Computer hard drive dead!

I have been without my computer for 3-4 weeks now. I thought it was just a virus but turns out it was terminal! My hard drive is dead. Soooo I am at a place of deciding if I want to get it replaced or just let it go. I have a new computer now. I am downloading everything that I had saved on Carbonite to my new computer. But, Holly needs a computer and she could use the my old one with a new hard drive. decisions decisions. I haven’t been able to ask Charlie about what he thinks because his phone goes straight to vm. grrr. At this point we are not out any money on the old computer…and the cost of the new hard drive isn’t bad, but if I can’t find the original disks to be put on the new hard drive then we are going to be adding up costs…I guess the first thing I need to do is find those disks. I am pretty sure they are in Charlie’s closet somewhere. According to an article I read a hard drive is 80% more likely to crash after 4 years so apparently mine was one of the 80% that die at age 4…may it rest in peace.

Prayer and clean eating bootcamp among other things….

It has been an eventful time the last week or so. It is exciting hearing from God, knowing that He hears me and is giving direction. He wants us to be Bold and Audacious with our prayers, He wants us to ask Him for the impossible…So that is what I have been doing. Have I seen these things happen? Not yet, but that doesn’t mean that my expectation of what He is going to do isn’t High! I have seen God working in our life, directing, making changes in my heart and my faith! I am blessed to be on this journey, a journey that isn’t going to end in 40 days. I prayed before this but somehow this is different, I am going in a direction with God that is deeper, more intimate. A place of vulnerability. A place that leaves me in a place of trusting Him to do and be what He said he would do and be! Praying prayers that are way above my finances, far above my ability to make happen. Believing for the impossible.
Speaking of impossible this boot camp of clean eating is not easy! Okay possibly IMPOSSIBLE for me! But, God is helping me get this done. I am sticking to the plan mostly. I have decided that I am going to allow myself to have coffee on the weekends. I am letting myself have a small amount of chocolate once in awhile. Small things that make this more doable for me.
I have other things that I want to write about but that is going to have to wait for another blog because it is time to go to church. But I will leave you with a teaser…thing have gone terribly wrong at my previous place of employment. I will fill you in on the details of this very frustrating and stupid drama. The bible says that a wise woman builds her house but a foolish woman will tear it down with her bare hands…paraphrased by me 🙂 but this is so very very true….so stay tuned I will be back to share the saga later!

40 days of prayer and 28 day boot camp start tomorrow

I already know some of what God wants me to circle in prayer. I know that Stephanie and Corbin are definitely on my list as is Charlie and his job. He is in a highly stressful work place right now. He is very good at what he does but he can always use divine direction in dealing with the situations that come up daily. I feel that God is going to give me more to circle in prayer and some I will be circling in Praise. I know the promise for David to be in his right mind is still an active promise, this is one that I will be circling in praise, this is a promise that is already done in the Spirit realm, just waiting on the manifestation in the physical realm. There is more but that is yet to be revealed. I am excited about what is going to happen in the lives of those who are joining with me on the venture and what is going to happen in my own life.

28 day boot Camp also begins tomorrow, this is a clean eating venture that I am embarking on, using the Arbonne products and boot camp protocol. I know this is going to make a huge difference in how I feel and I will have more energy.

So we start tomorrow, looking forward to reporting the testimonies as we go.
Isaiah 43:19 is my scripture for at least the next 40 days, maybe for the year!

New Year starting with 40 Days of Prayer

God has been stirring up the gifts within me for awhile now. Our church had a class last year from the book The Circle Maker. This book has been rolling around in my mind and heart for sometime now. I have a urgency toward powerful, intentional prayer. I have come across the next book “40 days of prayer” when I saw this I knew it was time. I have the book, the desire and the plan…I am going to start this prayer journey on Monday Jan 6th. I have invited my church family to join with me, and I am putting it out there for those who read my blog to join me on the adventure as well. I have an idea of what I will be praying for (Stephanie and Corbin) But I don’t know what other direction the Lord is going to take me in. I am praying about what I need to be praying about! What better way to start the year then with open communication with my heavenly Father?
What 2014 has in store I have no idea, 2013 had joy and extreme heartache, change and hurt, so many things happened in the last year that I have a hard time wrapping my head around it all. I don’t go into 2014 with any pre-conceived ideas of what is coming. I know that whatever this year brings I can walk it out as long as my relationship with God is in place and communication between us is open. I want more this year. I am not okay with the status quo, with just getting by and talking the talk while I walk out a mediocre life. I want the life God has for me and my family. I want to know Him more…not just about Him.
Isaiah 43:19
For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers I the dry wasteland.

Christmas was Great this year!

Aaron charlie and aaron hershey and dolly mema and holly Stephanie and Corbin 3 david3 holly and mom 3tim and kellyWe had most of our children home this year, (Kevin and April were not here…haven’t had Kevin for 3 years now…trying to keep my attitude sweet about that…not always easy 🙂 But everyone else was here as well as some new faces! We have a tradition here where we draw names and the gifts are given one at a time with kind words given as the gift is given out. My mom and dad are the best at this part! They both reduce the room to tears every year. This year was no different then any other year! It was a blessed with much love and a call to salvation for those in our family that are not living for Jesus at this time. We pray for divine appointments and their eyes to be opened their ears to be unstopped, that the lies they have believed as truth to be exposed as lies and the truth to be revealed in their hearts and minds. I have not seen this happen yet but I know that God is doing a work in their hearts. What better way to spend the day we celebrate the Birth of Jesus, then to have His message of love and salvation expressed in a heartfelt way.
The day was filled with tears and laughter. Two wonderful things! I am so blessed with this family! I love you all so very much!

Work, Theatre, Church, Wedding reception…

been very busy lately!
I am really enjoying my new job. I have been there for a month now and have been “promoted” to another position. I am now the unit clerk for the Nurses station. It is my job to make all the referral appts, set up the tests for the pts, and get the records into the charts when they come in. If they don’t come in a timely manner then I call to get them. I am really enjoying what I do.
And then there is the play. We are involved in “A Christmas Carol” this year. Charlie is playing Scrooge. A lot of memorizing for him this play! He is doing great. The play is the first weekend in Dec. come out and see it if you are close by!
Church has been going great, things are moving along and lives are being changed. I feel that God is wanting to do something spectacular in His church and I just hope that we are ready and don’t miss it!
Kelly and Tim have their wedding reception Dec 14th. Charlie and I have some fun things planned, we have had a good time putting this reception together! All in all things are going good right now.

I got another call today

It was 6 weeks of no calls, no interest and then I am getting called for interviews. I accepted the job at CHC SEK on Wed and that is the job that I wanted, but today I got a call from Freeman wanting to do a second interview. I turned it down, but it sure feels good to know that I am wanted! Feels good to know that God not only provided me another job but gave me a choice! He is pretty cool isn’t he? This last dark time I walked through is over, and the sun is shining again…I don’t like the dark, but I must say that it sure makes you appreciate the sunshine!!

other exciting news…Stephanie and I are going to check out a venue for her wedding on Monday. Springhouse Gardens is the name of the place and it looks really nice by the pictures. Wedding planning has begun! I will keep you posted as we move forward and when we have a date!

I have a job interview

Today at 3 and then another one tomorrow at 10am for different office. I really don’t know what direction, if any, my life is getting ready to take. I have Big concerns about what I will do with David. He has been so happy having me home…and I have hated being home! I am trusting God to bring about a job that will accommodate both of us. Only God can do that!

Guardianship is done

We got David’s guardianship finalized today. That is a relief, now I can get him into another Dr that specializes in behavioral issues. Since I was last on here there have been some changes with David. He had become so unpredictable and volatile that my dear friend, Chelle, had to step down from caring for him. She has a responsibility to protect her family above all else. I just want to say how much I appreciate the years that she was able to help me out with him. Thank you Chelle, you are a friend that is valued beyond what I can say on here! You put up with his fits and tried everything to settle him down, you stuck with him for far longer than most others and above all else you told me what was happening and kept me informed all the time. Unlike previous experiences…You are a jewel and a priceless friend to me!

As for what I am doing now to take care of him? I am getting off work early now. CLASS drops him off at my work and I take him home from there. It is an arrangement that is working out very well for both David and I. I get to spend more time at home and with David this way. I don’t feel quite as stressed trying to get everything done that needs to be done. So all in all it is a win/win for all of us. David is doing well at CLASS right now, Thank God! Hopefully, when we get his meds regulated and changed to what will work better we won’t have the outbursts so much there…but then again he may just have outburst regardless of what he is taking!

Thanks for all the prayers that you my 3 readers have lifted up on our behalf! Prayer is powerful and we serve a Big God that delights to meet our needs!