Things are moving along so quickly

how is that time just fly’s by without stopping? I cannot get a grip on how much time has passed and how much has been going on. We live in such an exciting time and scary time all at once! There is such a lot going on in our country, so much at stake. The presidential election is pivitol to our future, and the sheer amount of gullible people in our country that can and will vote is terrifying! But that isn’t the purpose of this blog so I am going to move on to other topics…

I am so excited about getting to have my family home for Thanksgiving. I miss them all so much! It seems that I get such a small amount of time with them anymore. My kids have all gone their separate ways, even Mike and Kelly who are still living here at home are rarely around. Of course David is always here and always close by, he does love his momma. Scott and Heidi will be here with their family, my mom and dad will be here, and it will be so wonderful to have everyone one under one roof even if it is only for a short time. Our family has grown to such a size that it is getting harder to have everyone together. Gettng the schedules to match up is anything but easy now.

Things at work got pretty heated this last Friday, sounds like it was a good day for me to be home sick! But issues were addressed and hopefully things will be better now that expectations are set and bounderies have been placed. We have to work as a team if it is going to work!

We are gearing up for Christmas programs. We start practice for The Gospel According to Scrooge this next week, and Charlie is getting the music together for our church program. It will be a very busy tme for the next couple of months, oh who am I kidding? It is always a busy time around here!

People really annoy me,

We had Senior night at the high school tonight. When I went in I let them know that I was only there for the the senior night thing and that I was leaving as soon as it was over. I didn’t have to pay to get in. Not so for my husband who was running late and had to stop at the gate to pay to get in. He missed the procession altogether, and then we turned around and left immediately afterwords. It truly is who you talk to, if you go to the gate where Janet is working you will have to pay to get in even if you are not going to stay for the game. I don’t go to the gate she is at ever, but Charlie was in a hurry to get to the field and she was at the closest gate, not that it made any difference. He takes a good attitude about it and says its okay he just made a donation to the sports program. I think it is just a hard nosed woman. I truly have some issues with this woman. I really need to deal with them. They go back many many years, and just because I am not alone in these issues, but do in fact share them with many others in our small town, does not make it okay for me to carry this bitterness toward her. It really isn’t about the $3 charged to walk our daughter across the track for Senior night, it is just one more item in the long list of other offenses over the last 20 years that we have lived here. I wish I could be more like Charlie in that he can still smile and be nice to people who are annoying.
And now my son is wanting, close to demanding that I get him an Iphone with a data plan and he wants me to pay for it all. After all he only makes minimum wage and I should understand…blah blah blah, when will he learn that the more you pressure me the harder I dig my heels in? When will he learn that trying to guilt me into something won’t work, but will actually backfire. whatever they are. Can you tell that I am kinda cranky? Can you tell that I have had a long day and am tired of people altogether? My house is a mess, my laundry piled to the ceiling, and I am sitting here on my computer complaining. Baaahhh

Spent the day in KC yesterday and then today in

Springfield. It was a really good couple of days. We went to KC for Joyce Molina’s funeral, she was 83 when she died and lived an incredibley full and wonderful life. Charlie and I were able to reconnect with Charlies life time friend, David Molina and his wife Jaquie. They are a couple of really neat people! And their kids made such an impression on us. Very personable, respectful, and just all around great kids! We really enjoyed getting to know them a little bit.

After lunch with David and his family we went to visit Holly, she wasn’t feeling good at all. We took her to dinner, got her some cold medicine and took her home so she could go to bed. We hated it that she wasn’t feeling good, but we did get some time with her.

Saturday Charlie took his final class and test for Ordination. We just have to wait the full 2 years now between license and Ordination. While he was in class I went to breakfast with Kevin and his new girl. Got to know her some today and found that she is a really neat young lady. They both seem to be quite happy with their relationship. We took the two of them out for dinner along with David, there was a great deal of laughing and teasing! It was just a really great time of getting to know her.

I miss my Music man friends!

The post play blues are the pits! You spend so much time with a group of people and then you have the performance weekend and then boom it is all over! You all go back to your lives and you don’t see eachother till the next play! I miss the fun times, the frustrating times, the working through the problems and making a great show happen! The laughter, the jokes played on eachother, everything that goes with it. But alas it is over and life definately goes on! And life has gone on for sure!
As well as death…we have had 3 deaths right in a row. Our friend and neighbor Barb Howey died last week, our previous pastor from our youth, Darrell Miles, died this week and then today we found out Joyce Molina died this week as well. So much death in such a short period of time. The good thing is that they all knew Jesus and they are all in heaven rejoicing in His presence and that of those who went before them! Pastor Miles has been reunited with Julie his daughter and my dear friend that was killed years ago. He is getting the details and truth of what happened to her all those years ago. Charlie and I will be heading to KC for the funeral of Joyce Molina, she is the mother of Charlies best friend in High School.
Charlie and I will also be going to Springfield on Saturday. Charlie has his last ministry class. After this class all he has to do is wait the 2 years between being licensed and ordained. AND we get to meet Kevins girlfriend, April. WE are really looking forward to meeting this young lady who has so completely caught our sons attention! She is a real cutie.