Looking forward to a weekend with my family!

We have no plans that I know of, we are just going to get done what needs to be done. Holly is coming home, I am not supposed to know this because it is a surprise but someone else let the cat out of the bag! I miss her so much and am so excited to see her again! Michael and Kelly are getting home from camp today. Charlie is giving Michael his car back today, really hoping this isn’t a mistake. Michael has summer school this next month, and a job for the summer with Crossland. Kelly will be busy all summer with training her horses. Stephanie is coming home this weekend as well, I don’t know that I will get much time with her though.

Things at work are going very well, can hardly believe how nice it is to have someone who is mature and not vindictive to work with. I am able to relax now and enjoy the people I am working with, not fearing that they are going to stab me in the back. Loving that!

God has restored to me a relationship that I thought was lost forever. I have to say that the loss of this friend broke my heart, the reason for this loss in infuriating to me and my husband has told me that I cannot blog about the reason, so I am being obediant to that order! But I will say that God has honored my hearts desire and restored to me someone that I love and want in  my life!

happy dance is in order again

I was soooo happy to hear that Stacy decided to accept the position of OC in our office! I have asked her, begged her, guilted her in every way I can think of to get her to take the position, and Friday she accepted it! Of course they had to give her some incentive and they did, I don’t know what all it entailed but I really don’t care. I am just so happy to have a christian (a real one) to work with.  God is so faithful and I am so happy to be able to once again enjoy my job!

Michael and Kelly are gone to camp this week, I am praying that they have a wonderful time and that their lives are touched by the hand of God in a life changing way!

A friends mom died today, such a sad day for the family. She was right the with Lord though and ready to go. The loss of a loved one is never an easy thing.

Stephanie did great this last semester and was put on the Deans honor roll! Fantastic job Stephanie!! Kelly also finished this last semester witha  4.0. She is doing very well in school as well.

Life just keeps going on even when we have loss and when we have joy!

God when you look at me what do you see?

That is a question that I find incredibly scary to ask. I see a miserable failure, and God is perfect so asking Him that question just seems crazy! I know all the right things to say, when He looks at you He see’s Jesus because I am covered by His blood. I know this but I have such a hard time believing that God almighty really dosn’t see what I see. We had a missionary at our church a few weeks ago, something he said really hit me hard. He said that if you don’t succeed with your family than you are not a success…harsh words to say to a family that is struggling to the degree that we are with our children and some of their choices. What I took away from that service is that we are not a success, that because one of my children has made choices that are not okay I have failed. That sermon has played in my mind for all this time. But you know what? He was wrong. I trained my children in the way they should go, I taught them the word of God, I lived the life in front of them (not without mistakes), they watched me make mistakes and run to God for forgiveness, comfort, and help. I look back on things and I can see the hand of God in our family working in phenominal ways and still is. We made many mistakes and have failures that we are not proud of, but are we failures if our children choose to do wrong? No, we are not. Our children make their own choices and are answerable to God for those choices. I did what I was called to do, train them up in the way they should go. I trust that God is big enough to keep them when they are grown. It is not my job to keep them in right relationship with God. I am not a failure, as the enemy has relentlessly been telling me for months now. I am God’s daughter, I am human and have many flaws but it is Jesus in me that God sees and He thinks that I am a rip roaring success! I know that the missionary who spoke at our church did not mean to contribute to the lies of the enemy in my life, it just goes to show that the enemy uses everything and everyone to tell us lies about ourselves. He twists the truth and makes you think that a lie is the truth and that the truth is a lie. Very conniving!

A week in the life of Elaine…

can be rather uninteresting, but because the three of you continue to read about it I will continue to write about it!

David will turn 24 tomorrow, I can hardly believe that I have a son this old! How did this happen? 

Charlie and I also had a 26th wedding anniversary last Wednesday, we have yet to celebrate it though.  It seems that we are so busy that there isn’t anytime for eachother.  Something else that would be great is if all these cars in my driveway and back yard actually worked! We are still taking Kevin to work every morning and picking him up every night, we only have the my car and Charlies work truck to drive.  Thank God Holly’s car was able to be fixed! In this life we have unknowns and things can run out of control so quickly. We have the wonderful times as well, births, graduations, our children making good choices and making us so proud! And we have the hard times when our children are acting out, we lose a loved one to death, rather expected or a shock, the loss of a job, a home, a friend…trying to keep my perspective and my eyes on Jesus seem to be a full time job for me. Forgiving those who are so NOT deserving of my forgiveness, and then I have to remember that I am NOT deserving of God’s forgiveness! He forgave me and continues to forgive me everyday! So if I refuse to forgive then I am putting myself in a prison of my own choosing. Living it out is much harder than teaching it!

 Sunday we are going to celebrate our Pastors Ordination! Actually I am supposed to be making their card right now and here I am on my blog! These two people are more than our Pastors, they are our friends. We go way back…way back! We held eachothers babies and now we are going to their graduations from high school, watching them head off to college!  Time just keeps ticking right on by us! But for what it is worth, we love you Pastors Pat and Trudy and all those beautiful children! We are so thankful that God put us in your life.

Charlie is in Springfield today taking another class for getting his licence to preach. He got a 100% on this test! Yea Charlie…he kinda makes me ill sometimes! I do love that man!

Mothers Day

had a great mothers day, Stephanie came home with Holly, totally suprised me! That was a very nice! I got to have all my children home and my mom and dad as well! I had been dreading mothers day and it turned out to be good. 

Holly’s car is fixed and working! Praise God, Kevin is still without a vehicle but we are working on that.

As for work, our nurse practioner took another position, her nurse tech went to the float pool, and another nurse tech was let go. This all in  one weeks time! Our office staff has decreased by 4 people in less than a month! When they said they were going to clean house they were not kidding! Things are much better at work now. I don’t think this is how the trouble makers thought things were going to play out! God has been faithful to me and to the Dr’s!

And yes, Scott, I am okay, I will overcome the obstacles and I will be victorious…maybe a little crazy too, but victorious none the less!