Christmas was Great this year!

Aaron charlie and aaron hershey and dolly mema and holly Stephanie and Corbin 3 david3 holly and mom 3tim and kellyWe had most of our children home this year, (Kevin and April were not here…haven’t had Kevin for 3 years now…trying to keep my attitude sweet about that…not always easy 🙂 But everyone else was here as well as some new faces! We have a tradition here where we draw names and the gifts are given one at a time with kind words given as the gift is given out. My mom and dad are the best at this part! They both reduce the room to tears every year. This year was no different then any other year! It was a blessed with much love and a call to salvation for those in our family that are not living for Jesus at this time. We pray for divine appointments and their eyes to be opened their ears to be unstopped, that the lies they have believed as truth to be exposed as lies and the truth to be revealed in their hearts and minds. I have not seen this happen yet but I know that God is doing a work in their hearts. What better way to spend the day we celebrate the Birth of Jesus, then to have His message of love and salvation expressed in a heartfelt way.
The day was filled with tears and laughter. Two wonderful things! I am so blessed with this family! I love you all so very much!