Thanksgiving Day

We had a great day today with family. I had all my children home, as well as my brother and his family and my mom and dad. We also had a special guest with us, Kevin’s girlfriend April. We had a relaxing day, with lots of laughing and catching up. I was able to get pictures of all the grandkids, I don’t know that getting all the kids together is going to continue to be feasable as they are all growing up and moving on so quickly. But they are a great looking group.

We had a big meal and great fellowship all the way around. I am enjoying some quiet time now as they have all gone home or shopping. I am not fond of shopping or crowds so I am NOT going out in the madness of Black Friday! I am sure that I am missing many great and wonderful deals but I absolutely hate to be in crowds of people pushing and shoving and being rude, selfish and a whole list of other adejectives…but Kevin, Michael and April are not bothered by the behavior and have ventured out into the madness of Black Friday. Stephanie has gone back to Nixa to be with Corbins family, Corbin opted not to spend Thanksgiving with us, we were very disappointed that he didn’t come. Holly has gone home to KC as she has to work tomorrow. Kelly, Charlie and I are watching the Phantom of the Opera in HD, and David is in bed. My folks and Scotts family have all gone back to Branson. All in all it has been a good day.