We have Michael for the whole weekend!

We are going to see that new movie out called “UP” tonight. The movie looks like it will be funny and it is rated G so wMOWING LAWNe should be safe there! We don’t really have any other plans this weekend, other than the usual mowing the lawn,

 hopefully finishing the roof,roofing




Cleaning house,

cleaning supplies

doing laundry,LAUNDRY


you know all the fun stuff! Wouldn’t want Michael to think anything has changed around here!



I am also planning to make a trip over to one of my dear friends house to see the new baby that they just brought home! Of course you are probably thinking that they brought this precious bundle home from the hospital, but this is not the case! They are just home from the Marshal Islands where they have adopted their little son, Sam! He is soooooo cute! If you want to see him just click on the link to Chelle’s blog called “and sam makes seven”  you will see how beautiful he is and how very blessed they are to have him!!!   The link is there to the right, at the very top of the list!

My job is going well and I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store for me…waiting seems to be what the Lord is wanting to teach me right now, and so I am content to “wait on Him” and enjoy the ride!


Graduation 4 down 2 to go…

Kevins Graduation 2009 025Kevin graduated this last weekend! Yea, he made it!!! We are so proud of him and all that he accomplished. Dosn’t he look handsome in his cap and gown? He is planning to go into the Marines this fall, but for now he is working for Crossland Heavy before he leaves out for boot camp. 


Kevins Graduation 2009 038


On the same day David had his 23rd birthday! He had a veggie tale cake…

 Stephanie and Kevin’s idea and what a great one it was! He loved it!!



 He, as always was very excited about everything he got for his birthday!




Heres a pic of his enthusiasm!!  IMG_1703

Christmas and birthdays are such a hoot with David! We had a great day with family and friends! We were missing Michael and that was sad but the rest of the day was just GREAT!

Am I getting the job? hmmmmmm

interviewWell I have now had my interview…so what is the decision? I don’t know yet! There was a more qualified applicant that was interviewed and she looks to be a good fit for our office, so where does that leave me you ask? That leaves me in a place of great favor, as the doctors are discussing “creating” a new position for me. They have been very pleased with my work and God has been faithful to me in every way. So now I wait for the verdict and hopefully I will be offered my new position soon.  I am expected to learn EVERY aspect of running the practice, so that whenever someone is gone I can step in and do the job on the non-clinical side.  This suits me very well. Isn’t it cool how God places us in the place that we fit the best when we allow Him to make the decisions? So I still don’t know “anything”, yet I know enough.  I am looking forward to the job, whatever the title is….



Michael was found and he is safe….

I know that it was quite a scare for me that my son went missing, but he is safe and sound. He had an issue with a staff member at TC and needed some space, so he took a walk…a very long walk! He had no intentions of running away, that is a plus.  Sometimes things get out of hand before you know it and then you have a problem. I don’t know all the details but I think that is what happened here. We don’t know what the outcome of this is going to be, but we are trusting God with this as well! Who better to leave it with?

opinions…everybody has one or more as the case may be!

As people we all have our opinions about just about everything! So what happens when people we care about have a different opinion then ours about some very important issues?  Do we just walk away and say you think what you think and I will think what I think? Does that solve anything? What are the motives behind the opinions? What is truly at the heart of the issue? Do we ever really find out before we make a judgement call?  I know that I have been guilty of this more often than not…have you? 

We have a situation like this right now. We  know that the reason for the youth trip to Florida is so that the precious people, who love my son, can be there to support him in his great achievement of making it to Nationals (see previous post)! We are very proud of this and want to do everything we can to support him. But we do question going into a financial bind in order to do this. Our youth pastors are wonderful and are doing a fabulous job with our youth. They desire to be at Nationals to support Kevin. They want the whole youth group to be able to go. That is the sweetest thing, but is it the best?  The difference of opinion isn’t that they shouldn’t “support” Kevin, they should, but does it have to be a youth event that only a couple of the youth will get to participate in?  Charlie and I both have no problem with them going , just don’t call it a youth function when, in all likelyhood, only a couple of youth will get to go, (not even Kelly, his sister, is going to be able to go…)

Charlie has already got everything set up for him and Kevin to go, the flight, hotel, registration are all taken care of now.  (So much for our tax refund…)  They are looking forward to not only the competition but also the father/son time they get to spend together for the week.  Kevin graduates this year from high school and has started the process to join the Marines (sigh, eyes to heaven, begging God for his protection).  The time they will have there is precious.

For the record Charlie and I  don’t want to cause division and truth be known we would rather that this had never even come up…but it has. I am totally in agreement with Charlie on this. This has caused us to reflect on some things, reevaluating and praying. The seasons of our life seem to be going by so quickly, sometimes we come full circle, no most times we come full circle. Time to face some things that we left undone, I think.