Change, change and then more change!

Holly and Aaron

Holly is heading off to the Big City! She is going to dance school and is soooo excited about it! I am soooo proud of her and her decision to follow her dream.  Will Holly and Aaron’s relationship survive? That is all up to the Lord. Please lift them up in prayer as they walk this transition time out. They both have a calling on their lives, but they need to determine if they are called individually or as a couple. Things hang in the balance and we all know that is a very uncomfortable place to be. Our prayer for both of them is for the Lords will to be done in each of their lives. If Aaron turns out to be our son-in-law we are great with that, but only if it is God’s will! They are both so incredible and they have the potential to be an awsome ministry team, but sometimes that is not enough and God has other plans. Either way it goes we are okay with it, like we have any say in any of this anyway! God is the one who directs our steps….So when you think of Holly please lift her up. Big City, new surroundings, new people, she does have plenty of family there for her! Praise the Lord for that! She also needs a job and that quickly! Sooo many things going on in her life right now.



I am doing better at work right now. The Lord makes even your enemies to be at peace with you!  But never forget that they are not to be trusted! Such a shame that I always have my guard up. I don’t know what the Lord is doing in this yet but I do know that I am placed here for a purpose and a reason, that I will understand at some point in time. He is the one who promotes us to positions, not man, even if man thinks they are the one who is doing it. God’s timing is always perfect and I know that He is in complete control at my job, in my home and at church~ No matter where I am or will be, God is my comfort, my source, my shelter, my defense! What an awsome God He Is!!!!

Michael is doing great! We are very proud of him and the obvious hard work he is putting into everything he is doing right now. It hasn’t been easy but he is doing his best, and we are also doing our best to change how we deal with him. It has been harder for me than Charlie I think. I find myself going into the old ways of dealing with him, but Michael has responded so differently that it is getting easier to change for me also.  They gave him a Graduation party after church tonight. That was really sweet, he is received and loved at church by everyone. What a blessing. He did go to one youth group not so long ago, full of kids he knew from school, but not one of them talked to him…only the youth pastor. That was an incredible blow to him and to me. I was very disappointed in the youth group and their complete disregard for him being there. It had been a long time, you would think that their would have been some who would have made an effort to greet him.  Ask yourself this question, when someone comes to church or youth, do I greet them? Do I make them feel welcome? Do I have to like them in order to be friendly? Are only the people I really like worthy of God’s love expressed through me? Tough questions but they get to the heart of the matter. What kind of taste is left in the mouth of those who visit your church or youth group? Is there something that needs to change? Are you willing to be an instrument of change?    Blessings~


The babies are here!

Josh and Amanda’s sweet Phillip arrived

 first on Sunday,

 wphillipeighing in at 6 lbs 2 oz and 20 inches long!









And following close behind came precious little Elisha!elisha Born to Daniel and Sarah!









weighing in at 8lbs 14oz  21″long    ADORABLE!!!

Both babies and their exhausted parents are doing well! And my cousin Tanya and her hubby Richard are loving being a Grams and Gramps x 4 now!!! I can hardly wait for my turn, however a note to my children “get married first!”

The favor of God is amazing

I have put up with the things at work and only complained, out loud, on my blog and with my family. I have brought every detail to the Lord and trusted Him to take care of things. Well I don’t know if things are going to turn around for good, but this last couple of days have been knock outMUCH better. I have not been belittled at all for two days! WOW, that is sooooo nice! I thank each of you for your prayers and for your being there for me, all 3 of you! Just kidding I know I have tons of readers you just fly below the radar, right?  Do I trust this woman? NO! But I can work with her, because the Lord is my strength and He is my protector, hiding place, Big brother who will beat the living daylights out of those who hurt me!  Okay maybe that is out of character, but it makes me smile!!! I am growing through this and I am learning valuable lessons. I am learning that I am not the one in control, God is, He is able to take care of every situation I come up against! I am stronger when I am leaning on Him. I can deal with things in a mature manner even when what I want to do is throw a screaming fit and hurt someone. I am not controlled by my feelings, I am controlled by the Spirit Of God! At least that is my goal! Anyway I am going to enjoy my family and get off of here for now.

Remember Victory in 2009~


I HAVE HAD IT! We are out of toner, it is my fault, we are out of paper, that too is my fault, we are out of dividers for the charts, yes, you guessed it! That  is my fault! Now if I were the office manager and the one responsible for making sure that the supplies are there it would be one thing but I am NOT the office manager, I am an underpaid receptionist taking the blame for someone elses disorganization.

I don’t drink, but this office staff could cause a lesser woman to run to the bottle! My frustration with things right now is over the top and I don’t know what to believe. She lies to everyone! Me, the doctors, the patients. If it makes her look good she will lie about what is going on, blame others for her own mistakes without any remorse. I know this because I have seen and heard her lie to just about everyone in the office at one point or another. I know she is lying about me, and I wonder if she is going to be able to turn the doctors against me. All that said I do know that the Lord is my defense and that no one is going to be able to do anything to me accept what is allowed by Him! He is more interested in my character then my comfort I know all to well. But as my charater is being built I am getting tired of being treated like I am treated on a regular basis. So if you think of me please send up a prayer that I will remain faithful and not turn to booze or worse!!!!

What a week! Kevin went to Nationals in Florida!

I am sooooo proud of this young man! He did fantastic at Nationals! Charlie said the competition was stiff…duh, it is NATIONAMom's House Hale Damage 5-10-08 187LS!  Anyway, according to Charlie, who is not one for giving out compliments, Kevin held his own and was every bit as good as any of the other guitar players there! What brough him down? Well I am sure that you all will be shocked by this but it was that he didn’t “communicate” with his audience! Now his mother, me, told him before he left on Monday morning “Kevin be sure and make eye contact and let the audience know you are enjoying yourself” As any of you who know Kevin, he isn’t real good at the “communication” thing unless he has a puppet on his hand or is telling you funny stories, usually at my expense! He was .3 of a point away from getting a Superior with honors! That was a tough blow for him! What should he have learned from this experience? That he should listen to his mother, thats what!!!

My mom came and stayed with me this week while Charlie and Kevin were gone. Loved having her here! I would really love to have her living closer to me, Wichita is not far but it is still a drive to get to her! I don’t know what I would have done this week had she not been here to help me. David can be such a handful, and with MIchael added to the mix it can be explosive! We did great until today when David just lost it. Mom and I had gone to lunch after I got off of work and David came home to Michael and Kelly instead of Mema…he didn’t like this much! I have so much drama and stress at work right now, I really don’t want to have to deal with this! I know that this character building time in my life will be fruitful, but I have to say that I don’t like having my character “produced”!!!! It just seems like there is to much ugly in there still, will it ever be pretty?

Anyway, back to Kevin! Charlie and Kevin had a great time in Florida, they went to the beach, the space center, Universal studios, they did all kinds of things and stayed in a fancy hotel that they booked at one of those internet booking places! Cheap prices for great rooms….you know the ones! They have been gone for almost a week and I am ready for them to be home. I miss them! I am also ready for them to stop spending money!

~remember victory in 2009~

What is coming this next week?

Kevin and Charlie head to Florida for Nationals! Win or lose I am very proud of this young man and his accomplishments with not only the guitar but everything he sets his mind to! Albeit it does have to be what he really wants to do or it is done in a half ummm way manner!  For example, his room! 🙂 

My mom is here with me to help with David. Robbie had a heart cath done and a stint put in this last friday. She needs and deserves a break! David truly tests her patience on a regular basis! I don’t know what I would do without her though, she has been a God send! We didn’t realize just how much of a help Charlies mom was to us where David was concerned!

Michael has been home now for a week and he is doing very well. We are trying to keep him busy and have been able to do so with very little trouble. He has gotten quite a bit of work done around the house and yard and has been diligently looking for a job…still looking but hopefully something will come along soon. Michael and Kelly start school in a couple of weeks.

Stephanie is home this weekend she had to get her wisdom teeth extracted on Sat. She is doing pretty good, but is still pretty tired!ist1_9743382-angel-in-the-moonlight The pain hasn’t been out of control, that is so good, you never know how it is going to go! She moves into her new apartment with her new roommate Erica, on Monday. But only if her tires have come in at Burgraphs! They said her tire was on the verge of blowing! Thank God for His protection over her as she was driving home Friday with an almost dead phone! God is faithful even we are not, and I am so thankful for that!!! 

Kelly is still working with her horse and anyone elses that she can, she is amazing with those animals!

Holly and Aaron went to a wedding in Wichita this weekend and spent some time with Mema and Papa, sounds like they had a really good time!holly and aaron with mema and papa