Last Day of 2008!

celebrationI am thrilled that this is the final day of 2008! We have grown by leaps and bounds this year in a painful, sorrowful way! We do not ever want to live through the tough times, we prefer that things always be good and happy. That is not the times that we truly grow though, the growth that is deep down in our root system. Our character is shaped in the painful times, the times that we feel like we cannot even breathe without enormous effort.  We still have another 9 months of Michael being gone from us…most of 2009! We had no idea that we would miss 1 & 1/2 years of  his life.  Is it worth it? As harvictoryd as it has been, yes it will be worth it when he comes through this VICTORIOUS AND FREE!  We have seen great things happening in his life, but the issues that sent him there are still not dealt with. Pray with us that he wil surrender his life to the Lord completely and allow Him to make the changes in his life that are so needful. Charlie and I have decided that we are going to feet1make fasting and prayer a regular thing. We will be choosing one day of the week that we are going to fast on behalf of our children until we feel released to stop. This is going to be a year of Victory for God’s people, and for my family! We may be living in the scariest times but we are also the apple of God’s eye and He is going to take care of us. Just as He has held us close to His heart throughout 2008, He is going to hold us close to His heart throughout 2009!

VICTORY in  2009 


Charlie and I have upped our fast date to
today, December 29th. We are also including
Stephanie in this time of fasting. The enemy is
working overtime for my children and I have had
all I am willing to take. This is war!

We are HOME!

We made it home in one day.  We were all glad to be back in our own beds, with the exception of my folks who won’t get to sleep in their own bed until tonight! I am getting laundry done and I need to get some groceries in the house. Kelly is wanting a new pair of boots so I am taking her to Joplin today to get them.

Thank you to my brother and his family for hosting us this Christmas. We are quite the large group to feed and house! I am sure that there was a HUGE sigh of relief when we drove away!

We received some news about Michael this week that was rather prayerdiscouraging. I am not going to go into detail here, but Charlie and I have decided that we need to fast and pray on his behalf. We don’t know how long we are going to be fasting, but we do know that we are going to start on Jan 1.  The Word tells us that some things only come about through fasting and prayer. This, we believe, is one of them. If you would like to join us, you are welcome to do so. There are no guidelines for what kind of fast, that is up to the idividuals who are participating.

Let me know by leaving a comment for us.

We are ever in HIS GRIP!!!

So did you have a wonderful Christmas?

Christmas for me was a very difficult day. I thought that I would do better than I did without Michael there. Michael called first thing in the morning and I had a rough day from that point on. Even though I know it was best and right for us not to go to MNTC to see him it just really got to me that he was without family on Christmas. He was fine they were taking care of the boys who were still there, they had things planmaxine27ned for their day but I just had a hard time with one of MY children having to be away from us on Christmas, not because they are married and with their in-laws but because they made a very poor choice and lost a pass.  I am glad that Christmas day is over, and now we can move on past the fact that he wasn’t here. I think everyone had a good day, accept they were all tiptoeing around me….2008 is almost over and I can say truthfully that I am more than ready for it to pass on into history! 2009 is fresh and new and I pray that it will be a better, less painful year for our family. All this flipping pain and emotional crap is really getting to me! I don’t like to cry, been doing far to much of that, don’t like to hurt, be discouraged, be let down, be scared, etc… and quite frankly there has been an awful lot of that this year! I know that there have been good things happen this year, I just am having a hard time remembering what they are. Lets see Holly graduated from High School, We had a fantastic Christmas program at the church (Charlie has a nack for bringing out the best in people if they will let him),  we got to see Michael on several occasions, we got Dollie Mae (she is such a sweetie, thank you Katie for giving her to me!), Charlie and I are closer than we have ever been [hard times will bring you closer or tear you apart] I am grateful that we are closer and not broken apart by this year.  We still have our family in tact, and we are all together this week, excluding Michael.  There truly is much to be thankful for and I am thankful. Interesting how you can be thankful in the midst of pain and loss. God is good, and He has taken care of us through out all that we have walked through this year. If you are wondering what all I am talking about it is all documented on previous posts.

so now that you know all that I will go for now we have plans to get out of the house today and go out shopping and the YMCA is on the agenda at some point. The kids are excited that we are having pizza for supper!

Interesting policy

I find it irritating and interesting that if you are conservative you are not allowed to say what you think about Obama, but if you are a liberal you trash Bush all you want and that is ok. My friend made a comment on her blog that didn’t even have anything to do with Obama, but rather her puppy that is doing rude things on her tree skirt! She made one reference to Obama and sent some of her liberal readers into a tiz. Now they are not going to be able to visit her site anymore because of what she said…Hello? Liberals say outright lies about our current president, they  blame him for everything when in fact we didn’t start having the problems we are having with the economy until we gained a liberal congress two years ago, but liberals have a real hard time with math and haven’t figured that out. I just want to state for the record that I am not politically correct and I do believe that our country is in for trouble now that Obama has been put into office. I also know that most Americans will believe his mistakes are Bush’s fault and will blame the Republican party for all that is coming in the next 4 years. All I can say is my friend hit the nail on the head in her reply to the comments on her post about her PUPPY! Good grief, what have we come to?

Traveling day 2…eye roll, I hate to travel

We have arrived and we did so without any accidents! That is exciting, we did see two cars in the ditch, and another honda with antlers, that was just plain weird. Who puts antlers on their car? I have found that people are just plain weird though! We are all pretty tired tonight, but the activity level around here is still very high. We lost an hour coming here, so at home it is 7:55pm but here it is 8:55! The good thing is that we will get that hour back on the way home. So how are things going to go this week? According to my mother they will be great! She has been known to be delusional! just kidding. Of course if things don’t go well I can’t tell you because my brother and sister-in-law read my blog…what a dilemma. Things went well last time, so it is likely things will go well this time. We don’t have Michael with us and I have had a pretty hard time with that. He made some poor choices and lost his christmas pass. Of course he is having a harder time than me, since he is now having to pay the  consequences for his choices. If you think of him please lift him up in prayer, this is a hard time of year to be away from your family.  David is having a hard time right now and I would really like to rip his $%^$# head off, but Charlie is shaking his head “no” at me, so I am just telling you about it. I think it is time for me to go to bed as well as David. So I am going to sign off and we can all hope that I won’t be so tired tomorrow!

Traveling…what a blast!!

We have been traveling all day long! I can assure you that it is not fun! We are going to my brothers house for Christmas. The trip will be worth it when we get there. I have enjoyed my family in spite of the traffic, the near misses, the continuous comments of ” I have to go to the bathroom, ten minutes after someone else just went at the gas station! It is nice that my children are finally at an age where they actually enjoy one another, most of the time anyway. We have Dolly Mae with us and she is in heat. Isn’t that special? I went to get her some of those doggie diapers at PetSmart. I could not believe how much they cost. 12 for $15! Are they nuts? We went to Walmart and bought premie diapers and put a hole in the back for her tail and wallah! We have doggie diapers 30 for $10! much better!!!!  Dolly Mae is not happy with the situation, but that is to bad.  So we are at a hotel tonight and will finish the trip in the morning. I am pretty sure that this trip will be memorable for all as there have been many chances for our character to show through. Lets just say that Charlie and I are in separate rooms tonight 🙂 but that is because the girls are in one room and the guys are in another, I just thought it sounded better to say it the other way! Makes for a better story. I will keep you posted on how the rest of the week goes…if I feel like it. 🙂



She is 21 today! Where did the time go? How did she get to be 21 and a junior in college? How can I possibly be old enough to have children this age? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was this age? My precious first born daughter is a delight to me…most of the time! I love the relationship I have with her! We enjoy just being together, watching a movie or talking all snuggled up under the covers. She is a blessing. I am sorry that she has a final to take on her birthday and won’t be home for a few more days though! But then I get to have her with me for almost a month and that will be wonderful!  ~Happy Birthday Stephanie!~

Testimonies, finals and other things…

We had Michael home for Thanksgiving! He did get to come home and we were very relieved! When he went back he was asked to give his testimony in the service at the church they went to for that Sunday. He was asked to give his testimony as they were riding in the van to go to the service! He was quite nervous as he didn’t have anytime time, to speak of, to prepare! They don’t get to give their testimony unless they are asked and they have to have been in the program for a while. If you know Michael at all you know that when he gave his testimony he didn’t leave anything out! He really laid it all on the line and came clean with the people about what God had saved him from! It really made an impact on Michael himself, not to mention the people who were listening.  After all three of the boys had given their testimony, Michael was called back up front. They wanted to have special prayer for him. One woman committed to pray for Michael every week until he graduates. We are seeing such huge changes in him, and know that God is doing a wonderful work in him. We also are well aware that Michael  still has a long way to go! Don’t we all? He is going to make it though and he is going to succeed through the power and blood of Jesus!

Now onto finals…

Stephanie is in high stress mode this week! She had a final due Sunday night at 10pm and her computer wouldn’t work! dellShe was, needless to say, in a panic, but more than that she was discouraged to a level that I have seldom seen her at. As we all know college is a different world than what we live in. stressed-out-studentThey have their own culture, rules, life style, everything! As much fun as college can be it can also send you into a tailspin that can be very difficult to get out of.  I am asking that you pray for Stephanie during this time,  she is in need of our encouragment!  I know that there are some of you out there that will take this to heart and really lift her up!

As for the other things…

Well for the sake of those that are so very private I won’t go into much detail here. I can, contrary to popular belief, show discretion when needed! The problem is that sometimes I don’t think discretion is needed when others do, which can truly chap my cheeks, but I am trying to conform, somewhat, to the wishes of others!  Suffice it to say that we are a household still grieving the loss of  Grandma this holiday season. We are experiencing all the “firsts” right now.  We have also had to walk through some things that have totally took our breath away, and not in the good kind of  “oh that took my breath away” but in the, kick me in the gut and leave me gasping for air, kind of way! maxine27 But through all that has happened this year, and it has been a BAD year, God has been faithful to us in everyway! He has never left our side, He has been there leading, guiding, supporting, comforting! No matter how much we whined, groaned, and complained!! He is an amazing God! And when the time comes to celebrate, He will be there for that as well!