned the tide for Michael, keeping him from the extreme plans of destruction the enemy had planned for him! God is faithful and he heard the crys and prayers of this boys family! I am thankful beyond words for the grace and mercy of God.

Holly has been promoted at work and is training for her new position. She is cross training for her new position as office manager as well as the next level up. Lot’s to learn and lots to absorb in a short time frame. She is also testing for her dance class to move up a level there. She is, to say the least, stressed!

Stephanie is still in Manhattan looking for work. She is doing well, not always making choices I approve of but she knows that, I still love her dearly and want to be a part of her life. Keep praying for her, I know the word that is deep in her heart, and I have seen the faithfulness of God.

I am doing well at work, love my job, and really love the people I work with. We are in a good place.