I got a speeding ticket a couple of weeks ago, now any of you who know me know that I am very careful about not speeding. I, however, was speeding the other night. I didn’t realize it, the road was empty with the exception of me and the cop who was lying in wait for me to come down the highway, and then chose to follow me for a couple of miles before pulling me over right before the Kansas state line. I was in Oklahoma. He was rather smug and I didn’t care for his attitude but I was respectful didn’t argue with him. I said all that to say this though, I called the Ottawa County Courthouse to fine out how much my fine was, the lady on the phone told me the total and gave me the address when I asked where to mail the check. So I wrote the check and mailed it that same day. I got the check back in the mail today with the ticket and a letter telling me that they are not allowed to accept personal or business checks, that I have to send them a cashiers or a money order, and they kindly extended my due date to Nov 15th. Good thing since today was the due date! But my annoyance comes from this woman I talked with not telling me on the phone that they do not accept personal checks! She did manage to let me know she has been with the courthouse for 13 years but the fact that I am calling to get the amount for a fine that I am going to mail the check in for does not trigger for her that perhaps she should let me know that I would need to get a cashiers check or a money order? Simple! Really really annoys me the inability of people to think about things especially when it is part of their job. Now before I get comments defending her, yes she may have been having an off day, could have just simply forgot, who knows the fact is I am still annoyed that I now have to go to the trouble of getting the money order or cashiers check and get it in the mail or hand deliver it. Maybe I will do just that, hand deliver it so I can express my feelings when I get in there.

Family Reunion Fun and Laughter

ruled the day! We had tacos, pumpkin bars, cookies, fruit, chips and salso, and lots of laughter and fun mixed all in with it! We didn’t have everyone there and we really wish all could have come! Tammy was putting names on everyones cups and drawing cute little things on them and then she saw Kelly’s cup that Kelly had done herself with a horse on it of course, and Tammy was so put out with Kelly and her perfection! Made us all laugh, clear up to the point that Tammy took Kelly’s cup away from her when they left! Kelly drew on another one with just a stick horse stating it was Tammy’s work and then she drew another with her horse and stated that anything Tammy could do Kelly could do better! Got just a little ugly for a bit but it was all good :/ I am working on Kelly, hasn’t helped but I am working on her! Teri’s house is looking very nice! They have made a ton of progress since we were there last year, and Aunt Janet and Uncle Richard are living in the rental house across the way from them again. Of course Aunt Janets house is adorable, Tanya and I went over to see it and touched everything we could (we were never allowed to touch anything in Aunt Janet’s house when we were kids)!! We are still just a wee bit bitter about it but we are making progress with our therapy ūüôā Our mothers all have these picture perfect homes and then there are our homes! NOT picture perfect but like I said we are not bitter…

Kevin was a hoot I tried to download some video and I cannot find it, I have no idea where on my computer it disappeared to! It has to be here somewhere but I may never see it again!! Lindsay was there with baby Justice and he was held by someone alllll the live long day! But none of us had him as much as Kevin did, this boy of mine just loves the babies! They fell asleep on the couch together and took a little snooze so sweet don’t you think?

All of my kiddos made it accept Stephanie, I missed her, but I know I can’t always have everyone at the same time. We will all be together for thanksgiving and again at Christmas. Like I have stated before I truly love getting to spend time with family, they are the greatest people in the whole world!

Waiting on God’s promises…

When David was a baby he was prophesied over that “he would be in his right mind, and would preach the Word of God”. This same prophesy has been spoken over David at every home church that we have attended and at a couple that we were visiting. No the wording wasn’t exact but the spirit and intention of the word was the same. When David was around 5 or 6 he had a seizure that wouldn’t stop and he was life flighted to Springfield Mo St Johns hospital. We followed in the car. When we left, the enemy spoke what seemed so real that I thought everyone in the car heard him, he said that he was going to kill David this time and that when we got there he would be dead. At that moment in time I told him that God is the one who decides when His people die and that even if David were dead when we arrived, I would still serve the Lord with all my heart, mind and soul! Though He slay me yet will I trust Him! At the moment¬†I stated this outloud to the enemy God spoke to my heart the scripture in Psalm 118:17 inserting David’s name “David will live and not die, and declare the works of the Lord!” I knew when we arrived at the hospital that my son would be alive. We have walked a long hard road with David and his handicaps and seizures. We have been believing God for a miracle for 24 years now. He started having seizures again in the last two years, after being seizure free for ten years. What is the deal? We, Charlie and I, have become somewhat weary in¬†waiting on the Lord to perform this miracle. We still believe that we heard from God, we still believe that it will happen but we have become lazy in our belief.

My son Kevin has gone away to CBC and he came home this weekend with a burden for David that is so strong and urgent. I found myself not sharing this burden. Kevin has been praying EVERY night for Davids miracle, and he firmly believes that it is coming any day now. My son Michael prays for Davids miracle on a regular basis as well.¬† Kevin and Michael have made me step back and look at what is going on inside me where David is concerned and quite frankly I don’t like what I see there. Skepticism, unbelief, frustration, laziness, to name a few. I wonder did the people in the bible who had to wait a long time for God’s promises get discouraged or lazy? I think they did. I know that God’s promise is true and that He is going to do the work. I have had some say that maybe it won’t be like we think. Maybe He will work through David like he is now. Welllll the prophesy was that David would be in his right mind. I guess it is all up to interpretation. Whatever the Lord is going to do I am once again looking for it and expecting it soon. Thank you Lord for keeping the promise alive in this family, there is always someone who is standing strong! I am amazed at what God is doing in the lives of my children and the love they have for the Lord. They have their own relationship with Him that is based on their own knowledge and experience with the One True God! I only have one that is yet to come to this place and I know that God is faithful and will complete the work in her as well! I am praying daily for that to happen. Continue reading

Stupid is as Stupid does

I cannot quite get my head around the way some people think now a days. This girl that made accusations against my son wanted to know tonight why we were picking on her! We do not want her around him. He has to be at the games for a grade for band and she insists on being in the band room, with the band in the stands, everywhere they are she wants to be. Please understand this girl has graduated from high school!¬†¬†Now does this sound like someone who is scared for her life? She thinks that we are just mean and picking on her. She actually thinks that she should be able to do anything she wants and that we should be fine with it. That it is just because we don’t like her. Wellllll we don’t like her, she is a liar, and was and is¬†nothing but trouble from the moment our son met her until she lied to the police and landed him in Juvenile detention. What was her reason for this? Because she couldn’t pursue another boy with Michael in the way. Yes that is right she lied to the police so she could get him out of the way so she could meet up with another young man who ,by the way,¬†has a family much like ours and are very much against this relationship as well. And what blows my mind is that she thinks that we are being rediculous for not wanting her around our son. Whaaatttttt? Are you kidding me? I know I need to get over this, I choose to forgive her, I am sure that the feelings will follow in a year or two! I will not be kept in a prison of unforgiveness for this girl or anyone else for that matter, however I will not allow her to manipulate my family. My son, in the name of Jesus, is not going to have to live with these lies for the rest of his life the truth will be revealed and the lies exposed! Lord help me remember that I am not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of the air. And I have all the authority and power of God almighty behind me! Fully equipped to fight and win!

On to better things! I got to spend some time with my daughters in KC a couple of weeks ago and had such a good time with them, my son Michael is telling me that my use of the word good is not proper that I should be more discriptive!  We had such a grand time! I also got to spend time with my cousin Tanya! We laughed and talked well into the night! I  just absolutely love getting to spend time with my family! We are meeting in Pittsburg next weekend for a family get together and we are all looking forward to it so much. There will be family driving in from all around just to spend time together! I really do have an amazing family. I will post pics of the day for you next week!

I am soooo blessed even in the midst of darkness I know that God is in control and I am learning to grab hold of the “little things” and marvel at God’s Goodness to us! I had lunch with a friend today that inspires me with her incredible faith in the midst of very difficult times, I wonder how I would deal with what she and her family are going through at this time. This I do know though, as long as I have God on my side I can depend on Him to bring me through anything that comes my way…even stupid little girls…just saying :-/