First day orientation, wedding venue option

I had my first day at CHC SEK today. It was an orientation day so I haven’t really started work yet, I start at the Center tomorrow morning. I am soooo looking forward to starting work with this medical group. This is a group of people that seem to be genuinely concerned about the people that come there for care. They want to provide them with the best care they can give them from the front to the back. I am impressed with the way they talk about healthcare and meeting these people at their place of need regardless of ability to pay. This has been refreshing. Do they make sure the billing gets done correctly? Yes, that is a priority, they have to be able to pay the bills. But the patients ability to pay doesn’t make a difference in if they will get the treatment they need. So anyway, onto other things…
I went with my daughter, Stephanie to check out a Wedding Venue. It is a beautiful place. She is wanting to have the wedding outside. The place we looked at is set up for ceremony and reception all to be in one place as well as a place for the bride to get ready there on site. I don’t know if this is where she will choose but it was a really nice . They are planning to keep the wedding small, with just those who are closest to them. They also don’t want to have children there. She said something about all guests being at least 14 to attend. That isn’t set in stone yet, but I am pretty sure that is the direction they are going to go with this. I will give updates as they come in…I am so excited for Stephanie and Corbin, this is going to be fun!
So for now I am signing off, and heading to bed. This day has exhausted me. The emotional drain of leaving my previous job and finally getting this new one, coupled with Kelly and Tim getting married and Stephanie and Corbin getting engaged has really taken a toll on me! So many Big changes in such a short time is hard on a body! But they have been good changes for me! I am blessed!

I have a JOB!

wow I have been unemployed for 6 weeks and then Boom I get an interview on Monday and am offered the job on Wednesday! I must tell you that this last 6 wks have been a rough time for me. I have struggled with forgiving Dr’s wife, I have struggled with rather or not anyone would be willing to hire me if they knew I was unable to work out my differences with her. It is a question that is asked by every job application I filled out. “Why did you leave your previous job?” Who is going to even look at me if I am honest about that question? How much info do I give? As little as possible…So what to say? There was no room for growth at my previous place of employment.
I was asked at my interview on Monday what I liked least about my previous job…I asked her “how honest do you really want me to be?” she said she wanted my honest answer. I told her that I loved everything about my job, I had issue with the Dr.’s wife who was the office manager. She was demeaning and unprofessional, that I had tried to overcome that issue for 2 1/2 years, bringing things to the Dr.’s attention only to be told that I just needed to humor her, I finally decided it was not worth it anymore. I then asked her if she was married to any of the providers at this clinic? She laughed and assured me that there were no married couples working together in this clinic. I knew when I met the office manager at CHC that this was a place that I could work! She was friendly yet professional, she was open and sure of herself and genuinely proud of the work they do there. She knew what she was looking for and was precise in her questions about what my skills were. My skill set fits perfectly with what they want. I am very pleased that I get to work here and get to know the people that I will be working with. I went in today to sign some paperwork and they were all very excited that I was going to be joining their team, they made me feel welcome and wanted. That was really nice…being wanted is always good! I still have to find out what I am going to do about David in the afternoon. Michael is willing to take care of him for now, but if he gets a job that won’t work. Michelle is willing to help me out and I may have to take her up on that, but I would rather that she not have to deal with his antics if I can find another way. If I could find someone to stay at the house with him that would be perfect. I am praying about that and trusting that God will answer this need for me. But for now I start work next week, I go to new employee orientation on Monday and then start at the clinic on Tuesday!  I know that there will be issues here also, there always are when you are working with people, but I am able to work with just about anyone with the exception of demeaning and unprofessional people that is. 🙂

Job hunt

I do not like looking for a job! I do not like applying at place after place and not hearing anything from anyone! It is frustrating that I am not even given a chance to talk with anyone. But on the other hand I have placed this whole job thing in God’s hands and I am trusting Him to open up the door when it is time for me to return to work. So in the meantime I will enjoy my time off and keep applying for jobs as they come to my attention. God will open the right door at the right time. And He will also provide the funds to meet our bills and help Stephanie with her wedding.
I am enjoying being able to go to lunch with my family or friends at the drop of a hat, I am enjoying being home in the morning and getting David off in the morning without having to hurry, I am enjoying taking a nap in the afternoon if I feel like it.
Today I went to my old office, as I got a text telling me that the Dr and his wife were away and it was safe to come in and see my old co-workers. It was so good to see them. It has only been a month but it feels like longer than that. They are doing just fine. They miss me like I miss them but they are getting things done without me. The office is a sad place. I hate that, we always had such a good time there even when things were tense we were able to laugh and get through it. On a good note I can report that the office manager is making an effort to get to know the girls and build relationship with them. If she can keep that up she just may earn their respect. They are not sure this will continue, in fact they are just waiting for the old hateful office manager to show back up…it is her usual way, but God can change anyone, even her. For the sake of the office I do hope that this is a real change in her and that the old is gone.
Every trace of me has been removed from the office, but they can’t take away the influence I had on the staff or the patients. The relationships I built there will last, and my memory will live on in the hearts and minds of those who loved me there. As their memory lives on in my heart. I am supposed to go to dinner with some of them next week. I am looking forward to that, but I know that my contact with them will be minimal from now on. That is sad 😦

Smokey Joes CastFun note: We will be going to Grove tonight to practice for our Smokey Joes Café performance tomorrow night on Monkey Island. This is such a fun show and I am glad that we have another opportunity to get together with this amazing cast! I have so enjoyed working with them and getting to know new people as well as reconnecting with old friends! The talent in this cast is such a pleasure to be around, they are funny, they sing and play instruments with such beauty and they really enjoy working hard and making things perfect for the audience. This show has been the least stressful show I have been in with the MLT. Usually there is quite a bit of tension as we get closer to show-time, but this show came together so well and the only real problems we had were sound related and trying to get all the microphones to work at the right time!  This was a great distraction for me as I worked through quitting my job! Timing is everything and God has perfect timing!

I quit my job last week.

My previous post was about what led up to my decision last week. I chose to keep it protected till my decision was made due to not wanting to cause more problems than I already had. But now that the decision has been made I unprotected the post. It tells pretty much everything…I am saddened beyond words to have walked away from some of the neatest people I have ever had the honor of working with. I will miss them greatly. But I know that God has other plans for me now, and they do not include working there anymore. For now I am going to help out at the Blossom Shoppe getting things inventoried and whatever else I can help with. We have play practice most nights and that is fun and distracting. I don’t really know what God is wanting to do with me now, but I do know that I am listening and waiting to hear from Him for my next step. I have chosen to walk in forgiveness, to move on and just let it go. The grief I feel is still heavy and I have found it difficult to get past leaving my coworkers, but like any “loss” I will heal and I will get better. Thank you for praying for me when the Lord brings me to your mind. I suspect I still have days ahead that I will struggle.

The line has been drawn in the sand…

I know you all are aware of how difficult I find my office manager. She is quite full of herself, terribly insecure and prideful all at the same time. She is intimidated by anyone who thinks for themselves and that is everyone in our office. What a terrible situation for her. At least at home she is the boss without question from anyone, but at work she is tolerated simply because she is the Dr’s wife and we respect and love the Dr so we tolerate his wife. She demands that we “obey” her like we are children that need discipline. We are treated like we are disobedient, incompetent children…well I must tell you that I am no longer willing to tolerate this treatment. She sent me a message yesterday that was meant to be demeaning and hurtful, this is how she exerts her power. I called her on it and now we are at an impasse. I am not willing to be treated like trash and she is not willing to change how she treats me or the others in the office. Dr is in the middle. I have let Dr know that I am willng to quit and open a spot for someone that would be better fitted to dealing with her ummm, personality. There is no excuse for treating those who work for you like they are incompetent idiots, and yet that is how she treats us, there is no excuse for not using the team of smart, hardworking women that work in your office to help you make it better, but she is intimidated by anyone who has an idea that is different than hers. What a sad little person she is. So the line has been drawn in the sand and I really think that I am going to be looking for a new job next week. I meet again with the Dr on Tuesday to discuss what we have both decided over the weekend. I hate to walk away from this job I love the people I work with, I admire and respect the Dr and his PA, there isn’t another place that I would rather be, but I simply cannot justify continuing to put myself in a place to be belittled and demeaned in order to make one small minded woman feel better about herself. I have chosen not to use any names as my purpose here is simply to air my thoughts and not to gossip about someone. If you know who I am speaking of please refrain from using her name or the names of the others in the office.

Flunky? Am I your Flunky?

As a flunky in the darkI am not anything but a toady, a yes man, an assistant that does menial work…yep I guess that about covers my job. I am not to question things just do my job. I am not to make waves in the office, just try to do whatever the office manager wants done, it is not important if what she wants is ineffecient, redundant, a waste of our time? NO,  just do it. So now that I take a look at the definition of a flunky I have come to the conclusion that is what I am. I do what I’m told and don’t ask questions, give my opinion if asked with the understanding that I am only being asked in hopes of making me feel like my opinion counts (only it dosn’t count) so that I will continue to do my magic and make things run smooth even though I know they are not running smooth. The last two snowstorms that we have had in the last week have really brought just how badly things are run. Last week one of our providers didn’t even get notified that the office was closed. He wasn’t asked if he could get to the office, or that the decision had been made to close the office, today this same provider was again not consulted when the decision was made to keep the office open. He was unable to get down his street this morning and therefore unable to make it into the office to see patients. Now the decision to keep the office open was made without discussing anything with key people! Why? Why would you not make sure that everyone is on the same page? Why is it so hard to have a plan in place? Is it so hard to get your ducks in a row before you start making decisions that are going to affect everyone in the office? One of our techs was already on the road to work and had been on the road for almost an hour! Would it have been so hard to make this decision before she left for work? Another one was already to work before she found out we were closing, gas prices are high right now! Is it to much to be considerate of others finances? I was on my way out the door, David was up, dressed and ready to go to work with me. I had made arrangements for my husband to take me to work this morning because he has a four-wheel drive truck, so he stayed home and was an hour late to work. Had we known by 6am this morning we all would have stayed home, my husband would not have been an hour late to work and David would have still been in bed for awhile longer! I know that you are all probably tired of hearing me complain about my job. I am not mad about my job all the time I just find my blog a very good outlet for my frustrations. I am not this frustrated all the time, just I don’t seem blog when I’m happy!!!

the music man, work, fine arts,

Well it has been very busy this last few weeks. We tried out for the Music Man at the MLT and so now we are very busy with play practices. We were in such a rut and well now we are not in a rut! We are having a lot of fun with the songs and dances! And yes it is rather amusing as well since I do not have my daughters ability to be graceful in the dance! No my rendition of the dance is not what you would call, um well lets just say that this is a comedy! Good thing!!!

Charlies brother and fiance Kellie were here to visit last weekend, we had a blast! We went to the Pittsburg Aquatic park for the afternoon on Saturday. Stephanie came home too and spent several days with us, I have missed her so much and it was great, wonderful, awesome to have her home! God is working in her life, keep praying for her she is in need of that, but I was encouraged to see a light in her eyes, a longing for things she had left behind…God is working and I am continuing to lift her up in prayer everyday!

Michael and Kelly went to Nationals in Phoenix AZ for Fine Arts. They did well with their song writing entries. They both recieved an Excellent rating. We were hoping for Superiors but Excellent is still a great rating, especially at the National level. So proud of them for making it to that level! They got to visit the Grand Canyon while they were there, Katie sent me some pictures of them that made her heart stop as they were way to close to the edge!
I did get my hair cut this weekend, really like this new cut, Meekin my hair dresser) does a great job. I was going to get it cut short but decided to give it another shot long with my bangs cut shorter so they will stay out of my eyes.

Work is going great! I love working with the people, and I am getting to do new things, there seems to always be something to laugh about or at as the case may be!

David is doing very well with Michelle in the afternoons. He has brought a little bit of color to their lives, so sorry about the education your children and poor dog have had since he has been there Chelle! But that is for a whole other post, lets just say David dosn’t have inhibitions…at all!

talking down to people

is not the best way to accomplish what you want from those who are “under” you. If they are “under” you, which is really up for question here. I have had it with being talked to like I am an idiot, incompetant slacker. Ok so maybe I am exagerating things here, I am  pms’ing and I am also on hcg so I am technically” pregnant” (oh dear Lord in heaven)  as well so maybe I am taking things wrong. But wait, my co-worker Stephanie also took offense to what was said and done and she is not pms’ing or taking hcg! I was spoken to today by another co-worker (not sure what to call her, she is from the office next door, but now is going to be the OC for our office as well) as though I am a child who has been bad and dosn’t understand what needs to be done. It’s not so much what she said as how she said it. I am not easily offended, but there are tones that I take offense to pretty quickly. She used one of those tones! I did not say anything, I did not call and complain to anyone, I did not come unglued, much to the dismay of those waiting for me to! I don’t know if I am going to address the situation or not. I have less than 2 wks left here. But I don’t want to have to work for 2 wks being talked down to either. I don’t know yet what I am going to do. I guess I will wait and see how things go next week. If the OC decides that she is going to continue to talk to me with that “tone” then I may have to address it with her and possibly her superviser. I don’t like to do that but I will if it continues. Documenting things and keeping my eyes open. I feel like I am being spied on all the time. What do they think I am going to do? I have no reason to cause harm to this health system. Very frustrated right now and ready to get out of here.

officially turned in my notice yesterday

I now only have 3 wks left at the health system I currently work for. I am going to take a few days off before starting at the new office. Charlie is going to get his license to preach April 26th in Wichita, we have Easter to get ready for and there are a ton of details to be taken care of for that. I will be able to help with all that if I am not working. Soooo that is the plan. I have to get Stephanies graduation notices out and Michaels as well. He needs to get his senior pics done to, haven’t decided what we are going to do about those yet. Really should have had it taken care of by now, oh well.

As for work I am ready to get on with the move and all that. I think it is going to be a good thing for all of us.

I started the hcg again. This will be my fourth round. I have been able to keep off the weight I have lost. It is really nice to know that this time I will be able to maintain the weight loss. I am hoping to lose another 30#’s so I will have at least one more round after this one.

Well I really don’t have much to talk about today, but wanted to touch base with my blog readers. Thanks for reading and taking an interest in my life!

Status at work

Well this week has been an upsetting week for me. I don’t really know what to make of things. I am being told on one hand that one of our Dr’s thinks I am not giving him enough new patients and that I am favoring our other Dr with all the new patients. So I am to start being more fair with the distribution of new patients. Ok well this is the deal, we put the new patients with the dr that the patients request. If they don’t have a preference they are put with the Dr that thinks we are putting all the new pts with the other Dr! Well then I find out that the Dr is being told that we are hosing him and that the front staff is deliberately trying to keep the new patients from him. WOW. I don’t work that way. I try to be fair to the Dr’s and the patients to the best of my ability. I have assured the wounded Dr that I would not take advantage of him or try to cause him harm in his practice. I have been a faithful worker for him and will continue to do right by him and the others in the practice. I hate to have drama and politics in the workplace but it seems that no matter what you do there isn’t anyway to avoid it. I am going to continue to do what is right by all concerned and I am not going to allow the petty things to get me down. I have worked hard for this health system and I will do so for the duration of my time with them, which is going to be shorter than originally thought. I don’t know for sure what exactly is the motive behind the effort to cause the division in our office, but I have my ideas. I think that this health system is going to be hurt by the loss of my Dr. That the loss of his patient base is going to cause financial difficulties and it is important for the majority of new patients to go to the Dr that is not leaving. It is also important to the system that as many of the current  pateints be retained with the Dr that is staying. It is all about the bottom line. It is always about the bottom line. For me it is about the people, not the system. I want the patients to be treated right and have the option to stay or go, it is their choice which Dr they see. Some of them will stay most of them will go with the Dr they are seeing now.  However they decide, it is Their decision, not the decision of a system with the bottom line at the heart of their choices.