From “The brat Factor” to good not to share~

This is to good not to share with you all. It really spoke to me and I think it will hit home with most of us!

To really listen to another human being and yourself,
not just in words, proclaims a relationship that
demands being in the moment, fully focused on what
you are hearing. People yearn to be listened to.
Ilan Rubenfeld

In a study to test the listening skills of adults,
the results indicated that the test subjects heard
25 to 50 percent of what was said, and regarded
listening as a passive activity. Hearing is a
physiological response, listening is an emotional
and intellectual one; an act of caring and
consideration. “We can only hear through the love
that listens,” wrote Paul Tillich.

One of my eight-year-old granddaughters (I have two
that age) and I were talking and I remarked that her
Mom was extra busy because of the move the family
was making. My granddaughter replied, “Yeah I know
she doesn’t have time to listen to me.” I asked,
“How do you know she isn’t listening?” She replied,
“Well I told her all about a project I have and she
just said, ‘hmmm.'”

I remember well (and with regret) my “hmmm” days and
I can’t take them back. Oh what I missed because I
was too busy with other things to hear through the
love I had for my children.

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