accidents, angels, protection…

Wow, it still amazes me today just how close I came to losing my husband and son yesterday! They walked away from this accident no serious injuries, just sore muscles and Charlie has some scrapes on his forehead and hand, David is scratch/bruise free!  So here are the pics,

Charlies wheel went off the road here, he couldn’t pull it back on the road because the drop was to deep, so he directed the truck toward the field aiming to miss a pole and a hay bale. He didn’t see the driveway though, he hit it and went airborne clipped the hay bale which spun his truck and he landed drivers side down!

David and Charlie are sore today but both are getting on just fine, God is sooooo amazing, and our angels are top notch!!!

Now for the hair… the votes came in 2 to 1 for the style on the left so that is the one I went with.

thanks for all your input really loved the process!

Soooo does God still answer prayer?

So many times during the day there are opportunities to pray for people that we come across, people who need us to touch heaven for them. I find myself hesitant to pray for them because I don’t want to pray and then nothing happen. What a sad situation. I have purposed in my heart to pray for those who are in need even if God chooses to say no and be willing to obey. I stepped out in this week and prayed for a woman at the dr’s office where I work. She was crying and in pain, frustrated with the pain and discomfort she could not get relief from. There truly is only so much medicine can do, but God He can do anything! I prayed with her, after asking her permission to do so, and hugged her neck while she cried some more, an hour or so later she called the office and I answered, she was doing much better, her bladder was working right again and there was relief. Yes God answers prayer, this wasn’t because of meds this was because of prayer! What a great privilage to be able to be a part of what God did for this woman. There have been other times that God has answered prayer, like the woman who thought she was losing her baby and had every indication that she was going to be getting a D&C. They could not find a heart beat but there was still blood flow so the dr said to wait one more week. As she was leaving the office in tears I asked the Lord to bring life to her baby. The next week she came back and with a big grin left our office knowing her baby was alive and well!  Coincidence? I think not, God hears our prayers and very often he says yes and amen! Sometimes the answer will be no and I have to be okay with that. But to not pray for fear of an answer of no is not okay.

Help me choose

I am going to get my hair cut next Friday. I don’t know which direction to go. Do I keep my style I have now (tired of it) or do I go with one of the following?

Leave me your feedback, I need to know what the 3 of you think by Friday! Thanks!!!

Great Spring Break

had such a nice time this week spending time with my kiddos. Stephanie has been home all week and spent all but one evening with me and her dad. She is definately getting older!  She got a Wii for Christmas or her birthday or something from her boyfriend and brought it home with her. We have played golf, boxing (this one left me in pain for several days! but hey I knocked my opponent out in the first round twice!), tennis, stunk at this one, bowling, and then there were the races! Haven’t done real well at that! We watched Phantom in BlueRay! Went out to dinner once…and so on. We have just enjoyed being together all week and now the week in coming to an end and Stephanie is heading back to Manhattan tomorrow.  :-(. all we needed to make the week perfect would be  to have Holly here with us as well and then the whole family would have been in town. Kevin started a new job this week and is working 10 hour days, we haven’t seen him at all either, he has to get up at 4am and dosn’t get home until 7 or 8pm! What a life but it is going to be short lived.

things at work are interesting again. Really  don’t know what all is going on but things are happening. One of the nurses gave her notice this week, some in the office are thrilled and others are upset. She has given her notice before and was talked into staying. I don’t think that is going to happen this time. What is my take on this? I think that our office will do well without her there, simply because her absence will cut down on much of the drama. I think that there has been quite a bit of talk behind peoples backs trying to get them in trouble and that just dosn’t fly well with me. There is far to much talk and meaness in this office. And not enough team work and helping eachother to make sure that we don’t get in trouble. I think that if you see someone doing something that will get them in trouble you should try to remedy the problem and help keep them from being in trouble not try to get them written up every chance you get. That is what I do and that is what I expect others to do for me and the others I work with. but that is not how it is in our office. Hopefully, prayfully that is how it will be in the near future though! So until then I will be the best I can be there and enjoy my spinning chair! Keeping my sense of humor has been the single best thing can do around there right now! I will keep you posted as things happen!

Kelly spent all week in Welch with her horse! She stayed with Michael and Katie (our youth pastors) and had a great time. Michael’s brothers are rather smitten with her and found reason to be at the house often this week. Kelly seems to be oblivious to them. She is so funny. Even my Michael picked up on the boys interest in his sister! Katie is being relentless with the boys especially Chase. I told her to tell him he has to come to church to see her. Kelly got her glasses this week too. They are so cute on her! Well for now I am going to go. We are going to watch movies tonight and just enjoy being together! Till next time…..blessings

robbed while at church…

Holly dosn’t live in the best part of the city, and while she was at church this morning her house was broken into and they took her ipod and ihome. There is an alarm system and the boys didn’t have much time to get anything before the alarm went off and the police were alerted but they did manage to get away with those two things. She got her ipod for her birthday a couple of years ago and her ihome for graduation. Both have sentimental value. She is pretty mad! She is thinking seriously about getting a dog. I remember living in a not so good neighborhood, we got Jesse our big white samoyed at that time, and he was an inside dog! I didn’t go to the door without him with me. I think the dog is a good idea, but it will be a pain in other ways no doubt! Dogs can be a real mess to have around.  The boys were going to stay at Charlies aunt Helen and uncle Eddie’s but with the break in they are going to stay the night at Holly’s. Her roommates are pretty spooked and really glad that they are going to be there. I am to. What a day, we just don’t know what the day holds when we get up but we do know that God is with us for everything and I am sooooo very thankful that the girls were not home and that no one was hurt!  Things can be replaced, people cannot.


the kids are home and have big plans for the week. The boys are heading to KC for a day with their sister, Stephanie is heading home for a few days, we are going to watch Phantom on BlueRay, Kelly plans to ride her horse this week for some long rides! I am going to be getting off work early everyday so I can be home to take care of David when he gets here, Jim, his caregiver in the afternoon, will be gone on a missions trip this week. So we all have plans but nothing to big! Charlie will be business as usual.

Charlie and Kevin worked on cars all day today. They got a lot done. I did to. my house is decent and the bills are done. Michael, well I am not sure what he was up to today. I am concerned about him right now. When you think of him please pray, the pressures are tough and he is having a rough time of it right now. 

The lies of the enemy in our kids lives are very frustrating, and it can be overwelming trying to keep them safe from these lies. God has great plans for each of them and the desire of my heart is for them, all of them to fulfill the plans of God and not be lost in a world of danger without God at the center. The last days are on us now. The enemy is definately doing his best to deceive and steal our children away from us. But the plans of God are far stronger and powerful! Remaining faithful to praying and giving guidance when we can is our job as parents of older children. Oh for the days when they were little and the biggest problem we had was fighting over little stuff! Being the parents of teens and young adults is not what I thought it would be!!! I wouldn’t trade it for anything, the privilage of being able to pray and be a part of what God is doing in their lives is priceless!

Michael turned 17 today

last year he was still at TC, the year before we were preparing to take him to MN TC! So much has changed in his life in the last two years! He is doing amazing, he is such a delight (most of the time) something he wasn’t before TC! God has done such work in his life, and we continue to see the changes day by day. Don’t get me wrong he is still a teenager and with that comes teenage attitude from time to time! But we see him make the choice to do what is right over and over even when he dosn’t want to. He is great to have around and we are very proud of him!  Bravo Michael, keep up the great work and continue to seek after the Lord with all your heart!

Allergic reaction, rearended on the way home…

what a great day! I had Johnnie Corrinos for lunch today and after I ate I broke out in a rash on my neck, face and arms, didn’t look at my middle, don’t like to do that! Took some benedryl and felt a little loopy all afternoon! Most of it had worn off by the time I left to go home. Sooo I am at the stop light in Galena waiting to make a left turn to go to home, and BAM this lady rearends me! Now if you will remember from a previous post that my car was in the shop because of the racoon accident! I just got my car out of the shop YESTERDAY! But I need to get back to my story, THIS WOMAN REAR ENDS ME AND THEN DRIVES OFF…she didn’t stop to check and see if the person she just ran into was ok, if the car was ok, oh no she drove off! Now could it be that she didn’t notice? NO, she hit me hard, the air bags didn’t deploy that is good, but there is over $1000 of damage done to my car. I am sore tonight, have a headache all that kind of stuff. You know the only reason that I can think of that would be a good reason for running off and not staying at the scene of the accident is if someone had a gun to her head and was threatening her life if she were to stop! Not  a likely story…there was a witness that stayed behind to talk with the police. She saw the whole thing, gave them a description of the vehicle and the driver, all of which I could not tell them anything, she was behind me I didn’t see her and only saw her drive off.  I heard someone say that they thought the police had caught up with her in Riverton. I truly hope so, I really need it to be her insurance that pays for the repairs on my car and not mine! They say these things happen in 3’s. Holly had her accident, we ran over a raccoon, and now this! That is 3 so now we are done for awhile! I am very thankful for God’s protection throughout all this! He is wonderful and His angels very busy!

The OC at work may have overstepped her bounderies today. I don’t know for sure but she may be in some trouble. As I said before she is not allowed to discipline and today she did, not me and not the other girl that she dosn’t like as much as she dosn’t like me, but another one. She needed to be reprimanded that is true but it would be like me writing up an employee, I don’t have the authority to do so. And she dosn’t have the authority to do so either.  Stayed tuned I will let you know how things play out.  For now I am going to get off of here for a bit and then come back to get my finances done. Ta Ta my faithful readers!

Kevin is CBC bound in the fall

He took the initiative and went to try out for a scholorship in the music department a couple of weeks ago. He got the letter today telling him that he has been awarded the platinum scholorship! He is pumped! Charlie and I are so proud of him, he did all this without us “making” him do it. Way to go Kevin!!! 

Things are going well at work, no problems that I can see at this point. I am still on guard at all times but going to work is not the drudgerie it was before!

I am wanting to see my daughters that are so far from me. I miss them terribly, I hate not having them close to home.

Kelly and Michael are doing good with school and their different activities. Michael is working at Pizza Hut and Kelly is still working out at the stable and caring for her horse.

David is well David! He is quite happy with his routine and does not like to have it interrupted! Robbie takes care of him in the morning until his bus picks him up and Jim takes care of him in the afternoon until I get off of work. It is a good setup for David as he loves these two and they take great care of him!

Charlie and I are both working hard and taking care of things as they come up. All is going great for now and we are thankful.

Must close it is time to pray over dinner!