medical lawsuits

what does this do to us? when people are greedy and see $ signs bad things happen. what are we going to do when we no longer have qualified drs to care for us because they are unable to afford malpractice insurance or it becomes so unsafe for them to practice that they just walk away from medicine and leave it to the true quacks? What will we do then? Drs are flawed people just like you and me, the difference being that you and me are allowed to make mistakes and not fear being sued for them. Drs cannot make mistakes without fear of their patients suing them for all they have. Our drs are being sued for small things, things that are not life or death but just inconvenient for the patient. If they fix the problem why are they still in danger of this patient suing them? I am very disturbed by this problem and I can assure you that we are headed to yet another healthcare crisis…that of no reputable drs left to take care of our healthcare needs. All this so lawyers and their greedy clients can get rich. A few win the rest of us pay the price in truly unacceptable healthcare. So we will not only have poor coverage with the plan that our president has for us but we will not have drs that are skilled enough to take care of us in the event we need it. Which in light of the fact that we wouldn’t be approved for the procedure anyway maybe this won’t affect us as much as I thought…but that is a whole other issue from what I am talking about here. It is time for the lawsuits that are driving our drs out of practice stop. Does this mean that I think all of them are bogus? No it means that I think that many of them are bogus and nothing more than a greedy grasp for money that belongs to others! Just saying is all….

Can you believe we are at the end of February?

Where the heck did all the time go? How are we already this far into the year? It amazes me how fast time flys by! We go to work, come home, fix dinner, clean up, go to bed, get up and do it all over again with little changing unless we are going to church on a Wednesday night. I went to the dr today, my colesterol is to high, I am to fat and I don’t exercise enough! But hey what is wrong with that? I mean really who has time to add more to an already to full day? I need to exercise more so the time I spend walking all over the office dosn’t count? I think it does and I am so tired by the end of the day that I have obviously worked out right? Don’t any of you fitness buffs comment on this I don’t want to know hear what you have to say! Oh wait do I have any fitness buffs who read my ramblings? Probably not 🙂  Hello to my friend, Carol who checks up on me here just so she can know if I am okay or not, isn’t it sad that I am so busy that those I love have to find out how I am by reading my blog, and I don’t even keep up with it regulary.

Things are going well at work still.

Things are going well at home.

Things are going well at church.

So that about covers it…so until the next time God’s blessings

Twlight Zone continues

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I don’t know what is going on but our OC has been so nice, always ready to help in any way I or anyone else needs! I had to take my car to the shop today, which meant I was late for work. She was at my desk covering my post while I was gone, so nice when I got there stuck around to help with the phones…nice to the patients too! Wow, what did they say to her to bring about this complete change? And when is the act going to crumble?
My car by the way is in the shop because Michael ran over a large racoon the other night, did damage to my bumper and radiator…my poor car it has been in the shop now for repairs 5 times!

Thank God for His protection…

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Holly was in an accident this morning on 435 in KC. She was on her way to work, when the truck in front of her slowed or stopped, I am unclear on exact details, she was unable to stop and turned into the median. Had there not been a barrier there she would have spun into oncoming traffic. I know her angels were on task this morning! She did a great job of avoiding an accident with the truck in front of her, and there was a tow truck 1 minute behind her and the police were there within a couple of minutes as well. God is soooo good and faithful to His children. Holly was very shook up, but she is doing well now. Our children are precious no matter how old they are or how independant they become! Things could have been tragic…thank you God, they are just inconvenient 🙂

coming to grips with the fact that

our children do not always want to confide in us, their loving parents, can be such a hard thing to do! When they are hurting and having a hard time and turn to someone else, even when the someone else is their youth pastor, it leaves you feeling kinda funny, rejected, and well just irritated!  For myself and my husband that is. But the fact is that I didn’t confide in my parents everything that was going on with me as a teen and my husband definately didn’t confide in his so why are we suprised when our own children go to someone else? The enemy works overtime to bring wedges into families and into church families dosn’t he? I am so thankful that my kids feel that they can talk to their youth pastor and I am also thankful that when their youth pastors feel we need to know things they lead the kids to tell us, that is a blessing that not everyone has. We, as parents, can push our kids to hard and actually cause them to draw back from confiding in us even more. We have to be careful and respect their right to talk when they are ready. this balancing act dosn’t get any easier. I have been through this teenage thing with 4 kids and 2 still walking it out. These times are so emotional and traumatic for all of us! But by Gods grace we are going to make it through the last 2!

Working in the twilight zone…

Our OC has become the sweetest, most helpful person to work with! I am wondering who she really is and what this person did with that other woman, that made work so miserable to go to. My guard is up at all times the nicer she is the more careful I am! Our new girl started work today, I really hope she stays. Drama, drama, drama… At least this drama makes you laugh and not cry…yet 😀