Day out with my daughter Kelly…

We had such a good time today. We went to see the movie “Journey to the center of the earth”This was a good movie, no bad language, no skin, and the action was fun not gory! Then we went to my daughters favorite restaurant, which happens to be mine also, Bella Peppers<
We also got some really good deals at Goodys. They are going out of business and they had things on sale for 70-80% off! We didn’t find a whole lot but we each came away from there happy. Kelly got a pair of really cute shorts. And I got a dress and shoes valued at $130 for $30!!! We talked and talked about all kinds of things, it was just a good time for us both. She goes to High School in a couple of weeks…I want to maintain a good relationship with her. I think we are off to a great start! My time left is so short I don’t want to waste a moment of it.

I was offered the job

So now I have to go in for a physical and a drug screen. I am really looking forward to working. I know most of you think I am nuts, but bear with me for a moment. I have been home with my children for 22 years. I homeschooled for the last 16 of those 22 years. I am ready for a change. Just for the record I prayed about this move and asked the Lord to direct my steps in where He wanted me to be. To place me in the office, with the specific people He wanted me with. Where did he put me? In a lab! I will be a secretary in the Lab at Freeman Hospital. I think this will be challenging for me and fun at the same time. They are willing to work around my school schedule, the hours are not the best but I can’t be to choosy right now.

I am truly hoping that I will be more successful working than I have been as a stay-at-home-mom. I can say that I didn’t meet my own standards or my childrens and there is so much I would do over again if given the chance. The thing is that you only have one chance with your kids. So if you have young children, remember that they will remember…everything, what you said or did that was selfish or hurtful, or what you didn’t say or do that was selfish or hurtful. They won’t remember the good things as easily, like the times that you sacrificed sleep, time, money…so they could have something that they “just had to have” or to take care of them while they are puking their guts up, or to cry with them when they have been mistreated or hurt, correcting wrong attitudes so that they can grow up to have Godly character, the list seems limitless. The reason that they won’t remember those times is because we don’t tell our children that we are sacrificing for them we just do it. If you have small children enjoy them, make them feel important, let them ramble on and on about who knows what. I didn’t do that enough and now I get to pay the piper. But, also, don’t allow them to tell you that “you don’t love them” when you are not “doing” everything they think you should be doing. The truth of the matter is that our children don’t usually know what is “best” for them. If they did why would they need parents? And when they reach the age that they should be able to make mature decisions, well we just hold on and keep helping them until they are as mature as they think they are. Being a parent of adult children has proven to be the most painful time of my life. But by God’s grace I will get through this too!

Family is a precious commodity

I have had the privilage of having family visit this weekend. We had a great time together just being together! I find it interesting that this is not the norm in all families. Why is that? I love to have my family here. The house was full, the noise level at times was, well, loud! It is great now that the kids are older we can leave the younger children in the care of the older children and get away without kids for awhile! That was great! We went to a movie,
I would not recommend this movie for young children, lots of suggestive dances, comments, etc…Music was fun and takes you back!

had lunch at Olive Garden, and it was wonderful!

got pedicures
Nothing like being pampered!

Went to the Mall
I endured this part because I love these people…(eye roll)

We had a great time and it was very refreshing for all of us. We were tired when we got home, but everyone needs a day away from the norm. It was my cousins birthday and we celebrated all day!
It was my dads birthday too, but he didn’t get to join us…like he would have wanted to!!! So to my family I want to say that I love you very much and am so glad you are mine!


If my child chooses to walk in sin is it my fault?

Well what to say? I was listening to Focus on the Family this morning and it just didn’t sit well with me. That is not the norm, I am usually in complete agreement with what is said on there. I have the highest respect for James Dobson and the people that he interviews. This morning however, I cannot accept what I “heard” which very well could have been different than what was actually said! Kids are walking away from the faith of their childhood after highschool at the rate of 90%. Okay, the next thing that was said was that it is the parents fault for not teaching them. Okay, that very well may be true in a large number of the cases, but it is not the case in all of them. It was stated that the church and the parents do not believe that the parents are capable of teaching their kids about scripture. Okay that may be true, but not in all cases. I absolutely agree that it is the parents job to train their children in the ways of God, not the churches job. The church should suppliment, reinforce what is being taught at home. I absolutely agree with that. But where I differ here is that if you do all the right things your kids won’t stray. They have a free will and they can choose to align themselves with God or with the world. If I have done all I can, I have lived the life in front of them, I have taught them what God’s word says, I have been real with them and apologized when I have handled things badly, etc….that is not a guarantee that they will not stray. I have not been a perfect mother by any stretch of the imagination, there are so many things I would do differently, but I did teach my children, I trained them in the ways of God to the best of my understanding and ability at the time. Yet I have one who is not attending church or even trying to develop relationships that will help her in her christian walk. I have another who is right now at MNTC because of poor choices that he was making. That is 2 of my 6 that if I take what was said in the broadcast this morning, are/were not walking with God and it is my fault because I didn’t train them right. What about the other 4 who are serving God and doing things right? How do I reconcile that? I know that I am probably blowing this way out of proportion, but if you have ever had a child choose to follow the world then you know the heartache that comes with that and how much we blame ourselves because we feel that we did something wrong. Then to have that reinforced through this particular broadcast that was by people who had young children still and had not walked this path yet…well it makes for a hard day.

*Please understand that I will still be listening to Focus on the Family, they have very good things to say and most of the time they are very encouraging to me. This was the first time I have felt this way about one their broadcasts and I have been listening to them for years.

**And for the record I do believe the promise of Gods word! My children have been trained in the ways of the Lord and I will see them (they are already making strides) come back into right relationship with God.

light at the end of the tunnel

Well Michael called last night. He is doing much better. He really struggled with going back to MNTC. Coming home was wonderful for him and he didn’t want to go back. He put his best foot forward, trying not to let us know how hard it was for him to leave us at the airport. Saturday he said that he felt like running for the first time. He was still struggling with this on Monday when he called me and I could hear it in his voice. But when he called last night the pep was back in his voice and he told me that he was doing much better. He wants to finish what he started and he isn’t going to leave until he graduates. Homesickness is the worst isn’t it? Keep praying for him, he needs it. Those of you who are on his correspondence list please don’t forget to send him notes of encouragement. Thanks for all you are doing to help him get through this.

No matter what situations life throws at you…
no matter how long and treacherous your journey may seem…
Remember,there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Ticking off the Atheists

I find it incredible how rude, brash, and without foundation some of these people are, yet they just cannot seem to take being confronted with the truth,and they call us rude, brash, calling God our “fairy friend in the sky”!
I don’t know about you but I don’t picture God as a fairy…(insert eye roll here)
My friend was banned from making comments on an Atheist blog because she was talking to this person about different versions of the bible. Totally ticked off this girl and she banned her from her site and accused her of being self righteous and condescending. Our little atheist had decided to purchase a bible and read it. My friend simply stated that the version she (the atheist) had purchased was written in the King James version and that there are other versions out there that are written in everyday language and are easier to understand. I guess that our atheist is of the understanding that the KJ is the only Bible that is The Word of God? Wait…back up, she says she dosn’t believe in God? Now who is confused? Also this girl was stating how ugly this Bible was and my friend pointed out that there are a multitude of Bibles out there why didn’t she get one in a color she liked? Conversation stuff, not self righteous and condescending stuff. I can assure you that this person (the atheist) is very sarcastic in her posts on Ray Comforts blog but she cannot take my friend having a conversation with her, no sarcasm involved? It positively puzzles me. And that would be twisted to say that I am puzzled because I am so simple and can’t grasp reality.

I think walking around with your eyes closed and thinking that because you choose not to open them that everything that is there is not there is not having a grasp on reality!

Flinging Dust is the blog ID this atheist uses if any of you are interested in checking this out. Makes for interesting insight into the mind of the deceived.

As a side note; after all this my friend is no longer banned from Flinging Dust’s blog. Awwww Geeeez that was big of her…

It’s College Folks not 6th grade!

It amazes me the attitudes of some of my classmates! Simple instructions are given and some of them act like they have been asked to do something unreasonable, and unacceptable! My instructor wants our papers labled like this:

Week #
Unit #
all of this in the bottom Right corner of the first paper.
All other papers need to be like this:

Unit #
Exercise #

Is this hard? Ahh Geezz, would any of you have a problem understanding this? Probably not, but there are some in my class who say they understand it but it is stupid and they shouldn’t have to do it that way. Waaaa Waaaaa
Our instructor is new. She came in the 3rd week of classes and our previous instructor has left to take a job in the medical field again. So these students I have mentioned are acting like junior high kids with a substitute! Yesterday they tried to tell her that the assignments due the third week were actually not due until this week. Whatever, I stated that the assignment sheet very clearly says that they were due the third week, not the fourth. This is not stuff that should be going on in a college class. I would like to knock some heads together, but alas that would be wrong and I would probably end up with a lawsuit against me!
My Instructor has stepped up to the plate though. She is very nice but she isn’t putting up with their childish crap stuff! She put them in their place today, I was proud of her. I really like her and I think she is going to be a very good instructor. As most of you know I have real hard time with Stupid and am happy that she is not going to put up with the stupid in the class!