Christians behaving poorly chaps my cheeks!

What is it about walking into a restaurant and being waited on that makes people think it is okay to be rude? Why do people think that it is okay to complain about every little thing about their food, sending their waiter or waitress running to do this and that and then because their food isn’t “just right” (the waitress is not the chef!) they don’t leave a tip or they leave a piddly tip? All this really bugs me, but what really chaps my cheeks, fellow christians, is when we as christians are guilty of this more than those who do not know our Savior! Do you know that the waiters and waitresses HATE to see the christians coming? And yes they know it is us because we come in our Sunday best after church and then treat our waiter/waitress like they are subhuman, and then leave little or nothing in the way of a tip or get this, leave them a tract telling them Jesus loves them! After they have been treated like dirt under our feet! You know they are so excited to come to know our Savior, his followers are such gentle and loving people! (insert eye roll here) This must bring such sorrow to our Lord, I know that it brings sorrow, frustration, and yes anger towards my fellow “christians” and I am using that term loosely. I am not so sure that you can act that way and really know Jesus. The word tells us that we are to become Like Him and I don’t think he would act this way in a restaurant or anywhere else for that matter. It is time to become Like Him and less like the world. It is such a sad thing when people who do not know Jesus treat others better than we do! Lets stop acting like babies and become who and what we are supposed to be. We should be the most courteous and best tippers in the restaurant. I know that I try to be courteous and I leave a healthy tip, 15% being the least amount I leave! Most of the time it is 20%. Let’s leave a good taste in the mouth of those who serve us, let’s let them see Jesus in us.


6 thoughts on “Christians behaving poorly chaps my cheeks!

  1. what brought this on? Did you take on a new job as a waitress? Don’t get me wrong, I agree with what you said wholeheartedly, and walk it out. We may be the only Jesus they ever see! Sometimes we may be required to tip well even when the service is less than we expect, we just have to be obedient to that still small voice. I think our behavior determines others decisions about ETERNITY more often than we know!
    Anyway, Good word my friend!

  2. I have experienced the same things. I have had family who used to work in that field and they reported the same thing. They hated to work on Sunday not because it was the Lords day but because the Lords people were so cheap and rude.

  3. This was brought on by a group of 15 “christians” that my daughter waited on at a local restaurant on Sunday. They were so rude to her that she was close to tears by the time the meal was over. She hasn’t been waitressing for very long, but their complaints were mainly about the food and she isn’t the cook but they took it out on her. They hurt my child and that chaps my cheeks, but even more than that they were a terrible witness to those who do not know Jesus.

  4. Amen. I am glad you addressed that issue. It would be one less are of shame for the professing and hard-hearted “Christians.”
    By the way, I need a kind soul to give me some direction on blog installment.

  5. I’m there for ya sis! I will help you Wed. night if you have time. If not we can figure out a way to get it done on Sunday.

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