We are heading to Branson to spend the day with family! There are going to be 23 of us there and I am really looking forward to getting to spend time with everyone. All of my children get to be with us, we thought Holly may have to work and not get to be with us this year. But she is off tonight and dosn’t have to be back until Friday night. Haven’t had Thanksgiving at a restaurant in many years, I have cooked this meal for so many years that it is weird to not be home! My mom let me know that I needed this break and that it was time to take it, and sooooo I listened and off we go to Branson.  I hope that all is well with all of my 3 readers this Thanksgiving and that it is blessed by the presence of Jesus in every way.


this is a word that makes the difference in every relationship in our life! If you do not trust someone, you are unable to have a relationship with them that is fulfilling, you are always wondering if what they are telling you is true, or will they actually come through on what they have said they will do or not do…but what about someone not trusting you because they have believed a lie. Now there is a tough situation. How do you win that trust back and if the relationship is a close one how do you reconcile that they would believe a lie over what you tell them? And thus we have trust broken on both sides of the relationship. This is the play ground of the enemy and he loves this game! I am struggling in this area with a situation in my own life right now. I am totally stuck right now and unable to get past this. I know the forgiveness part and that is really not the hard part, the restoring trust is the problem. I am unable to be myself for fear of what I was accused of being thrown at me again, so now my relationship with others is being affected as well. I hate this feeling and I hate not being able to move past it. I am battling not becoming bitter and finding that I am not winning. I know what I need to do, I know that I have to forgive and take the chance of being hurt again by loving completely again, that walking in fear of being mistaken for something I am not is not of God, and that not being myself is not acceptable.  My head knows all this and preaches it to others on a regular basis, but my heart and my emotions are not hearing very well….

Okay what is it going to take to see some change?

How bad does a person have to be at their job before they are sent packing? This week my manager has managed to be responsible for losing one of our new hired girls, she was offered an interview at another office this week and gladly went because of the tension and spitefulness of the office manager. I really liked this girl and was really disappointed that she won’t be working with me. I completely understand why she is leaving and taking this other job, it pays better, has better benefits and hopefully won’t have the tension of our office! But back to my original rant…how bad do you have to be at managing before you are removed from that position? We had chaos at work today and it boiled down to lack of communication and not paying attention to the schedule to make sure we have the people we need to keep the office running smoothly…now who would be responsible for this? Wouldn’t it be the office coordinator? Am I way off base with this thought process? So tell me why everyone is at fault but her? Why are there people in tears over this situation and being blamed when all they were doing was their job? I do not understand…. so like I said before, what is it going to take for some change to take place? How many more weeks. months. God forbid years. will it take to remove an incompetent person from a job that is obviously to difficult for her? Highly frustrated would be putting it mildly to explain how I feel!  You will all be glad to know that I have kept my mouth shut so far…came close to flying open today though, came very close!

Update time

Work today was not so good, I am so glad that Beth will be back at her post tomorrow. She has been gone for a week to Mexico on vacation and I have had the incredible privilage to have my character built by working side by side with my office manager! I have done my job and part of Beths job, while Callie did her job and most of the rest of Beths job…I really don’t know what my manager did, it sure wasn’t a help! I am being spiteful I know but COME ON, if you are going to be up there at least help out with the work load! I had to work an hour past when I should have been going home with my husband and two of my sons waiting for me in the parking lot! Because the amount of work that had to be done was rediculous! Did my manager stay and help? NO, she had things she had to do! Like none of the rest of us have things we need to do? Yes I am a little on the ticked off side of things right now. That on top of a new girl starting up front this week and being made to feel like she is less than dirt under the office managers feet! She is doing a good job in spite of the treatment that she has had to endure this week, I only hope she dosn’t quit!  I do get tired of the crap around there, and most of it comes from the same person, not all, mind you, there are others who like to spread crap!

On to better things…I went to KC this weekend to see my daughter and my cousin! Had a great time. We went to see my Grandma while I was there. She is doing as well as can be expected. She had no idea who I was but she enjoyed the visit!  Idon’t know how much longer we have with her, so every opportunity to see her is preciuos! My Aunt Mary takes very good care of her. She was doing Grandmas nails when we got there and had gotten her dressed and ready for a visit.

Holly had a job interview today at Walmart and she got the job! Woot Woot!!!  She is VERY excited about that! So am I!! She has looked long and hard to get a job and had become discouraged, but she didn’t give up and it has paid off for her! She is loving dance class and I am so glad that she is going to be able to stay and continue her classes, she has made great strides in her classes and is impressing her instrutors, you go Holly Beth!

Things are gong well

reasonably well anyway. At work things are still tense and there is an awful lot of Junior High kind of drama going on. You would think that adults would be able to work together and get the job done without acting like imature little girls. Kinda frustrating, okay VERY frustrating!  Michael had a bad day today, his laptop and his wallet were both stolen out of the car today when he stopped at the convenience store. He had just cashed his paycheck so the wallet had all his pay in it! The laptop was brand new he just got it last week! He was very very upset. We reported it to the police and to the school (the laptop is school property). The laptop won’t do him much good because it will log off and it can be locked by the school making it virtually useless to anyone but the student it belongs to. The Police said they would investigate and see if they could track down the thief. If you think of Michael pray for him and that this thief is found and brought to justice.

We have enjoyed not having to be at the church every night this week! Taking a break albeit a very small one was needed! We start in again tomorrow with the Christmas production. Callbacks are tomorrow night after church and then practices again! Good thing I love doing this kind of thing…

Holly is still looking for work and getting rather frustrated with the lack of openings, she is loving dance class however, making it very difficult for her to consider coming back home.

Stephanie is busy with classes and work right now. She only has 1 1/2 semesters left though, she is getting close!

David is on a new anti convulscent that we have never had him on before, the first one they tried messed with his mood to much. He was having outbursts at the day services he goes to everyday as well as at home. We pray this one will work better. He seems to be doing fine this weekend.

Kelly is loving getting to spend more time with her horse. She “made” me get on her today and walked me around the yard…whoo hoo I am not a horse person, I’m just not, okay, don’t you judge me!  I used to ride them when I was a teen, but that was many years ago!

Kevin is working for his dad still and has not signed up for the marines at this point…don’t know what is going on there but I must say that I am just fine with him not signing up right now.

Charlie is working on a new song for church and pretty much lost in his own little world right now. He did however shear off Dollie Mae today, poor poor Dollie mae, She was not happy about this but she is not a matted hair ball anymore! No now she has no hair, it was matted that bad. Oh well I’m not complaining she needed the grooming and I am not home during the week to get her to the groomers, Charlie just decided enough was enough and now…well…she is what she is.

“The Room”

by Cleveland McLeish was a resounding success last night. We are doing the play again this morning for the church.

This play is about the Judgement.  A young man finds himself dead and in the judgement room with God and no excuses that hold any water. Very powerful impact and we had at least 12 people surrender their lives to the Lord last night! We thought this was an appropriate play for Halloween night and were blessed that we had the turn out we did. They passed 100 flyers out at the high school and we had 19 come. Pretty good percentage there!

I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do with this. And how the lives of those of us who are “christian” will be impacted by the outcome of the judgement room for a young man who thought he was a christian but found out that what the word says is very true…not everyone who says Lord Lord, is truly saved.

It is appointed a man once to die and then the judgement…

If you were to find yourself in the room of judgement today what would the outcome be? Would the Lord say “Well done my good and faithful servant” or would he say “Depart from me, I never knew you”

Don’t put off today what must be done today…we have no guarantee of tomorrow!