Today is my precious Kelly Ann’s birthday!

She has had an eventful year this year! She met the love of her life in April of this year and married him this last Saturday! They chose to have a private ceremony on the beach in N. Carolina. We didn’t get to attend but we were very much in agreement with this marriage! Very happy for both Tim and Kelly!  Happy Birthday My sweet girl! I pray that you are always as happy and blessed as you are right now! I love you so very much!!Kelly baby picKelly cheerleaderkelly-72Kelly and MichaelKelly and Michael weddingKelly and CabrinaKelly and Tim 2Kelly and Tim

I quit my job last week.

My previous post was about what led up to my decision last week. I chose to keep it protected till my decision was made due to not wanting to cause more problems than I already had. But now that the decision has been made I unprotected the post. It tells pretty much everything…I am saddened beyond words to have walked away from some of the neatest people I have ever had the honor of working with. I will miss them greatly. But I know that God has other plans for me now, and they do not include working there anymore. For now I am going to help out at the Blossom Shoppe getting things inventoried and whatever else I can help with. We have play practice most nights and that is fun and distracting. I don’t really know what God is wanting to do with me now, but I do know that I am listening and waiting to hear from Him for my next step. I have chosen to walk in forgiveness, to move on and just let it go. The grief I feel is still heavy and I have found it difficult to get past leaving my coworkers, but like any “loss” I will heal and I will get better. Thank you for praying for me when the Lord brings me to your mind. I suspect I still have days ahead that I will struggle.