Flunky? Am I your Flunky?

As a flunky in the darkI am not anything but a toady, a yes man, an assistant that does menial work…yep I guess that about covers my job. I am not to question things just do my job. I am not to make waves in the office, just try to do whatever the office manager wants done, it is not important if what she wants is ineffecient, redundant, a waste of our time? NO, ┬ájust do it. So now that I take a look at the definition of a flunky I have come to the conclusion that is what I am. I do what I’m told and don’t ask questions, give my opinion if asked with the understanding that I am only being asked in hopes of making me feel like my opinion counts (only it dosn’t count) so that I will continue to do my magic and make things run smooth even though I know they are not running smooth. The last two snowstorms that we have had in the last week have really brought just how badly things are run. Last week one of our providers didn’t even get notified that the office was closed. He wasn’t asked if he could get to the office, or that the decision had been made to close the office, today this same provider was again not consulted when the decision was made to keep the office open. He was unable to get down his street this morning and therefore unable to make it into the office to see patients. Now the decision to keep the office open was made without discussing anything with key people! Why? Why would you not make sure that everyone is on the same page? Why is it so hard to have a plan in place? Is it so hard to get your ducks in a row before you start making decisions that are going to affect everyone in the office? One of our techs was already on the road to work and had been on the road for almost an hour! Would it have been so hard to make this decision before she left for work? Another one was already to work before she found out we were closing, gas prices are high right now! Is it to much to be considerate of others finances? I was on my way out the door, David was up, dressed and ready to go to work with me. I had made arrangements for my husband to take me to work this morning because he has a four-wheel drive truck, so he stayed home and was an hour late to work. Had we known by 6am this morning we all would have stayed home, my husband would not have been an hour late to work and David would have still been in bed for awhile longer! I know that you are all probably tired of hearing me complain about my job. I am not mad about my job all the time I just find my blog a very good outlet for my frustrations. I am not this frustrated all the time, just I don’t seem blog when I’m happy!!!